Jose Mourinho interviewed by ABC

Jose Mourinho granted an interview to ABC in which he talks about Florentino Perez, Pep Guardiola and Gonzalo Higuain

Will Higuain leave?

Higuain will continue with us because I won’t open my hand. An offer of 40 million Euros may arrive, or 50 or 60 millions but the club won’t sell. My two forwards for next season are Benzema and Higuain.

You won the Copa del Rey in your first year and La Liga in your second taking away Barcelona and Pep’s title of Cup champions. End of a cycle?

Winning La Liga was very important to end Barcelona’s cycle. It was important to Real Madrid, as the most important team in history, to not allow this domain to remain. It is hard to talk about cycles. Barcelona, considered by all the most talented team in the past years, can’t even win two Champions Leagues in a row

Mourinho on Pep Guardiola

I know Pep since he was a player and I was an assistant. I have a good memory of him. Life changes and so do people. Us coaches make mistakes. What is not normal is to sell an image of being perfect when in the end, everyone nobody is perfect. I have never sold an image of being perfect. I never try to hide my defects. Nonetheless, there are people who have a different personality and they hide it but in the end, time is in charged of showing everyone’s true colours. No one is perfect, not in life nor in football.

Mourinho on his future in Real Madrid

My goal right now is to try and win more leagues with Real Madrid. After my stage at this house I will always work in England, Italy and Spain.

I have two years of contract left here. My family and I are happy to have found an stability that we had not found before. We are happy to continue at Real Madrid.


About Florentino and his arrival at Real Madrid

I am in love with Inter de Milan, but Florentino achieved to excite me about his project and his mentality. They convinced me. Florentino told me that Real Madrid needed me and I needed Real Madrid at that point in my career. If today I say that I am tired and I want to retire, my career would be perfect. Coaching Real Madrid will and will always be the hardest job in my career

Mourinho on Adán

Adán does not want to continue. I admire his ambition to tell me “I love Real Madrid but I want to play every Sunday”. My job is to convince Adán to stay and I have asked Iker for his help. This turned into a story that we wanted Iker out. There is no problem with Iker. That story does not exist.


Mourinho on the criticism he receives from the press

They don’t worry me. It only hurts me if my kids read them: “Look dad what they are saying about you”. They think it hurts me but I always tell them that there’s nothing going on.


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