Record Breaking Real Madrid

Throughout this season, Twitter has been plagued with “Historical Record” tweets by the always famous 2010misterchip. In this post, I will look at the records that this 2011/12 Real Madrid has broken and two more that can still be broken.

First things first: Real Madrid has one league game left against Mallorca and winning it could signify the end of the most successful Liga season a team has ever had. By beating Mallorca at the Bernabeu,Real Madrid would:

1. Achieve the jaw-dropping mark of 100 points in La Liga. Something never seen before. The current bar was set at 99 points by 2009/10 Barcelona.

2. Achieve 32 wins in a single season. The record is currently 31 by this Real Madrid along with 2009/10 Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Throughout the season we have seen records being destroyed. Here’s a recount of the records that Mourinho’s 2011/12 Real Madrid has broken:

1. Most away wins in a season : 16

2. Most goals scored in a season : 117 (+ the one’s hopefully scored against Mallorca)

3. Most away goals in a season : 51

4. Best goal difference : +86 (Barcelona is currently at +85 so the last game will define who keeps the record)

5. Fastest to score 100 league goals : 30 games

6. Most away goals : Cristiano Ronaldo with 23

Other records Real Madrid holds:

1. Most league titles : 32

2. Most consecutive league titles won : 5

3. Most wins at home : 18 – record shared with Barcelona

4. 100% home win record in a season : Achieved 3 times and shared with Sevilla, Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona although the league used to be much smaller

5. Fewest loses in a season : 0 – record shared with Athletic Bilbao

6. Most points overall : 3838

7. Most points in closing half : 52

8. Most games without a loss : 121

9. Most home league goals : 78

10 . Fewest goals conceded : 15 (The legend says… we used to have a defense)

11. Fastest 100 goals : Cristiano Ronaldo

12. Fastest team to score 100 goals

13. Fastest team to score 110 goals

14 . Iker Casillas is the active player with the most appearances in league : 456

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8 Responses to Record Breaking Real Madrid

  1. hope next season another record breaking

  2. Javier says:

    qué tal??? me gusta lo que haces.. le comentaba a mi tía hincha del Barcelona lo que hacías y dedujo que como eres RealmadridGirl fijo eres Cristiano escribiendo de incognito.. fue gracioso.. jaja
    buenas fotos..

  3. yusuf hope next season will be better than this season and we pray for our 10th UCL title next season says:

    We hope next season will be better than this season and we pray for our 10th UCL title next season.

  4. Areesha says:

    I just wanted to say that your blog and twitter are amazing and legit are the epitome of an awesome madrista keep doing what your doing!

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