The Real Rides

All Real Madrid players receive an Audi at the beginning of the season. While some chose to drive it, others are not old enough to drive it *cough* Varane *cough* and others have such a big collection that they chose not to drive it (right, Cristiano?).

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best paid footballers in the planet. He is also a car lover and his collection exceeded 10 cars as of 2010. On his last birthday, he got himself a Lamborghini which Albiol made clear he was not jealous of. This latest Lambo is, without a doubt, his most beloved baby (I’m joking CR Junior).

Mesut Ozil decided not to stay behind and his car is considered the second best car in the Real Madrid squad. He has nothing to be jealous of.

Iker Casillas, loyal to his style, drives the Audi given to him at the beginning of the year. It may have been a present but it is sure nothing to be ashamed of! A beautiful shiny Audi for the captain.

Kaka is sponsored by Audi along with Xabi Alonso. Like the father he is, he drives a car more age and father appropriate. Yes, the same one as Iker.

At the beginning of the season many of his teammates laughed at him. Rapha Varane received a beautiful Audi but he was not able to drive it yet. A few months ago, he finally received his drivers license and is now able to enjoy his fancy ride.

Fabio Coentrao is also a car lover. On top of the Audi he received at the beginning of the season, he has been spotted driving this Ferrari around the streets of Madrid.

Finally, Karim Benzema drives a Mercedes SL65

Karim is known for being a speed monster. He has written off three of his cars due to car crashes as a consequence of excessive speed

In 09, following a loss against Barcelona, Karim crashed his luxurious Lamborghini Gallardo

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  1. AJ says:

    I love ur site i hope u keep posting stuff . Are u really a girl ? if u are i wish i could find a girl like u that loves real madrid like i do . I swear i would marry i dont care if ur 500 lb bald headed and have a gray goatee .

  2. sweethearthalo says:

    I just came around here and I totally love it 🙂 So nice to read, it just makes me happy somehow. Keep this on! Tali

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