Fashion Level: Real Madrid

Our favorite spartan, Alvaro Arbeloa, was interviewed this weekend by Spain’s XLSemanal. The interview was focused on his social life and his relationships with his teammates. He was asked if it was true that Sergio Ramos took that much care of this appearance and he answered:

The man does his hair, he showers, he puts on his creams… and that’s before going onto the field, so imagine what it’s like afterwards.

In honour of these words, I have decided to put together a piece examining Sergio Ramos’ fashion style along with the rest of the team.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when the words “Sergio Ramos” and “Fashion” are thrown together is: GREEN PANTS. Something, many of us girls, wish never saw.


However, this is not the first or the last time Sergio Ramos has ever delighted us with such a peculiar choice of outfit. How could anyone ever forget his white suit:


Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely Sergio Ramos’ competition when it comes to fashion and taking care of himself. After a game in 2011, the cameras of Cuatro found that Cristiano used two small bottles of perfume after a game. We all know the divo is one to take care of himself.


The Portuguese international tends to surprise the paparazzi mainly over the summer. His sense of style is not the same as the average male, but I think us ladies do not mind. How could anyone forget his short shorts that surprised the world and of course, led to certain jealous gentlemen to question his sexuality.


While short shorts are attractive on him, I think we can all agree that nothing looks better on Cristiano Ronaldo than those abs he has worked so hard to achieve. Here is a picture to make you nod…


While Cristiano and Sergio have a more peculiar sense of fashion, it is undeniable that men look better in suits (unless you have Cristiano’s abs, of course). Iker Casillas is one of the many Real Madrid players to have posed for GQ Magazine Image

but when class is being discussed, Xabi Alonso’s name will always be the winner. Hands down the most elegant footballer today


However not far behind is Ricardo Kaka. One of the favorite footballers today to pose for magazines. The camera’s love towards him is undeniable and better yet when he is wearing Armani


If Real Madrid is known for something besides being the most successful team in history, is for signing Galacticos. it is a commonality in Galacticos to also be fashion icons. We have previously seen Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka but lets not forget about those others who have left a footprint in the history of the team. Of course I am talking about David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Raul Gonzalez Blanco and Ronaldo Nazario.

Firstly, while our beloved “Ronnie” was not known for his suits or short shorts, he was certainly known for his different hair-dos. We have seen everything on R9’s head. From a  fro to just a bit of hair at the front of his head.

but if we are talking about hair-dos, the Spice Boy cannot be left behind. David Beckham hairstyles have always been up to criticism. From long hair to a Mohawk to a pony tail to shaved and to the end of the world. Becks has probably changed his hairstyle more times in his career than he has scored goals.

Talking about David Beckham and style would probably require a blog post of its own and then some. The Spice Boy is undoubtedly the football fashion icon along side Cristiano Ronaldo. He recently launched his own line of underwear at H&M. His ads have recently invaded North America and no woman is complaining.

If this current Real Madrid has Xabi Alonso as an icon of elegance. Zinedine Zidane was without a doubt, the elegant one in the last Real Madrid era. Both players are elegant on and off the pitch. Monsieur Zidane always loyal to his quite personality.

Last but not least is one of the most beloved Real Madrid icons. The man who would have become an actor if he would not have been a footballer. Yes, Raul Gonzalez Blanco. The Spanish Galactico wears jeans and a bottom up shirt when he is not dressed to kick the ball. He goes for a more sport-elegant look and it works to perfection.

I hope you enjoyed this post. As a bonus for having read until the end is a picture of  the man who took the award away from Sergio Ramos for best pants ever worn in public. I present to you, the last Galactico, Luis Figo playing golf.Image

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7 Responses to Fashion Level: Real Madrid

  1. Javier says:

    If I could pick one attribute of any RM player for myself I would pick Ramos’ hair. Jealous bald guy.

  2. rmadridgirl says:

    Hahaha! There’s different ways of rocking being bald though! Just look at Zizou or Becks back in the day

  3. Shi Rin says:

    LMFAO again, seeing The White Suit and The Green Pants here 😀 I nearly died from choking with laughter the first time I saw

  4. Sometimes I believe Karim is following Sergio Ramos & Cristiano’s extravagant outfit, with the white vest he wart for the holiday videos!
    btw great blog!!

  5. Alexious says:

    Very nice post, keep it up gal

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