Real Madrid WAGs

Before the first leg game against Bayern Munich, Kaka’s wife tweeted this picture of some of the Real Madrid WAGs sharing dinner before the game.

Left to right: Carlota (Arbeloa), Sara (Iker), Jorgina (Di Maria), Clarisse (Marcelo), Carol (Kaka),  Esther (Adan), Nagore (Xabi), Marta (Calleti)

As requested by a male follower on Twitter (yes, Umid) I have decided to make a top 5 list of our current WAGs. At the end of the post you will find a full list of the current Real Madrid WAGs as well as a poll to find who is the fans’ favourite WAG!

Here is my TOP 5:

1. Lena Gercke: Sami Khedira’s 24 year old girlfriend is the winner of the first ever Germany’s Next Top Model. She is a model and a television host. She has been dating Sami since 2011.

2. Sara Carbonero: The 28 year old Toledo born journalist is a great match for our Saint. She was one of the most talked about people during the past World Cup and her presence in South Africa was filled with criticism. However, that story had a very happy ending.

3. Irina Shayk: The 26 year old Russian model is known for being often featured in the popular Sports Illustrated magazine. Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend was voted the sexiest woman in 2011.

4. Lara Alvarez: The 25 year old journalist is a sports journalist in Spain called to be the next Sara Carbonero. Sergio Ramos’ on and off girlfriend is usually the one whose Sergio’s goals are dedicated to.

5. Carol Celico: Kaka’s childhood sweetheart married the crack back in 2005. They have two beautiful children and they are quite the perfect family.

Here is the (almost) complete list of Real Madrid WAGs (term approved by Carole)

  1. Sara Carbonero
  2. Carina Carvalho
  3. Ana Sofia (she is expected to give birth to Pepe’s first child this summer)
  4. Lara Alvarez
  5. Tugba Sahin
  6. Lena Gercke
  7. Irina Shayk
  8. Caroline Celico
  9. Michelle ?
  10. Anna Maria Langerbloom ?
  11. Pilar
  12. Clarisse Alves
  13. Esther
  14. Nagore Aramburu
  15. Andreia Santos
  16. Filiz Koc
  17. Carlota Ruiz
  18. Alicia Roig
  19. He was lately seen with an unknown blond girl
  20. Francesca Calamia
  21. Marta Callejon
  22. Jorgelina Cardoso
  23. unknown


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7 Responses to Real Madrid WAGs

  1. Woot! My name is on the article – I am popular now! 😛

    Jokes aside, Sara is a disaster without make-up, by the way. Saw picture of her without make-up yesterday and my love for her died. 😛

  2. Mesut & Anna Maria Lagerblom broke up in about October of 2010. She moved back to Germany with her son. Marta & Calleti aren’t married. Tugba is absolutely adorable! Have you seen pictures of her? I bet baby Omer is super cute with two such attractive parents.

  3. Shakil says:

    ow sara irina and carol…are in same position after i vote for carol…29.49…

  4. Stacy says:

    Such pretty ladies.

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