Real Madrid 2012/2013 jersey

Sportyou has leaked this design and it seems as it will be the official 2012/2013 home kit. It was later found in the Adidas Spain online store that the jersey was already being sold although the link no longer works (,es_ES,pd.html).

This new design is white as it is the tradition. The away kit will be black and the third kit will be GREEN. As speculated, the neck has been changed for this new jersey and on the left sleeve there will be a logo in tribute to the 110 years of the club. The 110 years and 1902 on the left sleeve will be written in gold and the jersey will have three different kinds of blue in its design.

Real Madrid has previously worn a green jersey once before in its history in 1965 during their South America tour. The jersey, however, was borrowed and it was not an official Real Madrid jersey.

The 2012/13 jerseys will still have the BWin logo as the contract with Fly Emirates does not start until the season after.


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4 Responses to Real Madrid 2012/2013 jersey

  1. thomas mensah says:

    real madrid are the best of all time.we will win and win, havemore trophs and best the best in europe forever. NB: RONALDO WILL WIN BALLON D’OR THIS SEASON COZ HE WAS FAR BETTER THAN MESSI.

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  3. Marin says:

    This is from a fellow Madridista, I’m disappointed, It’s ugly as fuck.

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