Real Madrid 2012 Summer Schedule

All players who will not play the Euro 2012 will return to Valdebebas on July 16th. Those who lose in the first round on July 23rd, second round on July 26th, semi finals on July 28th and those who reach the final have to return to training with Mou return on July 30th.

May 16 at 20h15 : Kuwait National Team – Real Madrid at the Kaifan Stadium in Kuwait

(played, Real Madrid won 0-2)

June 3 : Real Madrid -Manchester United ; Corazon Classic Match at Santiago Bernabéu (tickets available here:

Training: UCLA Campus

Hotel: Beverly Hills Hotel

Aug 2 at 19h30 ET : LA Galaxy – Real Madrid at the Home Depot Centre in California (tickets available here:

Aug 5 : Real Madrid – Juventus at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada (tickets available at or by calling (855) 258-5425 or (702) 739-32670

Aug 8 : Real Madrid – AC Milan at Yankee Stadium in New York City : This friendly has been confirmed by AC Milan but tickets are not on sale yet.

Aug 11: Real Madrid v Celtic FC at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. Tickets on sale very soon through ticketmaster’s webpage

Real Madrid may also stop by in Brasil before heading back to Spain for a charity game for Ayuntamiento de Recife

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19 Responses to Real Madrid 2012 Summer Schedule

  1. solarlight1 says:

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  2. Shakil says:

    yup it’s a great blog…not just news…it’s fun…
    it should be a perfect pre season…whoever we buy we will fight for la decima…:)

  3. hannah says:

    Can you update about the Brazil thing?

  4. pordoi says:

    For the Aug 11 game vs Celtic in Phila, tickets on sale to the general public on Jun 4, but by pre-sale now. Use the password eagleswfc

  5. genajr says:

    Is there news when Real Madrid will be arriving in LA for pre-season?

  6. veronica m says:

    hello, do know by chance the actual dates of the Real Marid training at UCLA?

  7. Peng says:

    Curious question, do you know is it possible to get a autograph from players after their training? I am a student on UCLA campus now. I just heard the news they are on UCLA campus and I want to get one player autograph for my friend. Any tip to do that? Thanks a lot.

  8. orlando says:

    What are the times real madrid will practice in UCLA….there is 2 sessions one in the A.M and one in P.M….I just want to know the times thanks

  9. Austin says:

    Do you know what hotel the team will be staying at for the game against AC Milan (or the one against Celtic)?

  10. jonathan says:

    do u know theres gonna be training sessions after they play LA galaxy at los Angeles

  11. sara says:

    Hi do you know when Real Madrid will arrive in Philadelphia? And where they will be staying or some sort of itinerary? Thanks! Great Blog!

  12. Jose Baez says:

    Is there a chance Real Madrid will play in Miami??

  13. Giovanni says:

    What hotel are they going to stay when they play in new york?

  14. Gio says:

    when are they arriving in ny or nj?

  15. Where is Real Madrid training to play AC Milan in New York?

  16. Charlie says:

    Hey do you know in which hotel is Real Madrid staying in Philadelphia? Thank you

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