Cristiano Ronaldo “I am the best, better than FCB, Messi and all of them together”

Since the press is making up their own quotes, I think I should too, no?

Today I woke up to read the news and I found EVERYWHERE this quote by Cristiano Ronaldo “I am better than Messi and Real Madrid is better than Barcelona”. I knew Cristiano wouldn’t say such thing (despite it being true) so I decided to look for the interview. When I found it on CNN’s website it was posted under the same quote. 

Here is the full interview of Cristiano Ronaldo, the rich, handsome and popular best football player with Pedro Pinto from CNN in Madrid.

Pedro Pinto: It’s always great to see you and this season has been fantastic for you, for Real Madrid, record breaking 100 points, you scored 46 in the league, over 60 in all competitions, how great was the season for you and what was your high point?

Cristiano Ronaldo: My high point is to win the title in Madrid which is La Liga. It was my first time so I was so happy because it was my best moment in Madrid, the most important trophy. In terms of individual it was great to score the goals I scored and to break the record. To do 100 points in the Spanish league, which is the record, is phenomenal. For me, this is the most difficult league in the world and to compete with FCB is very complicated as everyone knows and to beat them, 9 points ahead, it was amazing.

PP: People always say FCB has the best football in the planet. Do you think you have proven to be better than them and that you don’t get enough credit for the kind of football you play?

CR: We played better than them this year, I’m sure about that. We went there one month ago and we won 2-1, nobody can do that, it’s very difficult so we deserve to win the league. We are better than them at the moment but we have to respect bc they are a great team too.

PP: Jose Mourinho came he proved that he can conquer the Spanish league too. Tell me about Jose as a person and a manager

CR: As a person is a normal guy, he is very simple, joke all the time, funny stories all the time. In terms of a coach he is completely different. He is so serious, so professional, that’s why he wins the titles that he wins, because for me, not just because I work with him, he is the best. Because I know what to do, the tactics, everything around the players, the motivation.

PP: Every year, your numbers keep going up. Every year, Leo Messi’s numbers keep going up. I think you guys are like aliens bc of the numbers you have every year. How tired are you of being compared to Messi every day?

CR: Well sometimes it makes me tired for him too bc they compare each other all the time and you cant compared ferrari with a porsche. t’s a different engine, you can’t compare. We both beat our own record so its amazing and i think we push each other sometimes. This is why the competition is so high. This is why RM and FCB are the best in the world.

PP: So are you better than him now this season?

CR: Some people say Im better, some people say he’s better, but you know.. at the end of the day theyre gonna decide whos the best at the moment. Which I think *laughs* its me *laughs*

PP: The Champions League final is coming up. Are you gonna watch it? Who do you think is gonna win?

CR: Maybe most people think Bayern is going to win their league. I don’t think so. Don’t forget Chelsea beat Barcelona which is very very tough. It will be a very interesting game.

PP: Have you over come, have you got over, the penalty you missed against Bayern?

CR: It’s always tough when you lose something, when you lose penalties. But I am not really worried about that because if I didn’t score the two goals most of the players couldn’t have shot the penalties so I have to appreciate what I did but to be honest it was one of the most things in my career so far.

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7 Responses to Cristiano Ronaldo “I am the best, better than FCB, Messi and all of them together”

  1. fcbkowsss says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog, I’ve been reading it for hours. I’m defiantly bookmarking you.
    Lots of love, fcbkowsss 🙂

  2. Cristiano says:

    Ronaldo is the number one in the world of football

  3. Cristiano Ronaldo is a very good player.

  4. odiwywh says:

    I have written a poem for cr7, can you please read it ? I’ll send u the link if you agree..

  5. nothing says:


  6. Luqman Mujadiddi says:

    He Said At The End ..
    To Be Honest It Was One Of The Worst Days Of My Career So Far

    Where You Have Written To Be honest it was one of the most things in my career so far.

  7. goje says:

    If sm 1 is comparing messi with ronaldo 1day dat person will compare hm self with his father.messi is d best

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