Rapha Varane and his first season at Real Madrid

Rapha was interviewed by TF1 in France. He talked about why he joined the club and how he feels at the moment. He talked to Telefoot from his appartment in Madrid.

His surprising transfer to Real Madrid last summer, his ambitions for the future, the 19 year old central defender Raphael Varane talked to Telefoot on Friday at his apartment in Madrid.

Varane “Signing for Real Madrid seemed like a suicide mission but I knew where I was going. I never doubted my decision”

Gras (Varane’s Agent) “Varane had offers from PSG, City, United, Dortmund and many other clubs. Mourinho said he really truly wanted to work with him”

On his decision to join Real Madrid

Varane “What made the difference was Mourinho’s desire to work with me. This and knowing that I could move forward here is what made me decide to go to Real Madrid”.

C’est Zizou…

Varane “Zizou was the first person to contact me. I couldn’t believe it. At that point I was more worried about my university exams. The first talk I had with him was short. He simply introduced himself and I told him I’d rather talk after the University exams”.

With his BAC in his pocket, Varane concentrated in football. Upon his arrival at Real, the Spanish press nicknamed him “Don Limpio” – Mr. Clean early in the season.

Varane “I make few mistakes on the pitch. I like the nickname.”

Le Blanc did not call Varane for the Euro

Zidane “It is certainly too soon. He must still impose himself and play more. He has only played some 15 matches for Madrid, but what he has done is extraordinary. Why not next season?”

Varane “I am not disappointed. The national team is a long term goal. I need more time to make myself be worthy, first in Madrid then in the national team.”

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