Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal of the season

Cristiano has scored the goal of the season, outside the pitch and no, I am not talking about his girlfriend although she is beautiful, I am talking about something more important than football or supermodels.

Let me introduce you to Nuhazet from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


This kid is 9 years old and his childhood has been far from easy. He has suffered from that disease we all hate so much and wish to find a cure. Nuhazet suffers from cancer and he has not been able to live a normal life this far.

About a month ago, Nuzahet’s parents, Fabiola and Silvestre were informed by the doctor that they could not do anything for the kid. The doctor recommended the parents to be happy with their son as the road seemed to have come to an end. On May 12th, they flew to Madrid to watch the last game of the season at the Bernabeu but their lives suffered a twist and they are currently at a private hospital waiting for a specialist to treat Nuzahet. In only 6 days, their lives turned around.

June 8th 2012, Nuzahet is laying in bed watching the Roland Garros final. Nadal is playing Ferrer as he eats some oreos. Nuzahet’s mother is by his side at all times.

One of Nuzahet’s cousins, Nati, started moving things around to try and get the Real Madrid players to visit the kid. After lots of phone calls made, she was able to come into contact with Jorge Mendes. Nati called Fabiola to inform her that she had contacted Jorge Mendes and Cristiano had agreed to meet the kid. Fabiola was eating in Madrid with Nuzahet when she started burst into tears. To try an explain why she was crying, Fabiola told her son that Nati had a headache. She left little Nuzahet confused.

Fabiola is very loyal to the Virgin of Fatima and on her day, May 13th, everything occurred. Fabiola is convinced that the Virgin of Fatima made this happen for her and her family. She keeps a picture that has John Paul II on one side and the Virgin of Fatima on the other side that was given to her on December 24th. Before taking off to Madrid, she prayed to her.

The day of the last game of the season, Mendes and Cristiano paid for the family’s stay at the Holiday Inn located next to the Bernabeu. Mendes got a driver to pick them up. They arrived at the Sheraton Hotel and they were taken to an elevator. When the elevator opened, Cristiano Ronaldo was standing there waiting for him.

“Are you not going to say anything” Cristiano asked Nuhazet jokingly. Cristiano promised the kid to dedicate him a goal if he scored one. He did (


After taking pictures, they all went for dinner together in a town nearby. After, the six of them went to Mendes’ house. At 20h they returned to the Bernabeu through door 46 where they saw Cristiano and Real Madrid beat Mallorca 4-1 and lift the 32nd Liga title. They watch this in Cristiano’s private box with Irina. After the game, they went to the mixed zone where Cristiano gave Nuhazet his jersey



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2 Responses to Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal of the season

  1. Williams Kibanga says:

    gd for Ronaldo. he is truly a role model

  2. Cristiano says:

    Ronaldo is very kind person

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