More drama than a high school party

Cristiano Ronaldo is sad, that’s a fact. The words have come out of his mouth. Why? Well there are more theories and hypothesis than there is for global warming. I will share them all with you but first, let’s take a look at his ACTUAL words.

If you speak Spanish, don’t let anyone fool you, here is the video

For those of you English speakers, here is the complete translation

Q: Why didn’t you celebrate your goals?

Cristiano: Perhaps I’m a bit sad, that’s the only reason I don’t celebrate goals, it’s when I’m not happy. The people know why.

Q: Are you disappointed because of the award?

C: Nah, not that. That’s the least important.. there are way more important things than that

Q: Is it related to the club?

C: I’m not going to say anything else, people know why.

Q: Is it personal or professional?

C: Professional.

Q: Who are you angry at?

C: No one

Q: Then why are you saying that people know you’re sad?

C: The people inside of the club

—– Those were his actual words

These words by Cristiano have allowed for manipulation of our always beloved Spanish journalists. Especially those in Punto Pelota, who “always” know the inside of everything.

Now I will discuss the theories being thrown around as to why he is sad. One thing is a fact, he is sad. He is also smart to publicize it. I can ensure you this is not the first time he has been sad for some reason but why come out and say it? Perhaps to pressure the club? Cristiano is not stupid. I do believe there is a reason behind his words.

Theory #1 – Cristiano is sad because of how the club has treated Kaka

My response: …. you couldn’t come up with something better?

Theory #2 – Cristiano is sad because he wants more money

My response: Come on. He already has all the money in the world. If he wanted more, he wouldn’t be sad about it. That is not a logical theory.

Theory #3 – He does not feel loved by the club. He wants more support.

My response: This has a bit more potential, so far. He is said to complain that he does not have enough of the team’s support for the Balon D’Or. However, as he said in that short interview, there are bigger things than awards. I throw this one out as well.

Theory #4 – He has told Florentino he wants out because he doesn’t have friends in the team

My response: Someone in Punto Pelota swears he talked to Floren. Punto Pelota’s trustworthiness is well.. a 1 out of 10. On a good day. I have looked at the way he has celebrated his goals this season and I did spot something. There is in fact, a lack of Marcelo. Goal 1 v FCB – Marcelo on the bench, Cristiano did not run to him to celebrate. Goal 2 v FCB – there was a bit of an awkward hug. Goal 3 v Granada – Marcelo was extremely close to the play, he walked over and hugged. Goal 4 v Granada – a high five. There were no pictures of them together during the Supercopa celebration and they were in opposite ends in the main picture. Potential. Everyone has the one teammate that they develop a bromance with and we all know how important that bff is. Ozil-Khedira, Albiol-Higuain, etc. However, is this a big enough reason to come out and say that? HIGHLY doubt it. If he wanted to leave anyway.. why would he wait until the market is closed to inform the club?

Theory #5 – TWEETED by @RealMadridNYC : “Cristiano is sad because Coentrao cursing at the ref was made up by the ref and nobody is clearing his name”

My response: Logical. Real Madrid as an institution has troubles standing up for its players. Jose Mourinho pointed it out the year he came here. He also talked to Florentino. Cristiano is a good friend of Fabio. He would go and talk to Floren about the topic which would explain the “meeting” they had. Furthermore Cristiano is an amazing person. He stands up for his friends and he is as loyal as people get. Telling it to the press would be a great strategy to pressure the club into taking action.

LESSON: Tweeterers > Spanish Journalists

A journalist tweeted that Cristiano cried for half hour after the game – IFFFFF IF IFFFF AND IFFFF true, that’s a bigger issue. However, I highly doubt that’s true.

Those are all the theories that have been thrown around. Oh, nevermind, actually Fox Sports said he was said because his Bentley was parked in the wrong stall. Anyway, I don’t think any of them are true. However, last time we went through something like this they targeted Jose Mourinho. Few days later, he extended his contract.

Again, what is not a lie is that he is sad as the words have come out of his mouth so this has not been all a media invention.

Personally, I can’t wait for Mourinho’s next press conference. I know he will Mourinho the answer. For now, how about some calma?

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16 Responses to More drama than a high school party

  1. dvieirascp says:

    Ronaldo simply said he was sad with something at the club on a professional level. He didn’t say he wanted out. Everyone has some sad days and Ronaldo is entitled to them. The one about kaka makes sense because he is close to him and nobody wants to see a friend be treated wrongly. As far as what will happen, I’m pretty sure after the break he will feel better and concentrate on scoring and bringing Real a 33rd league title and the coveted 10th Champions League Trophy

  2. Yanninho says:

    He’s sad because he wants to come play in Paris. Here’s your proof.

  3. A girl came up to me on twitter with a theory that actually makes sense. Look at what she said: ” I think it is about Coentrao’s punishment when there’s proof that Coentrao did nothing in the last la liga game! I think he is sad about the lack of action of the club in something that you can demonstrate! My theory is based on what as changed since last wednesday till now! No media is talking about such an injustice, when it is something that everyone could see! We are talking of 4 games of suspension to a player!”

    I think this a very racional theory. And it would actually justify (a little) why he would say that to the press.

    • Jon says:

      I doubt he’d be that sad to be honest lol. Coentrao will be back playing in a few matches, not to mention there is an international break this week where Ronaldo will play with Coentrao…

  4. bamboo says:

    you madristas never support Ronnie on the terraces like we did at Utd. Ronnie knows that as a club, Utd and its supporters will support all of our players on and off the pitch much more than Madrid will.

  5. Jon says:

    The Kaka one is the most plausible. You also have to realize Kaka was bought at the same time as Ronaldo, both for a world record fee, and as soon Kaka is deemed as washed up he is frozen out by the club and essentially deserted. So nevermind them being friends for a second… if Ronaldo gets a serious injury next week, comes back in a few months and is not the same player then would Madrid hesitate to do the exact same thing with Ronaldo if he becomes washed up?

  6. sourav chakraborty says:

    i thnk bcse f hs 4nds hs so mch angry & emtnl bcse f kaka matter & cllub treattng him

  7. Amanda says:

    I mean take into consideration this realmadridnyc person’s tweet. ITS ON CAMERA..Fabio definitely spoke a few disrespectful quotes to the ref. And what kind of BS comment is that and how can you as a blogger actually take it more seriously then the other fabricated BS… Fabio is a big boy..he can take care of himself. But you might want to reconsider who you follow and think is logical. Maybe they need to support the players more.. but I think it is more with that fact that Cristiano is having a little bit of a moment over the impending anniversary of his father’s passing, he asked not to play because of it, and they made him play.

  8. John-x says:

    I think he is claiming balotelli

  9. John-x says:

    I think he is claiming balotelli he is nt sad

  10. Nour says:

    He was upset with the club’s treatment to Carvalho. Carvalho anyone?

  11. googlepo says:

    Amazing article, lots of intersting things to digest

  12. Joe says:

    He is sad because the price of make up has gone up in Spain.

  13. Ronaldo wanted to play for Mancheste United again

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