Sevilla 1-0 Real Madrid

An early goal in Seville took away 3 points that we didn’t deserve and made the gap bigger to 8 points.

Here is how I saw the 14 players used throughout the match

Iker Casillas: Perhaps two of the biggest saves ever seen in football history were made at this very same stadium by this very same man. Today, he sinned. Other than the goal, he did not have much work.

Alvaro Arbeloa: replaced by Calleti in the 66th minute. The espartano today was average, which says a lot. It was not his best game and Mourinho sacrificed him taking him off to bring on more attacking power (which failed).

Pepe: Well long live his mother. Today, Pepe saved us from an embarrassment. He had two or three magical interventions. Furthermore he pushed the team to attack. He was the leader in the back, using his voice when the team needed to wake up. The best, without a doubt. 5 interceptions, 8 clearances and an 87% pass success rate for Pepe.

Sergio Ramos: Today, he was not the Sergio Ramos we all love and care about. Lack of communication was a key issue. Worst pass success rate out of those who played 90 minutes.

Marcelo: Bad passes. Bad communication with Sergio. Like Sergio Ramos, unrecognizable.

Sami Khedira: His first half was above average but he disappeared in the second half. It was almost like if our sad game drowned him.

Xabi Alonso: Attempted the most passes but his success rate was far from what he has us used to. The brain worked at 2/3 of what it is capable of. His defensive labour was more complementing to the team than his attacking side.

Angel Di Maria: Whatever he did in the 45 minutes he played were forgotten by me by his childish kick near the end of the first half. What was he thinking? Shows the lack of commitment Mou claims some have during his presser. He compromised the team with that action. I like him better when he does those magical assists to Pipita.

Mesut Ozil: The avatar eyes were shut today. Mesut did not appear. This whole season (aside from Supercopa) he has been very discrete. Lack of commitment? I don’t think so. I do want his magic to return though.

Cristiano Ronaldo: His numbers don’t lie. As always he attempted more than anyone else. In my opinion, he plays better when he is sad. He is more lethal at least. Despite trying more times his performance was as awful as (almost) everyone else’s. It happens to the best.

Higuain: Pipita de mi vida… His first 45 minutes were played unnecessarily aggressively. Consider this from a die-hard Higuain fan… How can someone miss so many sitters?! I love you but… you’re breaking my football heart. I’d be lying if I said Higuain didn’t make me turn the colour of today’s jersey. He was a bit slow today, too.

Luka Modric: Well if there is something to be happy about besides Pepe, is Lucky Luka. He brought in the right attitude, unfortunately it was not contagious. He fought every ball like it was the last. With all due respect Essien, Luka is the signing of the season (heh). Let’s hope he keeps it up. Mesut will have to bring back the magic if he wants to keep his spot in the XI. He hit the post with a shot that made even the non-believers fall in love.

Karim Benzema & Jose Callejon: I’ll throw them in the same bag as 90% of our players today. Nothing worthy of mentioning. They did not bring much, or anything, to the attack.

WANTED: Karim’s ketchup bottle opener.

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10 Responses to Sevilla 1-0 Real Madrid

  1. Farhan says:

    What are your thought about kaka not being played?
    Him being in any Madrid game can turn the game around for as much as I’ve noticed so do u think mou should make him play? Can he be madridz magician?
    He had an amazing combination wid Marcelo n Ronaldo

  2. lola says:

    Mourinho’s third season syndrome lol, remember chelsea?long may it continue haha

  3. MOTM is pepe, Modric must match in the first, change arbeloa,,
    Trust in Mou,, now focus to UCL..

  4. dave says:

    Your rating for ozil is too harsh, he’s the best attacking player in first half. Those 2 passes when he put Higuain through were magics and if only Pipita didn’t miss hit it and too lazy to chase the second one people will admire those passes by now. His combination with Marcelo was good too. He should have played second half imo. We missed his passes and Modric while holding the ball well didn’t quite as incisive as Ozil did in first half (bar the shot)

  5. I completely agree with you. last night was so awful. I was so depressed and frustrated at second half. I hope they don’t play that bad anymore.

  6. i agree with this, only modric n pepe. the others 😦 , i see no motivation to win the match from the team. n sub in benzema who is in his bad streak is a bad decision, why not kaka who is fit at all?? 4 point in 4 matches for title defender?? what a shame.. i’m too angry with the team performance yesterday, not like madrid that we all love, right??

  7. Shozab Zaidi says:

    So, sadly enough, for except one or two players none could show a performance of above 6 rating out of 10. I just can’t figure it out why we aren,t becoming able to score with even our all out attack. And when will Mou understand that Kaka MUST PLAY, he’s NOT OVER YET!!

  8. i think that if marcelo,ozil,ramos did better,cristiano may had more chances to score!i mean if he doesnt get the ball how he can score??n if marcelo etc didnt do right passes how cr7 or benzema take the ball n score??

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