Cristiano de Oro

This post will look at Cristiano Ronaldo’s 2012 from all angles. From January up to October, this is why Cristiano Ronaldo deserves to be crowned the world’s best footballer (even though he is from another planet).


January 22- Two goals by Cristiano helped a come back against Athletic at the Bernabeu. A victory that stretched the gap with FCB to 5 points.


Copa del Rey: Real Madrid went sent home by Barcelona in an global result of 3-4. Cristiano scored in both legs and he scored 2 out of the 3 goals for Real Madrid. No other player from either side managed to score two goals in one game or one in each game.


January 28th – Real Madrid beats Zaragoza at home for 3-1 and Cristiano scores his 24th La Liga goal.


On the 12th, Real Madrid faced Levante at home and they secured another 3 points at the Bernabeu thanks to a hattrick by Cristiano in a 4-2 victory. It is worth mentioning that one of these three goals is, in my humble opinion, the goal of the year. The drop the ball had got everyone grabbing their heads in disbelief. A gem.

Here it is:

An easy win on February 18th led Real Madrid to stretch the gap with Barcelona to 13 points. Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first goal in Madrid’s 4-0 win against Racing.


February 21st, first Champions League game of 2012 for Real Madrid. Real Madrid was taken to cold Moscow to play CSKA. Ronaldo gave Madrid the lead but unfortunately the Russians equalized in the very last second.


February 26th was perhaps Cristiano’s first “out of this galaxy” moment. (Note that I won’t use this term for just anything). Real Madrid faced Rayo in Vallecas in an extremely difficult game. A game that could only be resolved by a genius and that’s how the story goes. Wearing that red alternate uniform, Cristiano had the world, once again, bowing down to him. Real Madrid won that game 1-0 thanks to an amazing back heel goal by CR7.


Here is the video of the backheel goal from all angles:


March started brilliantly for Cristiano and Real Madrid. A 5-0 win over Espanyol at home left Real Madrid relaxed at the top of La Liga. Yes, Cristiano scored again.


March 10th – Real Madrid visited Betis in a game that would have been ugly had it not been for Ronaldo. Madrid beat Betis 2-3 thanks to a brace by Cristiano. Cristiano scored his 31st and 32nd goal in 26 games.


March 14th – after the draw against CSKA in Moscow, Real Madrid needed a victory at the Bernabeu to keep their hopes alive in UCL. Cristiano scored twice in a comfortable 4-1 victory at home.


March 21 – Cristiano helped Real Madrid rescue a point in the 1-1 draw against Villareal.

March 24 – Real Madrid destroyed Real Sociedad with a 5-1 victory. Cristiano scored twice


March 31st – statistically perhaps Cristiano’s best game so far up until then. Real Madrid beat Osasuna in Pamplona by 5-1. Not only did Cristiano scored twice, he also assisted twice. But I don’t just wanna say he scored because his goal is worth talking about.


Remember that celebration? I bet you do. Here is the link for CR’s golazo:, in case you don’t remember, in that same game Benzema opened the score with an amazing goal that probably makes Van Basten proud. The cross was by CR. That was his first assist.


The month kicked off for Real Madrid with a comfortable victory over APOEL in the second leg. Madrid beat them 5-2 at home and Cristiano scored twice. On to the next round.

April 11th. Perhaps one of my favourite games of the season. Cristiano destroyed Atleti at the Calderon. There is simply no other way to put it. Cristiano scored a hattrick that I am sure Courtois will never forget. The thigh celebration made a well deserved comeback.


PUM! PUM! PUM! Another year that Atleti fans won’t know what it’s like to beat Madrid.

Worth mentioning is his free kick goal that has got “more curves than Jessica Rabbit on steroids”. Yes. You read that right. It was a “wet dream of orgasmic proportions”.


Here is the link to the goal

That was a fantastic performance. A 10 out of 10 and I am not talking about Ray Hudson’s narration of the goal!

April 14th, Real Madrid received Sporting Gijon at home. A comfortable 3-1 victory thanks to a goal from each one of the fantastic tridente. CR, Pipita & Benzema.

April 21st Real Madrid visits FC Barcelona in a decisive game for La Liga. It was the 70th minute at the Camp Nou and things were even. FC Barcelona 1-1 Real Madrid. But then, the different player on the pitch appeared. Cristiano Ronaldo scored and he introduced a new concept at Camp Nou. The concept of being calm, because yes sir, Cristiano Ronaldo is on the pitch. And yes sir, La Liga was whiter than ever.


A brillian pass from Mesut Ozil to Cristiano ended in the back of the net. Ronaldo’s speed allowed him to beat the defenders and he calmly shot past Victor Valdes. CALMA. The 32nd Liga was only a matter of minutes.

The celebration at the end of a game clearly showed what the victory meant


At the end of the day, there is only one number one.


April 25th – The second leg of the UCL semifinals. In the first leg Real Madrid lost to Bayern at the Alliance Arena for 1-2. Despite Cristiano’s early brace in the second leg, Bayern equalized and the 2-1 scored led to overtime. A fantastic performance by Neuer woke up us up from our dream path to La Decima. Neuer stopped Cristiano and Kaka’s penalties and destroyed our dreams. Cristiano was the only player from both teams to score more than one goal in the semifinals match up, however, it was not enough.


Cristiano’s run to the Champions League final was over. The Portuguese scored 10 goals in the 2011-12 UCL and assisted 3 times.

At this point during the year, there was no time to be sad. Real Madrid faced Sevilla shortly after, on September 29th and sent them home with 3 goals in their bags. Cristiano opened the score in the 19th minute and later on assisted Karim.



On May 2nd Real Madrid took a trip to Bilbao to make the 32nd Liga official. A 0-3 victory over Athletic showed Spain and the world, who the champions was. Cristiano scored the third goal, of course, he wouldn’t pass up on the party.

The final whistle was heard and Cristiano accomplished his first La Liga title with Real Madrid. But it is not as simple as it’s written. Actually. Let me rephrase.

The final whistle was heard and Cristiano & Real Madrid had broken every single record in La Liga. 2011-12 Real Madrid is the best champion of La Liga’s HISTORY.

This Real Madrid scored the most, won the most, got the most points.




Cristiano ended the season as Real Madrid’s top scorer in La Liga, Champions League and Copa del Rey. Furthermore, Cristiano Ronaldo became the FIRST player in the HISTORY of La Liga to score on every single rival. Every single one.



Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal start their journey in the EURO. Cristiano is the captain of Portugal and they are placed in the group of death. World Cup semi-finalist Germany and World Cup finalist Netherlands, formed part of Group B alongside Cristiano’s Portugal and Denmark.

The journey didn’t start well for Cristiano. Portugal lost 0-1 to Germany in their debut in a game worthy of a final. The football played was amazing and the Portuguese deserved a bit more. The captain carried his team on his shoulders but left empty handed, tired and frustrated.


In another crucial game against Denmark, Portugal was able to win 2-3. Pepe, Postiga and Varela scored and secured Portugal’s first 3 points. Despite his first two great performances, the press did not hesitate to crucify the Portuguese captain for his lack of goals.

If you have followed Cristiano you know that while us, his fans, make him stronger, his haters make him unstoppable. Cristiano silenced the critics in the third game of the Euro. He carried his team on his shoulders and scored a brace that was enough to send Portugal onto the next round and the Netherlands home packing.


This next picture illustrates Cristiano’s happiness at the end of the game. All his hard work had paid off and his Portugal was moving onto the next round. He also earned the Man of the Match award.


June 21st – Quarterfinals.

Cristiano’s Portugal faced “Cech’s” Republic.

Cech had an amazing game and kept his team alive for as long as he could. However, an inspired Cristiano Ronaldo scored the only goal of the game. At this point, it seemed as if there was no stopping him. The press was, for once, at his feet. Portugal, onto semis.


June 27th. The day it all came to an end. Portugal had to face current World and European Champions Spain. The first 90 minutes passed by and no one scored. The overtime was more of the same. Opportunity after opportunity but no goals. It was time for the penalty shoot outs. Cristiano was Portugal’s fifth player to kick the ball in the list. However, Portugal did not make it to the fifth player. An unfortunate kick from Bruno Alves sent Portugal packing and Spain moved onto the final. Cristiano left it all on the pitch and them some. He carried the hopes of an entire nation and did them proud. After wow’ing and entertaining the entire world for a month, Cristiano’s road came to an end. He was defeated, but he left standing and with his head up high.


Cristiano’s Euro: 3 goals – making him the top scorer alongside others. He also earned a spot in the Euro’s ideal XI.

July – Time for a short vacation and back to LA for the pre-season.


August 23 & 29 – La Supercopa.

On the first leg Real Madrid lost 2-3 to FC Barcelona. Cristiano started the party with a nice goal from a header and some calma.


On the second leg at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid defeated FC Barcelona 2-1 which was enough to be crowned the new Supercopa Champions. Cristiano scored one of the two.


Cristiano scored one goal in each game and helped Real Madrid take the prize home.



Four La Liga games were played in September. Cristiano scored 2 against Granada, 3 against Depor and 1 against Rayo.

Real Madrid faced Manchester City for the Champions League on September 18th. After a rather ugly start, Real Madrid pulled it together and pulled off a last minute “remountada” and who scored the goal if not the one and only…



Real Madrid played 2 Champions League games in October scoring a total of 5 goals. Out of those 5 goals, 4 were scored by Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano an important player? Try vital.


La Liga for Cristiano in October wasn’t all that bad either. Three games played and 5 goals scored. Not bad?


Two of those goals Cristiano scored in Liga were against FC Barcelona. The brace helped Real Madrid shorten the gap and Barcelona lost points for the first time in La Liga 12/13. Furthermore Cristiano became the first player EVER to score in SIX clasicos consecutively. No other player, from either team, had ever accomplish that. He finished that game with a sprain shoulder and managed to score even after getting injured.

On October 16th, Cristiano Ronaldo made history once again. He became Portugal’s youngest player to have 100 caps with the Portuguese NT. He is the third Portuguese player to have reached this.


Cristiano Ronaldo is the player in La Liga who has scored in the most stadiums. The only stadium he has failed to score at is Riazor. But don’t worry, it’s only a matter of time.

Cristiano Ronaldo averages more goals than appearances since his arrival at Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most complete player in the world. He scores from free kicks, headers, penalty kicks, using his right foot, left foot, with one eye… you name it!

His ambition makes him unstoppable

A little comparison with Messi as he is the biggest competition for the Ballon D’Or:

In 2012 this is how they performed against the top teams they faced.

v Spain’s TOP teams:

The teams considered TOP for this purpose have been: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao, Atletico de Madrid, Malaga, Levante, Sevilla & Valencia

Cristiano Ronaldo in 2012 against Spain’s TOP: 18 goals, 3 from the penalty spot

(7 of those 18 goals were scored against FC Barcelona, none from the penalty spot)

Lionel Messi in 2012 against Spain’s TOP: 16 goals, 6 from the penalty spot

(4 of those 16

goals were scored against Real Madrid, 1 from the penalty spot)

v Europe’s TOP teams

Cristiano faced Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich and Manchester City.

He scored 4 goals in 5 games against these big 3, one goal came from a pk.

Messi faced Chelsea FC and AC Milan:

He was only able to score 2 goals, both from the penalty spot, in 4 games.


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15 Responses to Cristiano de Oro

  1. sandipan garg CR7 says:

    CRISTIANO RONALDO was/is/will be a PERFECT PLAYER! no doubt,he will be FIFA PLAYER OF DA YEAR 2012

  2. hanadi adel says:

    CR7 the best player EVER ❤

  3. Angga Frianma says:

    Nice Blog..No Doubt, He (Cr7) is an Amazing Player Ever .. #VivaRonaldo

  4. szno says:

    A lovely post…however, unfortunately, i have the feeling that Messi will win once again the Ballon d’Or, and let me tell you that i’m a HUGE Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo fan. I hope that i’m wrong but Leo’s numbers are being incredible. Ask Pelé. Att. A soccer blog from El Salvador.

    • rmadridgirl says:

      The Ballon D’Or doesn’t exactly scream “deserved” though. I agree, I think Messi will win it. I don’t think he deserves it but he didn’t deserved in 2010 either. Sneijder: triplete with Inter, top scorer of the World Cup and World Cup finalist. After that, any argument becomes invalid.

  5. szno says:

    De acuerdo. También pienso, no, sé que la prensa empezara otra vez con los rumores de ”Cristiano está triste”, ó ”Querrá irse Cristiano después de que Messi ganó el Balón de Oro?”, shit like that. Y puede que Cristiano se llegue a sentir triste porque es más que obvio que ha hecho méritos para ganarse ese Balón de Oro, que por otro ano, no recibirá por la existencia de Lionel. Al fin y al cabo, todos (incluyendo culés) saben quién es Cristiano. Lealtad. Gol. Honestidad. El mejor jugador del mundo. Para mí, el no necesita otra vez el Balón de Oro. Como el dijo una vez, ya tiene uno en casa.

    • rmadridgirl says:

      coincido contigo pero en la entrevista con Pedro Pinto (muy buena, te la recomiendo) se ve como el lo quiero más que nada y lo merece. Su respuesta es muy sincera. Veremos que pasa.

  6. szno says:

    You should follow us, we would be honored. Twitter: @ECTecnico

  7. helen says:

    I’m sad if cr7 is not become the best player 2012. But if he isn’t for me he is always the best player in the word, he is honestly and nice-man

  8. idris says:

    Thanx a lot, it makes me realy fall in love wit CR7 more and also you for this great article. Hala madrid! Cristiano de oro.

  9. Hopefully Cris will make it this time…he deserves it more than Messi this year…follow me @CapitanYegho . Thank you.

  10. majolagbe_ahmed says:

    I think ronaldo should be crowned world best player.he deserves it more than anyone (even messi)

  11. Sam Hooley says:

    Awesome post, loved the comparison with Messi at the end! Viva Ronaldo

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