Keep your calma and say goodbye to 2012

2012: A roller coaster of polar opposite emotions for Real Madrid fans


If you only know me through WordPress, I have a Twitter account with just less followers than 30 000. Taking advantage of that, I decided to poll my followers to see what they thought were the highlights of 2012.

In 2012 we started at a high, finished the 2011-12 season and an all-time high (or, at least, the highest we’ve been since 01) and we ended it at an extreme low.

We accomplished our 32nd Liga which was a “Special One” as we broke all records, left and right. The Euro was rather fantastic for our European players. All of them surpassed the group phase and made except for Karim’s France, they all made it to semis. Cristiano, Mesut, Pepe, Sergio, Xabi and Iker all got MOTM awards. Unfortunately, only one team can win it and the rest left disappointed. Our players’ success in the Euro pushed for a very short pre-season which perhaps made us start La Liga with the wrong foot. We won the Supercopa in football AND basketball, both times, against FC Barcelona and its basketball side. Then we encountered a deadly Champions League group which we thankfully survived. Today, we are ahead of an awful La Liga season, alive in Copa del Rey and alive in Champions League waiting to face Manchester United.

Here is what my followers thought about 2012…

First things first, I asked who was the MVP of 2012. This question did not even need a poll. The answer was as unanimous as it gets…. The one who deserves the Ballon D’Or



His goals achieved the Supercopa, La Liga and the breaking record Real Madrid attack


It would be unfair to ask which Goalkeeper had the best year as we all know we are where we are thanks to Iker. Needless to say, he was our best GK of 2012.

As to who was our best defender in 2012, the race was a bit close at first but then the winner took a lead and took off… The top three receiving 44, 29 and 15% of the votes respectively were Sergio Ramos, Pepe and Marcelo.

The boy from Camas, Sergio Ramos, our best defender of 2012.


Moving on to our midfield. Out of almost 200 votes, Cristiano Ronaldo took about half of them. Because he was already picked player of the year, I went ahead and gave the midfielder of the year award to the runner-up. Mesut Ozil with 28% of the votes came on second. His assists and magical passes made the trophies achieved possible.


The next category was a sweep… Attacker of the year. For some, Cristiano should have been in this category rather than in the midfielder one however, he is a midfielder on paper. Benzema, Higuain and Morata were the options. The cat took 75% of the 150~ votes while Don Pipita received 20% and Morata a shy 5%. Image

Let’s now get into the fun categories…

Then I asked my followers, what was the best goal of 2012? Perhaps not the prettiest one but the most memorable or maybe even the most important one. Amongst the long list of pieces of art Cristiano, Karim and Mesut painted, I narrowed it down to 5. Cristiano v Levante, Cristiano v Osasuna, Cristiano v FCB (2nd leg – Supercopa), Benz v Ajax and Benz v Osasuna.

Which goal won? The one that received 43% of the votes. The one Piqué still thinks about. The one that got him a neck injury. The one that calmed down 85 thousand people and made the world smile.


Olé… the goal that was well worth the Spanish Supercup!

Since we are in the goal category, why not talk about the most memorable celebration?

When we talk about celebrations we can’t help but to think Mou on his knees and in the background Cristiano and Marcelo on the ground as we win an important game in the very last minute against Manchester City. Another memorable one was Morata’s goal celebrated with passion. Another one that is a fan favourite is Calleti pointing at the crest. However, the winner of 2012 is…. yes… calma… wait for it… calma….

CALMA, CRISTIANO IS HERE. A celebration that only comes out at Camp Nou. A celebration that has been used in his past consecutive visits. Provocative? Perhaps, but we sure love it or at least 65% of the voters do!Image


Speaking of Calma… what calms you down better than having your bro by your side?

Yes, the bromance of the year. The Portuguese had a few however there were to prominent ones this year. The so called “Criska” and “Serzil”. If you haven’t put it together yet, I am speaking of Cristiano & Kaká and Sergio Ramos & Mesut Ozil. Tumblr favourites.


With over half of the votes, the winners of the year were Serzil. The pair that can’t get enough of each other. One wears the other one’s jerseys under his and provokes an earthquake in the media while the other looks up their bromance pictures on Tumblr.


Picture taken from Mesut’s very own Facebook.  M1Ö / SR4

Alright enough with the bromances… because in my opinion the bromance of 2012 was Cristiano Ronaldo with the post, CrisPo or PoR7. CR7 / PO1000 (number of times he hit it in 2012)

Rookie of the Year!

The wonder boy that is WOW’ing the world. He got compliments left and right from the best journalists and the best defenders, like Rio Ferdinand himself.

Yes, I am speaking of Zizou’s chosen one. Rapha Varane.


The kid who plays like a vet.

Another fun category. Madridista of the Year. Which player represented us the best off the pitch? We know the Spanish media is not at all easy to deal with. Rumors here and there, drama everywhere.

This was a close race between Alvaro Arbeloa and Cristiano Ronaldo however Arbeloa won. By 7 votes, but he won. The Spartan is undoubtedly our best face in front of the cameras and our loudest, proudest voice in front of the microphones. The spartan. He is said to be another Portuguese more, like Karanka. Also nicknamed “Arbelao”. A canterano with Real Madrid DNA everywhere…


How can someone not love the man?

Second to last category, the most disputed one: Who had the best HAIR?!

Sergio Ramos went thru a massive change. From a long Justin Bieber cut to a short, manly cut that has gained him more female followers. However, Cristiano Ronaldo, who changes his hair style everyday, won the “award” for the best hair of 2012.

How can someone who changes hairstyles at the half time not win this category though?

Let’s look at some of his best styles of 2012


Hair gelled down.. Image

The two lines on the side…Image

Hair up to one side…


Hair up to the other side…

ImageThe hair with the warrior inner-peace sign something something

Anyway, I think you get the idea, right?



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5 Responses to Keep your calma and say goodbye to 2012

  1. Madridista22 says:

    Love it <33 keep it up

  2. David says:

    am startin to think that the 30,000 followers that u have dont clearly bring out your creativity as regards Real Madrid stuff. Thanx. tho not so much meaning but ma best goal was the one against Rayo vallecano. how can some one think of that backheel instantly and to some it all the game ended 1-0. Gritins from Uganda.

  3. Ronaldo says:

    very nice collection of photos 🙂

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