Sometimes We Need This

I wrote this at the beginning of this year, after I was sick of hearing “this sucks” “it is impossible” and just the general lost of faith among Madridistas. Being born a Madridista doesn’t make you a better fan than those who started supporting the team yesterday, you just have to believe.

We just lost 4-1 to Dortmund and it hurt. Of course it hurt. La Décima seemed so close yesterday and to some it is now no longer at our reach. My post above refers to a completely different team with a different coach but heck, what better team to accomplish the impossible than the one lead by the coach with the highest victory percentage in our history? What better team to score 3 goals than the one that has the record for the most goals scored ever in La Liga?! 121! Out of this world. Never seen before. WHAT BETTER TEAM THAT THE REAL MADRID OF THE 100 POINTS TO ACCOMPLISH MISSION “IMPOSSIBLE?! WHAT BETTER TEAM THAN THE ONE THAT BEAT BARCA ONCE, THEN UNITED IN MANCHESTER AND THEN BARCA WITH A TEAM FULL OF PLAYERS WHO DON’T USUALLY START?! BACK-TO-BACK?! WHAT BETTER PLAYER TO SCORE GOALS THAN HE WHO IS NEVER FULL. HE WHO CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH. HE WHO HAS MORE GOALS THAN GAMES PLAYED FOR OUR BELOVED TEAM?! Think about this as you read my next post:

Sometimes we need to realize that life is not perfect and that our best is not enough

Sometimes we need to know that they try their best and may come just a bit short

I remember back in 2006, in the Era of the Galacticos, I loved thinking that my Real Madrid was invincible. February 7th, 2006. Casillas, Salgado, Helguera, Sergio Ramos, Roberto Carlos, Gravesen, Beckham, Guti, Baptista, Robinho, Ronaldo, Zizou, Pavon and Cassano. These 14 played that match that made me grow as a person. 

Now reading that may sound a bit funny but I was a 14 year old sitting in front of my TV waiting for Los Galacticos to demolish yet another team. It was the Copa del Rey semifinals against Real Zaragoza and I could not wait until we reached the final because we had not won the Copa in years… and we weren’t going to until Mourinho arrived.

In each half we received 3 goals and that day the name of Diego Milito was forever going to stay in my brain. He scored 4 of those 6 for Zaragoza. We lost 6-1 and although I can’t be certain, I probably even cried myself to sleep. Zizou, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Iker.. they had let me down.

Today seeing the team at -16 in La Liga I realize that not everything can be the way we want and when it is not, we have to learn to make the best out of it. We have Cristiano, Mesut, Iker, Sergio, Xabi, Marcelo, Karim in our squad today and many, many more than any other team desires yet we are far below in La Liga. Arbeloa and Mourinho have said that from here until the end of La Liga, we are going to win every single game. Realistic? Perhaps it isn’t but I like the spirit.

Going back to 2006. After Los Galacticos left humiliated not a single person believed in a comeback. I didn’t believe myself. But then, something similar than what happened with Capello in that amazing Liga happened… the fans, the players, the coaches, the media.. everyone pushed towards the same goal. Coming back from the 6-1. The Bernabeu was at its best.

58 seconds went by and Cicinho with a (I’m stealing this from Cristiano) tomahulk made the score 1-0 for Real Madrid. The Bernabeu was going insane. Real Madrid needed 4 more goals. 4 minutes and 50 seconds… Robinho makes it 2-0. 9 minutes 43 seconds… Ronaldo makes it 3-0. Two more goals and Real Madrid was onto the final. Not one person did not believe in the comeback then. With 30 minutes in the game to go, Roberto Carlos made it 4-0. 30 minutes and 1 goal to go to make it to the final.

We didn’t make it.

That day, every single person at the Bernabeu stood up and clapped as the heroes left the pitch disappointed. Another year that Real Madrid blew the Copa del Rey.

When I started writing this blog post I wasn’t sure what my point was. Those Real Madrid – Zaragoza games are two of my all time favourites. Perhaps we didn’t win but the passion and spirit that all MADRIDISMO showed was fantastic. MADRIDISMO including piperos, Casillistas, Ronaldistas, Zizouistas, Raulistas and whatever other subcategory you wish to include. I guess my point is, no matter how this Liga end, it is not really any longer up to us. All we can do is make the best out of it, together. We can believe because if we don’t believe in ourselves then who will? Even if we end up being 1 goal too short. 1 point too short. All the money in the world is not enough to make us the best team in the world, we are enough to make us the best team in the world. Everyone thought Barcelona was going to win the 2011/12 Liga before it even started, but we believed.

….Hasta el final, Vamos Real!

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41 Responses to Sometimes We Need This

  1. raji sam-J says:

    @realmadridgal, I remember both games of the copa very well! 1st game total dispair 2nd game total pride! Ur piece breaths madrisimo! Just wat I needed after d gala nite n d pains both d team n us madristas r feeling right now! THANKS #halamadrid #halarealmadridgal

  2. ashraf says:

    Absolutely Brilliant. It is really the spirit that is the backbone of the madridistas if we are to succeed. @rmadridgirl this article is really touching and thank you for writing this.

  3. David says:

    wat a brilliant piece that is. come rain come shine, we are ol madrista atlist i am.

  4. Khaled T. Naser says:

    Thank You For These Words , Thank You So Much
    U Made My Tears Fall Down , Thank You

    And We Hope Our Team Make Up Proud As We Are Proud Of Them ❤

  5. Rando says:

    Great words! Madridistas got to unite! We should all be behind mourinho a year ago to us he was the best ever how could people forget what he has done! Ronaldo should be given more respect respect of a hero of the club just like raul di stefano etc! We should support mourinhos decisions! Real madrid’s only problem has always been players ego’s and if casillas is the one of them and the snitch in the dressing room then its his right to punish him! Not to mention his performance is not that great! Adan should be respected more as well as he is a player from the academy just like casilas once was! No doubt the team is at his worst of times but let’s not forget what they have done! And learn from our enemies to wait!… End of the season come and no trophy we should keep faith in mourinho and believe me he won’t disappoint! Players leaving and players coming in is a necessity! Kaka Essien Albiol higuain should leave Falcao(Neymar) Neur Silva(bale) and hummels should be signed…….

  6. badoo says:

    La Decima. SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Alexious says:

    I really like your spirit and attitude. Makes two of us. We need to unite. I remember those Zaragoza matches, its like we were going thro the same situation. ….Hasta el final, Vamos Real!

  8. Abril Santos says:

    Yo también tenía 14 cuando fue ese partido, vaya momento más impresionante para el Madridismo, no dudo para nada en la remontada el próximo martes, sin duda este año tendremos la décima porque nos la merecemos! Hasta el final, vamos Real!

  9. Norman says:

    You just saved my life. Thanks for this, Really thanks.

  10. charles says:


  11. y1nka says:

    Im a Chelsea fan & I just your link on your TL. I love your passion for Madrid. There should be more people like you in the world. I love this post!

  12. @larryfreshboi says:

    Thanks so much for this article,I’m still so sad bout the loss but now I think I believe in a comeback and I’m sure by God’s grace,we can #Halamadrid

  13. José E. says:

    The coach in 2006 was Lopez Caro.

  14. Jimmy says:

    Hey, I also follow you on twitter.I have recently started reading your articles.The point you made was very valid after seeing the reaction from some of our so called “madridistas” . Some one rightly said
    “If they can’t support us when we lose, they should not support us when we win”
    I hope Tuesday comes soon and we do it and show the world who we really are. Till then,keep posting !!! :):)

    • rmadridgirl says:

      Definitely. I think out of the heat of the moment after the loss people say things they don’t mean but now that theyve had time to vent there’s no other way but to unite

  15. realmadmoe says:

    Yesterday before the game I had nerves that ran up my whole entire body. I believed in my Madrid but something in me didn’t let me let go. The game began and the next thing I know we are down 1-0. My heart sunk, but I said “it’s just one, vamos!”. CR brings us back leveled and from there I say “we’re back in it and the 2nd half is ours!”. 2nd half starts and boom, we are down 2-1. Then 3-1 and then 4-1. My heart had nowhere to go but to my stomach. I was hurting and in disbelief. When the game ended I had already began to accept that we just got outplayed and that it wasn’t our night. My respect went out to Dortmund because they did what they had to do and we didn’t. I started to look on the bright side since we got at least 1 away goal, but the sadness I felt I couldn’t shake off. People tweeting left and right “Remontada!”, “Podemos!”, etc., but I just wasn’t feeling it. I come here and take a look at your post not thinking that it would make a difference, but I immediately felt that I wasn’t alone. That others were hurting the same way I was, because the feeling and emotion that we put into Madrid is just indescribable. The belief in a remontada started to creep down my spine. The 2006 CDR story gave me shivers and made me feel that moment all over again. Because of this my spirits have been lifted, and it’s not that I didn’t believe in a remontada before this, just that the hurt wasn’t allowing me to gaze into Tuesday and the fight the fellas will put up. This post helped me shake that sadness off, and now more than ever I believe that we will come back from this. All of those players will have a fighting spirit like no other. How do I know? Because you, me, and all of the other Madridistas that read this post feel it already. So just imagine how much fire is in those players. Hasta el fin! Siempre Fieles! Hala Madrid!


    • rmadridgirl says:

      Exactly. Nobody likes to lose. Real Madrid is more than the 11 players that are on the pitch and the coach that faces the media though they represent us. They represent our hope for the tenth and our hunger. I believe in them, they’re the chosen ones for a reason and even if were only one goal up at the 90th minute, never stop believing

  16. Abhiraj says:

    Wow!! I read your blog for the first time. Its brilliant…exactly what is needed. It really brought tears. That’s the spirit we want. Last night i was thinking i was the only one who believed we can do it. We have the quality, ability, spirit, passion…its absolutely not impossible. As Juanito said, “90 minutes at the Bernabeu are very long”.
    How much i wish i could go to Bernabeu to support our team. Hala Madrid.

  17. Jorge Mejia says:

    It’s really a breathtaking piece of work. I started believing since the match ended. But when I read this I started to believe even more. Thank you for cheering me up as you did with a lot of other madridistas. If the team wins next week and we qualify to the final, it will be first thanks to the players and coach, but then it will be thanks to you because you made us believe in something hard but not impossible. We are all La Décima and I know this is our year. HALA MADRID!

  18. First thank you for your post …
    Then i think that real madrid players can return in the bernabeu…it’s not just question of winning a match it’s a dream of all madridistas ” LA DECIMA” …
    finally i believe in every member of our team and i will support them until death…
    ihala madrid!

  19. Nouran says:

    I am a Madridista and I believe!!
    I do not think I have ever had that much belief in sth that is considered almost impossible.
    I cried during the match yesterday but after a while I felt that strange feeling of confidence even though we are down by 4!
    The players reactions after the match was more than enough for me.
    ‘They will fight from the very beginning to the very end’ I feel like I am going to cry again …
    I have faith that isA Allah will help us, I have faith in my players, I have faith in Mou and I have faith in the Bernabeu.
    Looking at the bright side, all the players and WAGs are united together … and maybe that result is better than losing at home or the final.
    For those who do not believe: ‘If you do not support Real Madrid when we lose, do not support Real Madrid when we win’
    I am loving the spirit shown by Madidistas all over Twitter and Facebook … That is it we can and WILL isA do it.
    Thank you! 😀
    Until next time isA! 🙂

  20. suhail says:

    I am totally in support of Mou but honestly speaking it was his fault dat cost us d defeat cos he shudnt hav played a defensive game from d start and olso dimaria shud’ve been brought in since not 20 mins from time,,anyway I just hope we makke it to the final though it will be difficult!!

    • rmadridgirl says:

      There was not really options in defense considering Marcelo, Essien and Arbeloa’s absences and Di Maria had just joined the team after a long night with his wife as she was giving birth to their premature child. It’s not really about pointing fingers. They ran us over.

  21. totwit says:

    I believe!!!!! We can turn the game around to favour us… #Hala Madrid!!!

  22. “Our jersey may be stained with sweat, blood or mud but never with shame”! Believe!!! Thats what makes us fans. Dreaming against all odds. It is possible……

  23. The Narration is fantastic 🙂 I loved how you narrated our loss to Zaragoza!
    I think there is a small mistake while you wrote. “TEAM FULL OF PLAYERS WHO DON’T USUALLY PLAY?!” – It has to be “WHO DON’T USUALLY START” right? Nevermind. We are able to understand what you tried to convey. Its enough. 🙂 Vamos Madrid. Vamos RmadridGirl 😉

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