The Iker deal from my point of view

I’ve been getting endless questions, support, insults, comments, etc about the Iker situation. To wrap it up, here is what I think and I’ll end it at that. 

1. Iker has the right to talk to Sara about what happens in the Real Madrid dressing room. They are dating, they live together, they trust each other. If he can’t talk to his girlfriend then who can he talk to? 

2. Sara has no idea of what the word “ethics” means. Yes, she is a journalist but she is also the captain’s girlfriend. It is evident that if she has some “leaked” information about our dressing room all the fingers are going to point at Iker. She has damaged Iker A LOT by speaking in public (despite it not being the first time). After Iker and Sergio sent out a letter via the realmadrid site saying they gave no ultimatum to Floren, Sara says otherwise. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if any reporter said it, but the one sleeping with the person accused of doing so is saying it. There’s a big difference.

3. The abuse on Facebook and Instagram towards Iker – undeserved and unfair. Like I said, it is not his fault he talks to Sara as he has every right to do so. He has been with Real Madrid for many years and has been key to winning most, if not all, of the trophies we have achieved with him. He deserved a bit more respect.

4. His response to the topic – this is where I have an issue with him. He is not just any player. He is the Real Madrid captain and should behave as such. He has had TONS of opportunities to clarify the topic but his actions up until now have even sided with Sara’s words. His facebook activity has been update his status after every Real Madrid game with the score as usual. Nothing different. The only picture he has posted is one thanking the beer company that sponsors him for the cupcakes. On instagram, he has uploaded pictures of his dogs, his face and his hand of poker. Nothing related to the team, nothing showing his support to the team that was playing a crucial game against Barcelona. Furthermore he was liking photos of him and Sara during the dying minutes of el clasico. It leaves a lot to wish for… 

Now I don’t know how things work but as the captain and because his injury only a hand issue (as in he can walk and do everything fine), I thought he would be focused for the game with the team showing his support. Maybe he didn’t because that’s how the rules work or maybe he didn’t because he didn’t want to. I don’t know and I won’t drive any conclusions from this because I have no idea how things work. One thing is true, on Wednesday, for the first time in many many games, Mourinho’s name was not whistled at by anyone in the Bernabeu. Coincidence? And today, AS’ director (we all know how much AS “loves” Mou) wrote a piece on how the “wind has changed” in favour of Mou. It is interesting nonetheless. 

As I’ve said many times, those are my thoughts. Like them, hate them, respect them, insult them I am not going to change them. If one thing everyone should learn is to stay true to one’s self. You’re never going to please everyone so you might as well say what you feel.


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6 Responses to The Iker deal from my point of view

  1. Trixie says:

    how sad that a woman would be the fall, the “death” of Iker….and he allows this to happen.

  2. Sophia says:

    Yes, he deserves respect considering he has given so many years to this club and has always been an amazing player with a great attitude but insinuating he isn’t doing his job as a captain because he decides to upload a picture of his dog is not showing respect. Also, Sara NEVER confirmed the players gave Floren an ultimatum, just the opposite. She was informing what the media, especially Marca, has been saying and she clearly said “I doubt that happened”. I agree, it would’ve been for Iker to show a bit more support during el clasico but I don’t think that’s enough reason to indirectly say he’s not a great captain for one incident. You support a man that has only come to this club to prove everyone he is the best coach in the world ( which he is ) but we all know he won’t care about what happens to Madrid once he leaves, someone that has said he doesn’t care what madridistas have to say, someone that cares more about his pride than our club but are so quick to judge a player that has given so much to Real Madrid.

    • rmadridgirl says:

      You have been quick to change the subject from Iker to Mourinho. Yes, Sara never confirmed it but she said Mourinho’s future at Real Madrid was uncertain due to his bad relationship with some players. She doesn’t need to spell it out, she works for Marca also.

      • Sophia says:

        Well, in that case you are giving out wrong information in order to prove your point. “After Iker and Sergio sent out a letter via the realmadrid site saying they gave no ultimatum to Floren, Sara says otherwise”. Not only she didn’t confirm it, she pretty much denied it.

      • rmadridgirl says:

        How? Iker and Sergio said they never said anything and they get along and blah blah then Sara said Mourinho’s future is uncertain because there are issues on the dressing room. The EXACT opposite than what Sergio and Iker wrote.

  3. Meera says:

    I think that Iker has been treated unjustly, it is very easy to come to fast conclusions without thinking about the person you are talking about, their point of view or their feelings.

    1- Sara Carbonero goes on that Mexican program every week to report on what is being talked about in Spain, since the Marca story was the biggest thing that happened she had to talk about it. I saw the video and yes she could have phrased things in a different manner to protect herself and Iker better but at no point did I feel she was giving an opinion and she did not say anything new.
    As a woman,I hate that people would think that Iker has approved or has to approve whatever she says.Besides even if people come to the conclusion that she ‘confirmed’ dressing room unrest which in my opinion she didn’t why would Iker tell her to say that the day after he sends a statement denying it?And why would she consciously put the person she loves in a difficult position? In my opinion she thought that she was just informing people in another country about what was going on and didn’t think much of it.

    2- She is in a very difficult position, because there will always be this conflict. She was an up and coming attractive journalist who worked in La Sexta then went to the confederations cup with Telecinco,months later she got involved with Iker even though she said she wouldn’t date a footballer. So if she fell in love what could she have done? Choose between her job and Iker?Is it fair? And what about Iker’s feelings? When someone you love is attacked mostly to attack you then how would you feel? Don’t you think he might feel guilty? This is the first time in his career that he is out for this long because of injury and instead of getting support and tranquility he is faced with this, it must be hard for him.

    3- And about Instagram photos and likes during the match, the guy loves his dogs and his mus its not the first or the last time he’s gonna put up their pics, to me putting a pic or writing something on Facebook is not how you show that you are supporting the team. He was in the dressing room and I’m sure supported his teammates, that’s enough for me and when you get a notification that someone mentioned you in a pic it takes a second to like. Plus l feel sometimes that other people close to our footballers take control over their social networks so what do we know and is it that important?
    4-What I am hating about the situation of RM and us as Madridistas recently is that many are against components of the team. It saddens me to see people calling themselves anti mourinhistas , anti casillistas and insulting other players whenever they feel convenient. We are first and foremost Madridistas and we should support them all, we have every right to criticize them but not to the unreasonable extremes that some have reached. And Iker has come out to deny leaking info and the Marca story etc. but mostly he keeps quiet and Mou has been vocal on issues before and now he is keeping quiet because if the President,coach or Captain come out to deny every lie and fabrication that the press publishes then they would be doing that everyday! and if they didn’t then people would believe its true! No win situation.

    5- I hope we talk more about football than those things , when things aren’t going well on the pitch the press increase their attack and focus their energy on making up stories to sell. We have practicaly lost the liga very early on and that cannot be the fault of the coach , the captain or certain players but everyone’s fault so now it needs to be fixed in order for us to fight in the two remaining competitions. Hala Madrid! ( sorry for writing a lot )

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