Cristiano’s latest interview

The latest interview Cristiano gave to The Sun left many of us speechless. Not only can Cristiano talk on the pitch, but he has the right words off the pitch also.

Here is his latest interview for AS. The first one published since he’s turned 28.


Q: In January 2008, your mother said that she did not want to die until seeing his son playing for Real Madrid. Were you such a Real Madrid fan?

A: Yes. When I left Manchester, there were other big teams that wanted me. But since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to play for Real Madrid. And I didn’t stop until I achieved it. The Bernabeu full with 90 thousand people in my presentation impacted me. I will never forget it.

Q: The Bernabeu has already chanted many times this year “Ballon D’Or, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ballon D’Or”. Many people thought you deserved it this year.

A: I have the hope to win it after the amazing season accomplished by Madrid and I. But unfortunately it was not that way. But I can’t live off of individual awards or else I’d never be happy. That’s why I try to be happy in Madrid, play better day after day, help my team and be happy with the fans.

Q: Were you surprised when Messi did not mention you in his speech?

A: I wasn’t surprised. He didn’t vote me in his top three so I repeat, I can’t be surprised.

Q: What did you think about Mou not attending the Gala?

A: I respect his decision very much, it was his choice. I think he very well knew what was going to happen. Perhaps he is smarter than everyone else. I knew as much as he did what was going to happen, so I understand him. Nonetheless, individual awards do not give me anything, I only think about the collective awards for Madrid and Portugal.

Q: You have amazing numbers when it comes to scoring goals but Benzema and Higuain way below their level shown last year. What is happening with them?

A: It’s a matter of self pride, of the overall performance of the team, the topic is very complex. They are both very good and they can’t always play so it’s complicated. It’d me like me not always playing because I had a great player in my same position. They are top forwards. Very good forwards. But it is also a tough choice for Mourinho who must choose who plays. The mister has a tough job. I see them well and I am sure they will help us win the Copa and the Champions.

Q: Are they affected and do they feel less to have someone like you next to them who scores 60 goals per season?

A: You can’t see how much a player is worth just based on his goals. Pipita and Benzema have worked a lot to help the team. I don’t value them based on how many goals they score. There are players like Xabi Alonso, Ozil or Khedira that are extremely good but score very few goals. Only together and united we can win something.

Q: In the nice side of the coin now there is Varane. You always said good things about him.

A: Varane is learning a lot, he is growing as a player and as a person and I am sure he will be a TOP central back. He is fast, he jumps high and he is very solid in the back. He is gaining experience despite his young age. He is humble, and to me, in just a few years he will be one of the best central backs in the world. I have no doubt about that.

Q: What is Mourinho going to do at the end of the season? Does the team know it yet?

A:  I don’t know. I think at least he will stay until the end of the season because he is a coach that always wants to win and we have many achievable goals. He will then decide what’s best for him, his professional group and the team. But I don’t know what he thinks or what the team thinks so I don’t want to talk about it.

Q: What happened between you and Mourinho? Where you surprised by his attitude towards you? The fans were.

A: It is a very personal topic, that is already solved and everything is okay. THE THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN THE DRESSING ROOM STAY IN THE DRESSING ROOM.


Q: This upcoming week you get to play your former team, Manchester United. What are your feelings about it?

A: It will be special because people know I played in Manchester for 6 years and I appreciate them. But a game is a game, I’m not going to war, I’m going to play and try to help my team defeat them. We all have to give our all if we want to stay alive in Champions. I am preparing myself to be at my best in this round.

Q: Nani and Anderson are there and they are good friends of yours…

A: Yes, I’ve already talked to Nani here and we’ve made jokes about it. But nothing special. It will be a great European duel and I won’t forget that the best team in England will be playing against us. 

Q: What do you expect of your re-encounter with Alex Ferguson?

A: I have a very good relationship with Alex Ferguson and it will be a very good moment for him and me to see each other again. It will also be special to meet the Old Trafford fans again that have always treated me with love. I like them a lot. 

Q: You arrived later on but you must have heard about the historic games Madrid played there with that play by Redondo and Ronaldo’s hattrick.

A: Yes, they’ve told me. Those are great games for the fans. I am sure this round will also leave us great plays and goals to remember. They will be two very tough games and I don’t forget that the second leg will be at Old Trafford, a beautiful stadium with beautiful fans that will cheer on their team.

Q: Is Madrid the favourite?

A: You can’t say that in a match up between such big teams. I think we’re a better side but now we have to prove it on the pitch. 

Q: Two key players are still missing, Pepe and Casillas. The first one will come back soon but the captain will be long. How do you rate his absence?

A: We miss Pepe a lot because he is a key defender for us but this squad has a lot of players that are very talented. Pepe will be back shortly and will be like a new “signing” that will motivate and cheer up the team.

Q: And Iker’s injury?

A: It is a very important loss for the team but the club has signed Diego Lopez, who is a great keeper and he will also do a great job. 

Q: Were you surprised by what Sara Carbonero, Iker’s girlfriend, said about a supposedly complicated situation that the dressing room is experiencing with Mourinho?

A: There are things that I am not responsible for talking about but this is a delicate topic and I think it is something that shouldn’t be done. Nonetheless, people are free to say whatever they want although I think she was wrong in doing what she did because the issues that happen in the dressing room have to stay in the dressing room and the things that you may know shouldn’t be told to the press. But I repeat, everyone is free to express themselves however they want and say whatever they’d like. 

Here is another part of the interview

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  1. I remember that you read my poems for Cristiano Ronaldo when i contacted you on twitter. Now, i’ve written 3 poems for Cristiano Ronaldo. Csn you please upload it on your blog ? By the way, do you think that Cristiano Ronaldo will go back to man utd ?

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