Suits v Skins

The girls at Kickette have stopped posting and someone has to do it…In honour of David Beckham’s latest appearance (thanks @LeylaHamed for sharing the pics) in Asia and Barney Stinson’s quote “It’s a truth you can’t refute, nothing suits you like a suit” I have prepared this post with my top XI of men who can wear a suit like its their business. An in appreciation of nice torsos (idea by @aNadal06), I have also prepared an XI of “skins” (yap those who are #butterfaces – if you don’t know what that means, you may need to #wakeup, I mean… google it)

David Beckham Attends Grassroots And Junior Football Promotion In The SchoolDavid Beckham….. take note gents, on how he is wearing that tie.

Alright, enough with the talking – let’s get down to business. First, the Suits XI…

On goal – Iker Casillas, God bless GQ for the fantastic cover


Defenders: A line of four… Maldini, Piqué, Bocanegra and Lahm. For those of you unfamiliar with Carlos Bocanegra (#googlehimnow) he is a (#babe) defender for the American National Team.


In the midfield perhaps there is the most competition you will find… So much talent #IMeanBodies to chose from …

In the end I went for Xabi Alonso, David Beckham (duh), Gourcuff (#yesplease) and Cristiano Ronaldo (#captainobvious)

midfieldersTo end up this fantasy  fantastic team… the lethal attack..

Mario Gomez and Gonzalo Higuain


How was THAT for a team? Oh wait… it’s not a team isn’t it? I’m missing… a coach.

Well, there is a Special One I could think of that wears a suit like no one else…. #playonwords

suitsOh la la.. Mou.

Hopefully by now you already know what a #butterface is… Certain footballers work hard on their abs and we have to recognize that. Ladies, the Skins XI:

On goal.. Joe Hart .. let’s ignore the purse


Defenders: Sergio Ramos, Lucas Neill, Fabio Cannavaro and Alvaro Arbeloa


Alvarito needs to get his tan on, but with those pecs, he’s forgiven!

The midfield.. oh the midfield. Some players are going to not make it to the top 4 and you’re going to want to kill me but a reminder that I could only pick 22!

Mesut Ozil, Ljumberg, Ballack and Sami Khedira… too many Germans or just enough?


The attack: Giroud and Boateng (yes, he’s playing as a striker today #dealwithit)

strikersThis team is going to be coached by Gourcuff #sorrynotsorry #cantgetenough

gourcuffAfter seeing that pic I don’t think anyone has a problem with Gourcuff a #faux shirtless coach for a day …

Hope you enjoyed the post! I definitely missed a few players… Special mentions to Torres who was replaced last minute by KPB due to a lack of good recent pictures of him.

Share your thoughts in the comment section below! What’s your XI? Who would win this match? Strategy aside of course, we’re talking real football here

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2 Responses to Suits v Skins

  1. Maria Luisa Rosales says:

    Ggggghhhhgggghhhghhhgg, I’m drowning in my own drool. But I think you were unfair with Kedhira, he’s no butterface! Anyways, suits>skins, but it would be a thigh match.

  2. Project 55 says:

    Ozil & Mou! ♥♥♥ Drools over Boateng abs too!

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