RMadridGirl Daily .. Part 1

Just a brief introduction… I don’t consider myself a good writer but people often ask me for more blog posts. Gathering some suggestions I’ve decided to start a new kind of blog post. It is call “RMadridGirl Daily” because I am just that creative however it won’t be daily due to time issues. I finish exams next Tuesday for which I don’t see myself posting more than twice before then but long story short my goal with these posts are to sort of making newspaper style. I’ll try to post once every three days (perhaps a bit optimistic) and I’ll write the most important news, funny videos (with translations if required) and other highlights surrounding the Real Madrid world. Feedback is much appreciated!

Here we go…

Let’s start with a lighter note… We all know our beloved coach Mourinho is very strict when it comes down to business. On the last Liga game against Athletic, he went to were the youngest players were sitting on the bench before the game started and yelled at them about a particular issue… not having their jerseys on under their sweaters in case they were required to immediately go on the pitch… Here is the video:


Mou “Let’s see if you can f-cking finally tell me, because I don’t understand, for what f-cking reason don’t the players who are on the bench wear their jerseys?!”

Morata “I’m wearing it, I’m wearing it”

Mou to Nacho/Calleti “Why is yours there? And if you have to enter the pitch without warming up? Like Arbeloa—

Morata interrupts “Arbeloa does it to show off his abs”

Mou “FFS!”

Morata “But since I don’t have abs….”

Funny moment that not even Mou could resist as he goes back to the bench trying to hold back his laugh… Oh.. The Special One..

First team news: Kaká is back to training and Michael Essien worked out in the gym – he is still not fully recovered from his injured suffered against Galatasaray however……… he has joined us on Twitter! You can follow him @MichaelEssien!

Summer transfers: Alongside a few French youngsters, Gareth Bale and Kun Aguero, a name that has been closely linked to Real Madrid for this summer is Julian Draxler. He is a 19 year old German genius that has wowed the Bundesliga fans in a short period of time. Despite his young age he already plays for the German NT and he admires Mesut Ozil. Julian can play as a left or centre attacking midfield. In a recent interview with Marca he confessed that “I have always said I’d love to play in Spain. I feel proud of Madrid’s interest on me. To me, it’d be a dream to play for them”. Furthermore about his relationship with Mesut he said, “I play with Ozil in the NT, I feel comfortable beside him and he is a great player. I talk with him very often, I am interested in his life in Madrid and he has told me that he is very happy there”.

You can check out the full interview here http://www.marca.com/2013/04/17/futbol/equipos/real_madrid/1366176973.html

The cute note of the week had as the main author Alvaro Arbeloa. The espartano taught kids from the Real Madrid foundation how to kick penalties yesterday. Most of them idolized Cristiano and he did not hesitate to teach them how to do his stance.

Alvaro Arbeloa Attends Training With Students of The Real Madrid Foundation's Football School

Isn’t this adorable? It gets better! Below is a GIF of Arbeloa teaching a little one how to do the Cristiano stance.


The final note of this first “RMadridGirl Daily” ever is what something all Madridistas should be more aware of…… *drum rolls* nopeitsnotSamiKhedirasawesomeness…

Real Madrid Baloncesto! 

Our basketball boys have beaten Maccabi Tel Aviv and they are off to the Final Four in London. They are the first team qualified for the final four as they demolished Maccabi 3 games to zero. Birthday boy Jaycee Carroll had a fantastic game to give us a win. Real Madrid Baloncesto has 8 European Cups under its belt and its on its way to the so desired Novena. This year Real Madrid CF and Baloncesto have the opportunity to become the first institution to win both major European Cups in history… do you believe?

London will be white this season!

Real Madrid v Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv - Turkish Airlines Euroleague Play Off

Hala Madrid!

Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on this post to know if I should keep on writing them! Much love! 

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11 Responses to RMadridGirl Daily .. Part 1

  1. John Scot Feng says:

    Lovely stuff! You’re the new Kay Murray! :p It’s really fantastic to have daily news about Real. Thank you!

  2. oBINNA says:


  3. izah says:

    that was really good..its great having daily real madrid news..lots of love from nigeria

  4. olasoji ahmed says:


  5. Nouran says:

    That was very good, you should definitely continue!
    You seem to really like Sami Khdeira! 😉
    It is nice to know that both The Basketball & The Football teams are doing really good. London will be dominated by Real Madrid teams isA! 😀
    Waiting for more!
    Until next time isA! 😀

  6. iknowparker says:

    Thanks for the comprehensive info. I really appreciate it.

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