RMadridGirl Daily … II Edition

I am very pleased with the feedback received from yesterday’s post for which I have made an effort to make a new one today. I will kick off with a topic that always unleashes happiness among us, International Madridistas… yes! The summer schedule!


Is Madrid coming to my city?! Please say yes! 

First things first. From June 15-30 if Real Madrid comes to your city, you will likely not be seeing any Brazilian or Spanish NT members as they will be playing the Confederations Cup. The date of their comeback depends on the success of their national teams in the tournament… unfortunately for the Real Madrid fans, both Brazil and Spain are strong teams very likely to reach the final.

Let’s get to business….


*(please note that more games will be added and a few dates are yet to be confirmed)

Before heading to the United States, Real Madrid will go around Europe this year. First, Real Madrid will meet Galatasaray in Istanbul in the game that should kick off the preseason. The second game will be against either a German or an English side also in Istanbul. After, those two, Real Madrid will meet Becks, Ibra and company in Gothenburg, Sweden on July 27th – tickets have gone on sale on April 2nd already at  www.ticnet.se!

The World Football Challenge played for the past three years in the United States is now history. The tournament has been replaced by the International Champions Cup which will kick off on July 27th! – Judging by the fact that RM will be playing PSG on that very same date and tickets have already gone on sale we can assume that RM won’t be playing on the opening game. On May 7th all the participants will be announced however four of the eight already confirmed are: Real Madrid, Juventus, Inter Milan and LA Galaxy. Now here is where you need to pay attention. The tournament will kick off in Europe – the places are yet to be confirmed – and it will then move onto the United States for the following stages. It is rumored that the eight teams will be divided into two groups, “east” and “west”. The semifinals will be played in New York and Los Angeles while the lower stages will be played in Indianapolis, Phoenix and San Francisco. The final will be played in Miami. This has been confirmed. Depending on how well Real Madrid does, they will visit a city near you.

This tournament aside, Real Madrid is also said to visit Phoenix, Washington DC and Los Angeles. As it almost a tradition by now, UCLA will host Ronaldo’s tanned skin and the rest of the squad for the joy of everyone in the city.

There is nothing as of right now relating to Real Madrid visiting Asia but I will update if any information is brought to light!

…Moving on!

Corazon Classic Match 2013! 

Perhaps my favourite charitable event by Real Madrid!


The Real Madrid Legends will take on the Juventus Legends on June 9th! We will be able to see ZIZOUUUUUUU! (#GravesenReference), Hierro, Figo, Butrageño, Pessotto, Nedved and many many many other Real Madrid legends back on the Bernabeu pitch!

Here is a picture from the presentation that took place today…

'Solidaridad Con La Infancia' Charity Football Match Presentation


For the first time in EIGHT years, Real Madrid has become the most valuable football team in the world! Not only has Real Madrid kicked Manchester United out of the Champions League, Real Madrid has also dethroned Manchester United from the top of the list when it comes to money. Real Madrid has an estimated (monetary) value of 3.3 Billion dollars while Manchester United comes next with 3.17. Interestingly enough, 65% of the revenue for Real Madrid comes from abroad.

If you are interested in economics do not hesitate to check this article out. It has all the details and you can find the full report link near the bottom http://www.forbes.com/sites/afontevecchia/2013/04/17/the-team-to-top-real-madrid-overtakes-manu-to-become-the-most-valuable-sports-team-in-the-world/


Luis Figo

Taking advantage of his presence at the Corazon Classic match presentation Luis Figo quickly talked to the Spanish press. Here is what he had to say …

On Mourinho “You’d have to ask him whether he is going to stay or not, I am not part of the club. We have to wait to see what happens, Real Madrid is a big club and it will not end for this reason. The whole world wants him to stay”

On La Décima “I have the hope that it will be won. The team has good conditions and it’s going through a good moment. The semifinals against Dortmund is opened but I think Real Madrid will reach the final”

On Cristianator “I don’t talk about people. Cristiano speaks for himself. I don’t have to say whether he is right or not. He is a great player and has to reach an agreement with the club if he wants to stay and if the club wants him to stay” (is anyone else thrown off by this?)

On becoming a coach “My life is too good right now to be a coach. In the near future I don’t see myself being a coach but you never know. In football what looks white today is black tomorrow”

Thanks for reading this new edition of the RMadridGirl Daily, if you’d like something posted or something discussed do not hesitate to suggest it to me. I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time!

Hala Madrid!


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7 Responses to RMadridGirl Daily … II Edition

  1. Anish Massey says:

    The way you wrote everything is awesome! Simple-Sober-To The Point-Fits in head 😀 Appreciate your work \m/ Keep it up 🙂

  2. Vishal Bhartia says:

    Unamadridista has got some competition 😉

  3. dikko says:

    Why is morinho not using casillas? The guy is fit now nd we all want to see him in the goal

    • rmadridgirl says:

      As Karanka explained, Diego Lopez has made no mistake to justify benching him and he has been extraordinary. You can’t fix a problem that does not exist. Just like Marcelo has been benched by Coentrão and Pepe by Varane following their injuries.

  4. Nouran says:

    Hiii again! 🙂
    Unfortunately I wont be seeing Real Madrid in the summer! 😦
    I do have a chance of winning a ticket to the semi-final in Madrid or the final in London. Pray for me!!!
    Anyways, back to this edition … what does Figo mean ‘if the club wants him to stay?’
    We kicked Man U from the top!! I love this we are gradually returning to the top! 😉
    Waiting for the next edition! 🙂
    Until next time isA! 😀

    • rmadridgirl says:

      Thanks again for the comment, best of luck in the contest ill pray for you!! And I don’t know about Figo, it caught me by surprise. I guess he is referring to the fact that his contract expires at the end of next season.

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