All Eyes on Yellow!

Happy Sunday!

The chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaampiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooons!!!


It’s time! All of the team’s effort comes down to these upcoming weeks. The most crucial of them all. It is all or nothing. Borussia Dortmund against Real Madrid. It’s on!

The absent ones: Unfortunately Marcelo will be out due to injury as well as Arbeloa as he was sent off in the last game against Galatasaray. Essien was supposed to be back for the game however it does not look as if he will. Also, Modric is said to be injured. Arbeloa and Marcelo will definitely not play in Germany however we are going to have to wait for Tuesday, when the roster comes out, to see if Luka and Essy will be included in the team. Unlike what it was said by Marca, Diego Lopez did not leave the game against Betis injured. As tweeted by his lovely wife, Diego is fine and without any problems.

The previous encounters: Real Madrid faced Borussia Dortmund twice earlier this season in the group stage and was unsuccessful to beat them in either encounter. Needless to say, the team was going through quiet a few injuries and the mentality was different. In 1997/8 Real Madrid encountered European Champions Borussia Dortmund in UEFA Champions League semifinals. Two goals in the first leg by Karambeu and Morientes secured Real Madrid a spot in the final which they would end up winning.

FUSSBALL: CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 97/98 HALBFINALE BORUSSIA DORTMUNDLater on in 2003, Real Madrid beat Dortmund again in second group stage. First at home 2-1 thanks to R9 and Raul and then a draw 1-1 was enough to end up second in the group thanks to a goal by Portillo.

Fussball: Champions League 02/03

The other two instances in which Real Madrid and Dortmund have met, are the two we just lived earlier this season. The 1-2 defeat and the 2-2 draw.

So now, let’s take a look at the numbers of these two teams …

FBL-EUR-C1-DORTMUND-REAL MADRIDThis will be Klopp’s first Champions League semi-final while it will be Mourinho’s seventh semifinal. With this seventh appearance, Mourinho has equaled Sir Alex Ferguson’s record despite being 21 years younger. Jose Mourinho, at his young age, is alongside Sir Alex the coach with the most semifinal appearances in the Champions League history. Special indeed.

Borussia Dortmund are the best out of the four semifinalist at home, according to numbers.  They have won every single match in this Champions League and have only conceded 3 goals in 5 games. Real Madrid under Mourinho though, have only lost 4 times in 34 Champions League games played. Once against Galatasaray, once against Dortmund, once against Bayern Munich and once against FC Barcelona. Mourinho’s Real Madrid record in Champions League is 34 games: 23 victories, 7 draws and 4 defeats. Not bad, not bad.

In Germany, history is not pretty for Real Madrid. Luckily, history plays no role in big games. In 24 games, Real Madrid has only won once in Germany and lost 17 times. Ouch. But, in two legged-ties, Real Madrid’s record against German games is much prettier. Out of the 18 ties previously played, Real Madrid has won 11 and lost 7.


Cristiano Ronaldo is the Champions League top scorer with 11 goals. Lewandoski is Borussia Dortmund’s biggest threat in attack and the fourth top scorer in Champions. He (6) is two goals shy from Messi and Yilmaz (8) Perhaps due to the Ronaldo effect, Real Madrid is the side in Champions with the most shots per game, 20. Cristiano’s 11 goals signify 48% of Real Madrid’s goals in Champions League whereas Lewandowski’s 6 goals are 32% of Borussia’s goals. Di Maria and Gotze have 4 assists in this Champions season.

Here are some quick numbers:

– Most fouls per game: Alvaro Arbeloa – 2.3 per game and 16 in this current Champions League

– Most clearances per game: Neven Subotic – 12.1 per game and 97 in total, the most out of any defender in Champions

– Most goals: Cristiano Ronaldo – 11 – top of the UCL

– Most assists: Angel Di Maria and Mario Gotze – 4

-Most shots per game: Cristiano Ronaldo – 7, 70 in the whole competition

– Most fouled: Cristiano Ronaldo 2.5 fouls received per game, 25 in the competition

– Most offsides: Pipi… NO! Karim Benzema! 1.3 per game, total of 10

– Most passes per game: Xabi Alonso – 72.6 per game, 581 in total

– Highest pass success: Luka Modric 89.7% – 261/291 passes completed

– Most red cards: Alvaro Arbeloa – only player to have received two

– Most aerial duels won per game: Robert Lewandowski 3.3 duels won per game

Finally… my XI


Hope you enjoyed my little preview… most numbers can be found at or the UEFA’s official site. If you disagree with my XI make sure you let me know at the comment section below! 🙂

Any suggestions to improve these posts are welcomed by leaving a comment or contacting me on Twitter. If you’d like me to post something you have written do not hesitate to e-mail it to me at and make sure you leave me your Twitter name to credit it accordingly.

Hasta el final… vamos Real!!


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20 Responses to All Eyes on Yellow!

  1. this is the perfect 11..although would have liked to see marcelo,essien and luka on the bench though but nevermind..a win or even a scoring draw will be a good result for us as dortmund have been solid at home in ucl this season.if we escape this game with a draw or win, we are through imo.just that a loss will mean a comeback at bernabeu which might be a bit tough against these counter attacking germans.xabi and sami hold the key.its going to be the midfield battle.gundogan gotze vs xabi ozil.reus on the left needs to be taken care sure sergio will rough him up 🙂

    • rmadridgirl says:

      Well Modric is not discarded just yet. I think we can win it. Without underestimating Borussia, Cristiano and Mesut are at their best, I am only worry about our defense although Diego seems to stop everything that comes near him so that gives me peace also. We will see!

  2. suhail says:

    Well I think we can change histrory this time around because we hav all it takes to do that and Mou has prepared well for the match…hala madrid

  3. Moha madrid says:

    After i have seen this blog yesterday, i really liked it and read all the stories and details you have written here. really you are true fan of the best team in the world. Madridistas are very proud to you!

  4. Nouran says:

    How have you been?
    The starting XL is great!! I do not mind if either Pipita or Benzy start!
    The injured … I hope that all of them will recover isA before the final!
    When we played in the group stage, we were a lot different than now! I find it an advantage to play the 2nd leg in Madrid! We secure a win isA in Germany then we FINISH IT (Ryback-style :P) in Madrid! Nyahahahaaaaa
    I believe Cristiano will write history in the next 3 matches!
    Keep It Up! 🙂
    Until next time isA! 😀

    • rmadridgirl says:

      Hey there, my only problem was Pipita or Benzema but I ended up going for Pipita because of his work going up and down the pitch and because Karim is not at his 100% as he got a bit injured yesterday. We are definitely better than in group stahe. We got this!

  5. Anish Massey says:

    Everything as good as last posts 😀 And Klopp’s pic.. I can’t stop laughing at the pic you posted xD Haha xD Idk much of Spanish but, Gracias 🙂

  6. ThePunisha_ says:

    The starting 11 is perfect But you got some figures wrong in your numbers. First, Dortmund did not win all their games, they drew the first leg against Malaga. So you could say they were unbeaten rather. Secondly, Madrid has lost four games, the fourth being the 2-0 loss against Barcelona two seasons ago after Pepe’s controversial red card. Apart from all of this, your writeup is spot on and I remain a huge fan of your blog.

    • rmadridgirl says:

      Hey! That stat on Dortmund is right, it is only talking about their home games. You’re right, they drew 0-0 against Malaga however the first leg was played in Spain. They won 3-2 when they played at home. About the four games, one against Galatasaray, one against Dortmund, first leg against Bayern and you are right, second leg against Barcelona makes it four losses. Thanks a lot for pointing this out! I’ll fix it. Cheers

  7. Anish Massey says:

    And! I don’t think we need to be scared of past record in Germany. We’ve got THE BOSS [Mou] to sort everything out. His Experience+ His mind + His Strategy + His Team + His Players = Champions League Final. ¡HalaMadrid!

  8. Anaigba Casmir says:

    Wow I really do enjoy all your posts..I’m a Nigerian who loves Real Madrid so much I hope the best team in the world goes ahead to win their 10th.champions league title#halamadrid

  9. afrah says:

    I love Mourinho and want him to stay but I feel like he will play it safe like Bayern last season. Xabi will be marked out of the game and our passes will be disjointed. Klopp first and then SAF out thought him and beat him in the tactics. On the bright side, we have Khedira, Coentrao, Ozil and Cristianator on hot form, so no worries. I would’ve liked a trivote with Xabi-Modric-Khedira but it wasn’t meant to be. PS. Diego Lopez how can anyone hate him? The man is great!! Good blog and keep up the good work. Hala Madrid

    • rmadridgirl says:

      Thank you for your words and not to worry, the special one is special for a reason. He is always two steps ahead, if we can see it he probably saw it last week 😉 keep the faith

  10. sahar says:

    I love Real Madrid very much and I hope that Mr Mourinho stay in RMA next season because he is the best and special coach and Real Madrid needs him to be best.

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