Champions Week

The week has finally arrived!…

The week began with a training session that brought the players a little extra motivation…



Kaká and Marcelo shared these pictures of Luca and Enzo on instagram. 


Speaking of Kaká…. haaaaapppy birthhhdayyy to youuuu! Happy birthdayyyy to youuuu! Happy birthday dear Kakaaaaa… happy birthday to you! The legendary Kaká turns 31 years young today and what a week to celebrate it!


Perhaps his arrival at Real Madrid did not live up to expectations but one does not simply dislike Ricardo Kaká. Since his arrival in 2010, Kaká has played 80 official games in which he has scored 19 goals and assisted 18. None of the games in which Kaká has scored or assisted Real Madrid has lost. He has played a total of 4235 minutes meaning he participates in a goal every 115 minutes played.  Kaká has been booked 7 times and he has received one (unfair) red card. 

Florentino Perez along with Pepe, Adán and Nacho, assisted the 25th anniversary celebration of the Peña Ramon Mendoza. In it, Florentino was named universal president and Pepe was made an honorary socio.


This visit created a big repercussion in the social media. In his speech, Floren talked about unity and the greatness of the club. He also highlighted how important May is going to be for Real Madrid’s interests as the football team has reached semi-finals for the third consecutive time in Champions, Copa del Rey final and the basketball team has reached the Final Four. Floren also had nice words for Raul and what unleashed Twitter madness, comments on Cristiano’s contract.

Florentino “Raul has not left, he has just gone to Germany and Qatar to play for a little bit and then he will be back because this is his home and will always be it”. This comment was triggered because the socios highlighted how Schalke and Al Saad were going to play a game in his honour yet Real Madrid has done nothing for him.

Shortly after, another socio reportedly told Floren that they would give him money to renew Cristiano’s contract to which Floren responded “Calma.. we are going to renew it, the club will pay”


Real Madrid Castilla 6-1 Mirandés… vaya chorreo!

Two fantaaaaaasstiiiic goals by Alvaro Morata lead RM Castilla’s comfortable victory at home over Mirandés. Don Florentino and Marcelo watched the victory from the stands.

florenmarceloThis victory is very meaningful for the Castilla boys as they are now clear from the relegation zone. Furthermore, Jesé’s goal has made it 20 for him this season in Segunda and he is tied up in the first place for Pichichi. If Jesé manages to score two more goals before the season is over, he will become Real Madrid Castilla’s player to score the most goals in a single season.

It looks like a lot of the players of the first team are following Real Madrid Castilla closely. Marcelo on the stands, Albiol at home…


When el Chori says “Golazo” he is not kidding… Check out Morata’s goal

Watch out Cristiano…. for the full match report and all the goals visit the Real Madrid website, here is the link for the report in Spanish

That’s it for today! Until tomorrow…

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PFC CSKA Moskva v Real Madrid CF - UEFA Champions League Round of 16

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5 Responses to Champions Week

  1. Nouran says:

    You better keep writing because I wait for them.
    I was solving Physics homework :/ when I saw a mail that you wrote a new post! I ignored Light rays reflected and refracted and read the post immediately … and it is 3:12 am 😉
    I want Kaka to play more, many have said that his coming to Real Madrid was not in his favour and I do not like to admit it but yes it is true! 😦
    Castillas have been great! 6/1 is sure great and Morata’s first goal was superbe!!!
    (I just want to understand sth, if Castilla finished top 3 next season, will both the main team and Castilla play in the same league?)
    Cristiano WILL renew his contract LOLOLLLYYYYY ( (we do that in Weddings here :P)
    Back to Physics for me! Good Evening ( I guess) for you!!
    Until next time isA! 😀

    • rmadridgirl says:

      Hahaha thanks for the dedication! I am pretty happy about CR7 also and yes Kaka is a lovable guy but unfortunately he has not met expectations.
      About Castilla, even if they were to finish first they cannot play in La Liga unfortunately.
      Good luck with physics!

  2. suhail says:

    What about Mou’s future?ddnt the president say anything about it?I think that is what madrid should be concerned about right now because MOU is the most important head in the group we really need him to stay otherwise there’s gonna be problem next season….

  3. naming says:

    Admito que me siento enganchado. Un abrazo

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