The keys to the game in Dortmund: Let’s focus just on the first leg. Dortmund has shown to be the strongest side of the final four at home. Their fans are simply fantastic. It is important for the players not to get lost in the environment that they will have ready for us. Mesut is said to be targeted by the fans for some political reasons. We know that Real Madrid without Mesut just isn’t Real Madrid. Luckily, Real Madrid just played a game in Turkey against Galatasaray. Their fans made it a living hell and their goals came after mistakes from a player who had otherwise been perfect in every single one of the games played. Perhaps his inexperience and the environment played him a bad one. But mistakes are to be learned from and having just played in Turkey will definitely be beneficial for Real Madrid who will encounter a similar stadium in Germany.

Just like Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund’s defense is weaker than their attack. This by all means does not mean their defense is weaker, just not as solid as their attack. They score about 2.15 goals for every goal they concede and most of the goals conceded come after they score. Their weakness comes about knowing how to protect the lead. They often play the offside trap which will be interesting to see as Real Madrid has some players (cough, Pipita) who just love playing to the limit. One mistake playing the offside trap may mean a scoring opportunity for Pipita or Benzema.

Real Madrid’s weakness also comes from the defensive part. When looking back at Dortmund’s goals against Real Madrid in group stage, all of them were preventable. They came from individual mistakes which their deadly strikers did not waste. Both times Real Madrid face Dortmund Ramos-Varane-Pepe played while the fourth defender was first Arbeloa and then Essy. Because of Arbeloa and Essien are both out the expected line is Ramos-Varane-Pepe-Coentrão. Also, Diego Lopez will be the goalkeeper this time around. His height will be beneficial for defending set pieces. Many people don’t feel confident with Ramos defending the right side however, as he said in an interview a week ago, he has 7 years of experience playing on the wing before Mourinho switched him to CB. I am confident in this defense. Ever since Marcelo’s first injury, Fábio has been outstanding. The same can be said about Diego Lopez, ever since his arrival, he has saved our asses game after game, especially in Champions League.

My prediction: Dortmund 1-2 Real Madrid (Ronaldo, Khedira, Higuain)

Send me your prediction below!

Showing support

This week, as Mourinho’s pick Casemiro made his debut, many fans were angry over his inclusion on the team instead of Alex Fernandez. This is valid, everyone thinks someone deserves something and everyone likes a player better than another. However, it is invalid to attempt to show your support by insulting the benefited player. This ticked me off mostly because no one really put thought into why Casemiro was called up by Mourinho despite the reasons being clear. The kid is on trial at Real Madrid as per Mourinho’s request. It is logical for Mourinho to want to see him and therefore give him play time to see if he will sign him or send him back to Sao Paulo at the end of the season. Furthermore, considering Casemiro plays no key role in Castilla, why not use him, give Khedira and Xabi rest, while not damaging Castilla who had a key game that weekend. To me, it makes sense.

Showing support by insulting someone does no favour to the one you’re trying to support.

Why do I bring this up? The next picture will speak for itself


Someone vandalized the sign for the “Avenida Iker Casillas”. Truly idiotic. Casillas may not currently be at his best but he has been the one under those three posts for about three years. Yes, Diego has been outstanding but he is not there to be “the next Casillas”, he is there to be himself. Vandalizing that sign does not do Diego any favours and it is extremely rude to Casillas.

Sad that these two things have happened on Twitter and on the streets on the same week that Floren has asked for unity.

We will all win la décima or we will all lose it. Together we stand.


Hala Madrid!

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13 Responses to One.More.Day

  1. Anish Massey says:

    Certainly, I agree ith your Casillas and Deigo argument.. People(including Madrid fans) are going retard that Mou is ruining Casillas by benching him.. They don’t look at Deigo and say *Yes! He deserves to be in team*. Casillas has been great through the years. *Thanks to Arbeloa* for letting people know about Deigo [If you know what I mean]. And I hope Ozil doesn’t get carried away by German politics *Idk anything about that*. Looking forward to a great game..
    My predictions Dortmund 1- Real Madrid 3 [CrisHigzil] 😉

    • rmadridgirl says:

      Definitely! The Ozil deal I think won’t be an issue now that Gotze has transferred to Bayern haha that’s good news for us for sure. I like your 1-3 better than my 1-2 🙂

  2. Rocky Aparicio says:
  3. sometimes some madridistas can act like asses.iker must have felt so so bad…i hope that if we win decima without iker being on the pitch, then he lifts the trophy first with his captain’s armband intact. yes thats the way we have done it all these years and thats how we should be doing it again….siempre capitano….san iker 🙂

  4. asapcassidy says:

    Wow that’s a nice post,I do hope Ozil and the other players will not allow the fans spoil their game.i know the breaking news about Mario gotze leaving Dortmud will surely affect them tomorrow mentally,and I pray we get that that away goal

  5. moha madrid says:

    One thing very curse to us is not always get a good results from the German stadiums, but this year when we visited Dortmund’s stadium we were at our bad moment as there was lots of conflicts between the stuff and disappointmens for loosing points in laliga. So this time we are at our best.. Ronaldo is in his best form for his career and Dortmund as well. So I won’t surprise if Dortmund win another game they are good team with some great players and a special manager. I think the draw will be fair! And then the second league will be important,

    Regards from Somalia.

    • rmadridgirl says:

      Wow! Fantastic to hear from Somalia, hope it’s all well. This is our year, history does not play a roll, Bayern just proved that today. A close victory from them is still a good result for us but I’d rather have us win! Take care

  6. Nouran says:

    How was your exam, I hope it went well for you!
    You got that right, our weakness lies in our defense; however, we are getting better at it which is a good point. Diego’s height will definitely help (That saved us in the 2nd leg game against ManU)
    Fans … that will definitely be a problem. El7 we will play the 2nd leg in Madrid (I would like it soooooo much if Madridistas show them what it means to be a Madridista)
    I am not very good at predicting but I will give it a shot: 2-0 (Cris & Higuain or Benzy)
    (My brother tells me it will be 1-1)
    Concerning what happened in the last match:
    They just do not want problems to stop in Real Madrid :/ So let them hit their heads against the walls (I do not know if that expression makes sense … we use it here)
    Casemiro’s debut was good … no need to make a fuss about who should play and who should not. When the time is suitable Mou will do his thing.
    Keep It Up!
    Until next time isA

    • rmadridgirl says:

      Hey, it went great thank you. Good to be free from school. It’s funny that Mou pointed out the same as I in presser. He said that all of their goals came from preventable mistakes. Let’s win it tomorrow!

  7. Hey please can you add your post, the humiliation of bayern munich to barcelona. which maked barcelona the first team to lose 4 goals in semi finals. not hating barcelona but still they are record breakers.

    Hala Madrid!

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