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Well congratulations Bayern Munich for finishing a job started by Real Madrid

rip In case you were under a rock in the past 12h the following tweet may help you understand the happiness..


Anyway! Enough of that… let’s focus on the only team that matters.

First things first, the 23 men squad that traveled to Dortmund was everyone expected except for the addition of Casemiro. He will probably watch the game from the stands but it is still good experience for him to travel with the team in such an important game. Modric is fit to play so that is good news. Di Maria has permission of Mourinho to arrive a day late to Germany as Jorgelina, his wife, was giving birth to their first little girl. *Awww* Well congratulations to the Di Maria family and let’s hope this brings extra motivation to the noodle who we all know can be unstoppable. Congrats and best of luck with little Mia!

Real Madrid - Training & Press Conference

Real Madrid - Training & Press Conference


It looks like all smiles and happiness! Could not ask for a better scenario. Cris even showed us how he is going to celebrate his goal tomorrow 😉

Real Madrid - Training & Press Conference

Fortunately for us and unfortunately for them, Borussia Dortmund is not having as much fun as us. Mario Gotze’s transfer to Bayern Munich was made official as Klopp confirmed the rumors and well, that’s a bit awkward to say the least. Gotze has spent about 10 years at Dortmund and now he is joining the archival and this is being announced a day before a huge game. Ouch! Klopp should have said he knew nothing but good for him for being honest, I guess. Many justify his move by saying he is a Bavarian but to put it into perspective this would sort of be like Iniesta going from Barcelona to Real Madrid. Iniesta was a Real Madrid fan (I doubt he still is) his whole childhood however the move would still mean a huge blow. Or even a worst example, it would have been like Raul moving to Atleti at age 20! Ouch, no? Of course the Dortmund fans did not take the news well and Dortmund required police presence at practice. We will see how this affects the game tomorrow…

In press conference Jose Mourinho gave away the XI. It was mainly predictable. The biggest questions were who was going to lead the attack, Benzema or Higuain and because it’s Mourinho a surprise in defense would not have been all that crazy, however he opted for the predictable XI


Nothing else really said in his presser worth mentioning however you can youtube it or check out Madridismoorg’s website for the whole deal.

This is it for today. Get your hearts ready for tomorrow, may Real Madrid win showing off superiority and may we see a great show.

Hala Madrid & Danza Khedira!


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  1. Nouran says:

    Hiii (Good …. whatever it is for you :D)
    Happy Anniversary to your parents and I am glad you did well in your exam. 🙂
    I do not know what is the deal with me reading your posts with Physics homework … which I ignored btw 😛
    OK: What Bayern did today was not unexpected but it is beyond what the most optimistic Bayern fan thought of. That was Destruction …
    I hope Daddy DiMaria will dedicate a goal for his little Mia (I am sooooo happy for him, these kind of news along with birthdays bring happiness to the team and Of Course at the expense of the unfortunate Dortmund Nyahahahhaaa)
    I hope that isA isA isA we return with a clean sheet and a comfortable score directed by the Special One 😉
    Waiting for tomorrow’s win isA!
    Until next time isA!
    Hala Madrid! 😀

    P.S: Sorry if I write too much, it is just that I am exited to find a fellow Madridista Girl. hehe

    • Nouran says:

      Ohhhhh, I forgot to ask you: What is the deal with the first GIF?!
      It is HILARIOUS!

      • rmadridgirl says:

        Haha thanks for always commenting, I appreciate it, it is not at all a problem but you should also do your homework! That GIF was created last year I think around the time we won the 32nd Liga. I’ve kept it since and I think that was the fans reactions to the game today haha. Let’s expect and hope for the best tomorrow, I’m gonna have to change my prediction from 1-2 to 1-3 and add one goal for little Mia there! 🙂

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