There is a simple saying that is attached to Real Madrid and even if you don’t speak Spanish, you will understand it: “Hasta el final, vamos Real” and that’s exactly how it’s gonna go down.


This blog post will be a short one. Evidently nobody is happy with how things turned out to be in Germany but even if we are 1-0 up and the clock says 90 minutes have gone by… I will still believe. There is no better squad out there to achieve the impossible. In fact, you don’t even need the best squad in the world to beat Dortmund 3-0, you need heart. You don’t believe me? You think it’s cheesy?

Well the Alcorcon boys that whooped us 4-0 and kicked us out of Copa del Rey beg to differ! One of a kind event? Well, how about when Zaragoza beat the Galactico’s Real Madrid 6-1? Did anyone, even in Zaragoza, give two cents that that was going to happen? Of course this Real Madrid is no underdog. A more recent example, Germany beating Argentina 4-0 in the World Cup. Germans may have thought they were going to win but surely no one put money on a 4-0! Bolivia beating Argentina 6-1 a few years back? Yap, impossible also.

The beauty of football is that it is unpredictable. An underdog can humiliate a TOP dog just as one TOP team can trash another TOP team. Sometimes skills is not everything. Sometimes teamwork is not enough. Heart. Passion. Love. Unity. You need everyone believing, everyone on the same page, when you set your mind for something, impossible is nothing. But one thing is true, to achieve the impossible, you have to achieve something never seen before. Case and point, Lewandoski. First player to ever score 4 goals on Real Madrid in a European championship. The impossible lead to a fantastic win for his team.

Now it is our turn.

Like Cristiano said, we will speak on Tuesday.

The Bernabeu must growl.

Everyone must believe.

Together, we can.


A por ellos…

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5 Responses to TOCA R3M0NTAR

  1. Simply beautiful. The R3M0NTADA is possible, Real Madrid is made for this kind of challenges. It’ll be an epic and magic night, I know it. We’ll have 11 soldiers leaving their soul and heart, they wont let us down.. Our club was made from nights like this, mark 30-04-2013, it’ll appear on the history of Real Madrid as magic night at the Bernabeu. A por ellos!

  2. Mohammed Sheth says:

    It is a very beautiful blog. I love it. CR7 was right, we will speak on Tuesday, We will be in the FINAL, because the Santiago Bernabeu is our home and we can achieve anything there because 90 mins at the Santiago Bernabeu is a very very long time.

  3. Nouran says:

    Arabs call Football ‘الساحرة المستديرة’ which means ‘The Magical Sphere’. You can never know for sure how things would turn out.
    I saw a pic of the training session today and it was heartbreaking! 😦
    I have watched a video on Youtube about the match against Brossia Munchegladback (wrong spelling I know :P) and it made me smile We DID it many times before, I know we will do it again. I do not think, I KNOW
    I very much like what Mou said: ‘Those who say No will say YES in the first 30 minutes’
    I believe that if we isA score a quick goal in the first minutes, goals will be scored easily after.
    I read that EL7 Essy is back for good, Arbelo however suffers from back pains (hope he gets better soon isA)
    Cristiano said it all: Our Answer will be on Tuesday.
    The Bernabeu will be on Fire! I will be on Fire.
    I am daydreaming about how my throat will be sore from screaming after each goal and I have a feeling that it will not just be 3-0 isA!
    We will spend Tuesday night cheering across the universe isA! Mark my words!
    Thanks for sharing! 😀
    Until next time isA!

  4. Afrah says:

    Hey Rmadridgirl, Great work as usual and I’m very much sure that if there is a change in tactics and player’s attitude,then a Remontada is possible. I saw Dortmund’s fast tempo, pressing, work rate and how they’ve won every single aerial or physical duel. And couldn’t help but think of Real Madrid last season. Xabi was taken out of the game easily, like I predicted in an earlier post. Khedira couldn’t keep hold of the ball and was no match to their midfield. Ozil as a winger was abysmal. Pepe, no words absolutely no words can describe how horrible he’s performed. At fault with the 1st goal (poor man marking) and 2nd goal (Put Lewandoski onside) and arguably for 3rd. I understood why Mou played Modric to make it 4-3-3 ish. It’s why we bought Modric at first place. The tactic failed though maybe due to Dortmund’s game plan or maybe due to our players executing them awfully. I don’t see a need to buy players. These players are one of the best. They need motivation, fan support, and a NEW plan. And most of all, to play as a single UNIT. Defend and attack together. Pepe has served as well during many years. I love his attitude (stayed after FT to applaud the away fans even though we lost 4-1) BUT he should not ever play a big game. We have one of the best CB combination Ramos-Varane. Pepe is a liability. I believe and I hope all Madridistas believe too.. And thank you RmadridGirl for posting this. You are a great motivator.

  5. greeting to you all!
    Really if there is a team who can make the impossibles to possibles is real madrid, guess a team who has the best squad in the world, who has such a good and talented players, a team who it’s history can speak itself, who has a stadium which you never get any happiness and has also the best Fans in the world who are supporting their team in the bad and good moments.
    I think it’s gonna be very difficult to come back but also those miracles happened in football can happen again.
    ok let me analyse the match on tuesday, as we all now our strikers hasn’t have whatever you need a striker, they do not like that RVP,Lewanadowski or Falcao i think Higuain having his best form comparing to Benzema but in the big game that Benzema can be the right Choice.

    Ronaldo and Di-Maria on the wingers and Ozil in the play making position.
    Alonso on the defensive midfielder and Khedira should help our attacking.
    Sergio Ramos, Coentrao, Varane,and Arbeloa as a defenders.
    Pepe On the bench at all, he can enter the second half if we get
    3 goals and playing with Alonso.
    You may surprise this, but i sure if cassilas to be in the starting XI(Diego Lopez to be on the bench) he has all the ability to keep his goal also he is our legend and the most loyal player who can give a motivation through the players.

    but one thing i can doubt it is if we can defend their horrible attacking and can handle the position statistics.

    Lets hope.
    Regards From Somalia.

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