Derbi Time

An opportunity to create a more positive atmosphere before the game on Wednesday..

Real Madrid CF v Club Atletico de Madrid  - Liga BBVA



Everyone is aware that there is a huge game coming up on Tuesday, however, this game is not “unimportant”. Look at the table. Atleti is Real Madrid’s rival to beat to end in second place in La Liga. Not to mention this is the biggest rivalry in Madrid and a game Atleti has not been able to win since 1999.

Cristiano Ronaldo will not play as he has muscular problems that emerged before the game on Wednesday. He will be given rest and hopefully will be good to play on Tuesday. Sergio and Fabio have been given rest while Marcelo and Arbeloa are injured and will not play.

About the XI, the only player confirmed by Karanka is Diego Lopez. He named Diego the best player against Dortmund. In press conference Karanka said the best possible XI will jump on the pitch and this means Diego +10.

This is necessary

I know the hopes are not at its highest so the following is necessary….


1. Friends was still on air

2. Ronaldo was only Ronaldo, he was not Cristiano

3. Florentino Perez had not even been president of Real Madrid for the first time yet

4. Aitor Karanka was on the bench for Real Madrid

5. Luis Figo was still loved in Barcelona

6. El niño had not made his debut with Atleti yet

7. Raul was telling the Camp Nou to be quiet

8.  People feared the world was going to end in 2000

9.  The Euro had just been established

10. Bill Clinton was the American president

11. Rapha Varane was just learning how to read

12. The second edition of Windows 98 was being released

13. Star Wars episode I was released

14. Family Guy had just made its debut that year

15. Viper came to an end that year

16. Football games were still being decide by the Golden Goal rule

17. Hugo Chavez had just been sworn into power in Venezuela

18. Armstrong was winning his first Tour de France (well…)

19. Beyonce was part of Destiny’s Child

If you can think of any other, add them in the comment section below!

Hala Madrid


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3 Responses to Derbi Time

  1. Nouran says:

    That was definitely cheering!! 🙂
    I do believe that if we win tomorrow isA, it will give us a push. A loss would make things a LOT worse.
    If you saw the pics of the training session … well they would use a push and against Atletio Madrid it would be sth.
    So let me get this straight … Cristiano had problems before the Wednesday match, yet he played and scored?! MAJOR RESPECT
    Emmmm, the last time Atleti beat Real Madrid I was 4 years old! Does that count?! 😛
    ‘The Wizard of Oz began its run on cable TV’
    That is History!! 😀
    Until next time isA! 🙂

  2. suhail says:

    The last time atleti beat madrid twitter and facebook dosent exist…

  3. Ronak Thakkar says:

    Great one! :-). I hadn’t started supporting Real Madrid as yet, I started in 2001.. Haha! So.I haven’t seen Atleti def Real & hopefully will never see that! You could add one more point though,that the Twin towers of USA were still there & no one knew about Osama! (On a good note!) The world was a peaceful place! 🙂 Hala Madrid!

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