Jose Mourinho, under the magnifying glass

First of all thanks to everyone asking me to write this post, I appreciate that my posts are catching on and people are liking them enough to suggest me topics and such. On my blog’s 1 year anniversary, this post is for everyone that reads my blog religiously and makes it worth while. Thank you very much.Image

Jose Mourinho has been the Real Madrid for 3 years, despite it feeling like a life time for some. Along with having the best coach in the planet comes drama, drama and eh, a little bit of more drama. People recognize who is on top and will do anything to bring him down. Hello Spanish press. From day 1, they declared war on Mourinho and they have so far succeeded. Real Madrid fans have been brainwashed into hating Mourinho, some even going as far as wanting Real Madrid to loose to see Mourinho fail. Sickening and sad. Here is how Jose Mourinho has performed in the past 3 years.

La Liga

Year 1: Real Madrid ended in second place, 4 points short from Barcelona and 21 points clear from third place Valencia. Mourinho arrived at Madrid with a big tag on his forehead saying “defensive” yet his Real Madrid managed to be the only team in La Liga to score over 100 goals that season. Cristiano ended as the pichichi and he scored 4 goals in two games during that season. Furthermore, the biggest victories at home of that season were by Real Madrid, against Malaga 7-0 and Almeria 8-1.

Year 2: Well what a year this was. Here, Jose Mourinho showed why he was special. Despite how badly this must have hurt our friend Xavi, in the 2011-12 season, Jose Mourinho printed his name all over Spanish football (or fupbol)’s history.

Most points ever: 100, most goals scored: 121, biggest goal difference: +89, most victories in a season: 32 , most away wins in a season: 16, most away goals in a season: 51, first team to ever score 110 goals in a season and 120. RIP Fupbol.


Year 3: Of course it isn’t over yet but the chances of lifting the 33rd Liga title seem very small. This season, at home, Real Madrid has been unbeatable. Actually, Real Madrid hasn’t lost in the last 42 games at home. The highlights of this season in Liga would be how Real Madrid beat both Barcelona and Atleti at home, without the usual starting XI. Not just that, they were both beaten in times where the pressure was bigger than ever. Oh and for those loving Real Madrid’s cantera, Nacho has started 4 games straight now. I do not remember the last coach who started a canterano (who wasn’t Iker, Raul or Guti) for 4 games straight. Maybe someone can refresh my memory….

In these three years Mourinho has achieved a winning rate of 77% games won in Liga. The coach that comes after him is Beehakker with 64%…. there is a 13% difference between Mourinho and the second. Also in 3 years, he is the second RM coach with the most goals scored at home – 188. The number one is Mister Miguel Muñoz. Mourinho could never compete with him as Miguel has about 300 more games coached at RM than him.

Three years, one Liga. Enough? Not for Real Madrid. An improvement from the years prior? Most definitely.

Copa del Rey

A title that hadn’t been won by Real Madrid in 18 years. Perhaps because the coaches did not take it as seriously as it should have. From day one Mourinho said that the Copa was not going to be thrown away and his Real Madrid won it in the first year thanks to that amazing header by CR7 against Barcelona. On the second year Real Madrid lost 3-4 in quarterfinals to Barcelona in a game plagued with controversy. This year, the third, Real Madrid will look to win it for the second time in three years against Atleti.

Champions League

When Mourinho arrived at Real Madrid, the Champions was no longer Madrid’s competition.  Real Madrid tends to win Champions in years consecutively. I think these years should have been the ones when we lifted the tenth, eleventh and twelve… In the first year with Mourinho, Real Madrid had done so poorly in the previous years that for the first time in history, it did not lead the group. It surely hurt my pride as a Real Madrid fan. Luckily, that only lasted one year. In 2010-11, Real Madrid won 5/6 games in group stage and tied one. The group was made out of Milan, Auxerre and Ajax. No other team had such a high number of points achieved in group stage. In the round of 16, we beat Lyon 4-1 on aggregate and then Tottentham 5-0. Then in semifinals, we lost 1-3 to Barcelona in a tie that has been called many things but I will stick with the word “controversial”. Second year, second try. Real Madrid landed in a group with Lyon, Dinamo Zagreb and again Ajax. For the second time consecutively, Real Madrid achieved the highest number of points out of anyone, a perfect 18 points. Round of 16 was a success as Real Madrid beat CSKA 5-2 and then APOEL 8-2 in quarterfinals. Then semifinals came and Real Madrid lost in a devastating tie against Bayern Munich. This was perhaps the most painful defeat suffered in the last years because we did not deserve to lose. Our players gave it their all and even when it seemed as if everything was lost, Iker appeared in the penalty shoot out and gave us one last hope. That defeat, personally, hurt me more than the one against Dortmund. This year we encountered the group of death with City, Dortmund and Ajax. With 11 points we moved onto the next round and beat United and Galatasaray. Then we were defeated by Dortmund 4-3 in a game that almost was the most historical comeback ever, but almost is never enough in football and football can be cruel.

If you only care about titles, sure, call it complete fail. Before these three years under Mourinho, I had forgotten what it was to suffer believing in my team. The last time we won the Champions it was 11 year ago, I was 10. Feelings work a bit differently when you are 10. I grew up seeing my beloved team get humiliated in Champions. Now the years come of pride, because I see them giving it their all and we leave the pitch in tears, yes, but with our head held up high, not defeated 7-0. We may not have one a single champions under Mourinho but La Decima will arrive and those who have taken it from us in these past three years have sweat blood to kick us out because it hasn’t been easy… because this Real Madrid deserved better but again, football is cruel.

“21 years and 18 coaches reached 5 semifinals, the bad Mourinho has reached 3 in 3”


These past years journalists from all over have talked about a Barcelona hegemony. I think the talks are over. Yes, Bayern was the one to put the last nail on the coffin but if you look at the titles Barcelona has lost in their “golden years” the coffin was MadeinMou but don’t take my word for it, here are the statistics. I think the “golden years” started in 2008 for them. Since then, they have won two Champions. The one they didn’t win, in 2009-10 was because Mourinho’s Inter defeated them. They lost a Copa del Rey, Supercopa and Liga to Madrid. The only other team to have stolen a Cup off of them prior to Bayern was Chelsea last year. In the last 7 clásicos, Real Madrid has won 4, 2 have ended in a draw and only 1 has been a defeat which was back in August. Barcelona better than Real Madrid? I don’t think anyone dares to say that right now.

The Press

Is Mourinho the problem or is the press the problem? There are never issues when Mourinho gives a press conference outside of Spain. If you saw the presser prior to the game against United, you know what I am talking about. It was all laughs and smiles. The questions were centered on the game. The issue is the Spanish press. They declared war on Mourinho the second he stepped on Madrid. It is extremely unreasonable for journalists to spend an hour asking questions unrelated to the upcoming game. It is unreasonable for the journalists to expect serious answers to dumb questions. It is unreasonable for journalists to go on tv, bash Mourinho and then show up to his press conference and ask a question and expect him to happily answer them. It is unreasonable for journalists to stalk Mourinho into his son’s football practice. It is unreasonable for them to stalk his family. When have you seen a U12 football practice with journalists everywhere?! Why is it news worthy to write up an article about Mourinho taking his son to the game in Germany? Why are those things being questioned? Why are family matters being brought to the table?

How can they expect good, nice answers when all they do is bash him, stalk his family and give him a treatment never seen before?

Thanks to the international press for posting good things about Mourinho, like the story of Abel Rodriguez. Mourinho has unfairly been demonized by the Spanish media who seeks to split up the fans and has achieved it.

Iker Casillas

Speaking of journalism, the Casillas topic has been one that feels never ending. If I knew nothing about Real Madrid or football and were to open a spanish newspaper and read up on the topic, my first thought would certainly be “wow, this Mourinho person really hates this Casillas guy”. Is it true?

Look back at tweets from anyone from September-October 2012… you will find a common pattern “FUCKING LEARN HOW TO DEFEND SET PIECES” “WHY DO WE CONCEDE SO MUCH” “OH MY GADDDDD, MOURINHO TEACH THEM SOMETHING”. Not one person was happy with the aerial defending. Both Iker and Diego are magnificent under the three posts. I don’t know who is better. Iker is definitely better if you take into account his whole career, or else it would have been him who left the team when Diego did back in the early 2000s. Now though, things are different. Just like Pepe, Iker was benched following his injury and just like Varane, Diego stepped it up and has saved our asses repeatedly. The coach’s job is to pick the best XI to come out. There would have been no semifinals had it not been for Varane and Diego. They have been outstanding. Like Rafa Nadal, I think this decision is logical.

Diego’s height is really helping the team and his reflexes are fantastic. Could it be, maybe, that Mourinho is making the right choice by picking the goalkeeper who he thinks is better fit to play? Could it be? Could it be maybe that the press will always criticize his every move? The fans’ focus should be to want the best for the team and to support the XI Juanitos that come out. I don’t believe this issue is about Iker being our captain because even on the bench, he is it. When Raul, our captain of 7 years, was benched, no attacks were made towards the coach. This is beyond the coach benching the captain.

I am not a Mourinhista. I am a Madridista and as such I want the best for the team. My humble opinion is that I think that there is no better coach for Real Madrid than Jose Mourinho right now. He has started a project that should not be cut short. I think like Don Alfredo Di Stefano, that Mourinho should stay. Results back him up, unfortunately trophies don’t. For the reasons aforementioned I would respect his decision to leave, I would thank him endlessly for his time at our institution and for teaching me, personally, valuable lessons. You may disagree and that is okay. It is good to disagree but it is also good to know how to disagree. Respect should always be present and one must remember that there is never one right way.

I hope I didn’t miss any of the points people wanted me to talk about. I think I have touched on all of them but if I haven’t do not hesitate to leave a comment.


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69 Responses to Jose Mourinho, under the magnifying glass

  1. Wass says:

    Couldn’t agree more

  2. Mohd S Maibe says:

    Spot on with no hidden agenda…..Mou is the man,He made Madrid a force to be reckoned with Once again.His Problems begins and ends in spain,the press,the few spanish players all being negative.

  3. what I like about this article is that it shows all sides of Mou at RM. from the good to the… Oh wait. Never mind

  4. Jenny says:

    “My humble opinion is that…” guuurl you’re anything but humble.

  5. Jimmy Roshania says:

    I think what mourinho has done is that he has made us all believe that we can win each and every game.He has tightened us up defensively by keeping in ming the offensive part as well.Also, before mourinho,we had major problems tackling with the then mighty barcelona.Now we see Madrid beating them more often than not!! I hope he stays because he surely has got barcelona sorted out that makes me believe that next year La Liga will be ours and there is a small matter of La Decima, provided MOURINHO stays!!

  6. Nouran says:

    Hi! 🙂
    I am a 2 years old Madridista so Real Madrid’s Mourinho is all I have witnessed and I love this Real Madrid.
    I really want Mourinho to stay and coach us because he knows how our players, their mentality, their style of playing.
    He has suffered in Spain a lot and if he wants to leave then I will back him up because seriously no one has to be put through all the stupidity of the Press and the media … and why does his son deal with all this … I really appreciate Mou for enduring all this madness for Real Madrid
    Diego or Casillas … Both of them are magnificent and it would be cruel to bench Lopez when he is at his best.
    I believe that the problems should be solved inside the club not in the media :/
    I really hope that isA next season will be better and I want the 3 Big Championships to be ours! 🙂
    Football is Cruel!! Yes it definitely is, I really want Real Madrid to make me happy.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Until next time isA! 😀

    • rmadridgirl says:

      You’re in for great years to come. The media can always be dangerous, I hope they give the team a break soon although that is too hopeful. Thanks for sharing with me

    • totwit says:

      This is the best Jose Mourinho’s blog or report have read in years…. I am a Madridista and will be for live…. Jose is what madrid needs… We should learn to respect his decisions cos he knows better…. I believe in this team and will continue to trust the coach and his crew with thier decision… Hala Madrid! RmadridGirl thanks for always making us believe the more on our team, Next season will be the best we ever had a long while….

  7. Sehar says:


      • Sehar says:

        Jose is magnificent, he plays mind games FINE but he most times than not shows up and he shuts up all the haters but they will always find something new to hate. And the sad thing is our fellow ‘Madridistas’ have done this from the start. You don’t know what you got till its gone right but then its too late. I’m sorry, this stuff just makes me emotional. Also pls could you check your tumblr, I posted a qs on there. Thank you. I’m so glad that not every person has pumped their brain full of garbage. Thank you for being awesome and honest. And most of all making us realise now more than ever we need to thank Jose tremendously.

  8. Laura says:

    I wish all Madridistas were so reasonable and smart. Thanks for the great article!

  9. izah says:

    This is the best mourinho write up I’ve read …I see your point..mou has done a lot for this team and even though I’ll be really sad if he leaves I’ll respect his decision and thank him for the wonderful 3 years he has spent with us and also the valuable lessons he has thought us madridistas

  10. Usman says:

    In my opinion, Jose’s problem is the inherent dislike that the Spanish have for their Iberian neighbors. It hurts them that no Spanish coach has been as successful as he in so short a time. They just can’t stand it. Lol.

  11. al viado says:

    Hi! I’ve always followed your post because as a new Madridista, what I wanted is to see fellow Madridista supporting the team from the best players to the worst, from the coaches to the staffs, from Presidents to ex-players. It’s only Mou that I have witnessed as well and reading news about him day and day out, from Spanish to international press, I have never realized that football can be too dramatic. I feel for Mou, I have never seen a coach so true, great, and yet he get critisize for it. If there’s one thing that you have said that I certainly agreed upon, it was how Mou had made us always believed we can win. He had certainly made me too proud. Despite all what has been said to him and the team, he’s still winning big games. We can only hope that he stays, I am personally wishing that he’ll achieve to Real Madrid what “they” don’t really want to see him achieve. He can do it. He’s probably the only one who can.

    Thanks for sharing this. And I hope you won’t get tired standing up for the team that we love. 🙂

  12. Camilla says:

    Honestly, the institution is Real Madrid… Mourinho is the coach, he and his XI Juanitos (great way of putting it, btw) have to be respected. Diego has been great, then let him keep it up.
    Hopefully he won’t leave, I believe we’re on the right track to La Decima!

  13. @BigWizReloaded says:

    The truth and nothing else but the truth, I also think that Mourinho should stay and complete his project at our institution. The media brainwashed Madridistas to thinking Mou is the devil when he’s not. Great blog with valid points and facts #halaMadrid #halaLosVikingos

  14. Yomi says:

    Nice article …. Bt I tink mou needs to learn how to handle issues better, bashing pepe is just wrong,& he jst sit his team down and straighten things out away frm d mics and d cameras + he’s making the iker issue look personal, iker was dropped for a few games before he got injured & he still hasn’t given him a game, even if its jst a few minutes common!

    • sealurlips says:

      Mr/Ms Yomi, I can understand ur sentiment or frustration…but next time u should at the least verify ur facts b4 preaching them. U don’t even sound convincing which made me feel u don’t bliv ur own word…Sometimes u need to put off fire when its just a smoke. I strongly agree and support Mou’s approach to dealing with Pepe’s idiosyncracy…and moreover Pepe practically costed us the CL finals (agueably), Iker also costed us Laliga and almost gave us an early exit from the UCL. Whatever happened to their “No one is bigger than Madrid”? #HalaMadrid #VamosReal #HalaMoudrid

      • Yomi says:

        Iker cost us la liga?? i rili dont see how …..ive got no hate towards diego, i also feel he deserves to start right now, bt mou can handle d iker situation alot better & speaking of pepe he had a bad night vs dortmund Yes!! bt he still doesnt deserve d treatment he’s getting… Jst my opinion mate, We obviously both want the best for our dear club …Cheers mate #HALAMADRID #VAMOSREAL

    • sealurlips says:

      Mr/Ms Yomi, I can understand ur sentiment or frustration…but next time u should at the least verify ur facts b4 preaching them. U don’t even sound convincing which made me feel u don’t bliv ur own word…Sometimes u need to put off fire when its just a smoke. I strongly agree and support Mou’s approach to dealing with Pepe’s idiosyncracy…and moreover Pepe practically costed us the CL finals (agueably), Iker also costed us Laliga and almost gave us an early exit from the UCL. Whatever happened to their “No one is bigger than Madrid”? #HalaMadrid #VamosReal #HalaMoudrid

    • rmadridgirl says:

      Nobody is perfect and there are definitely ways in which we can all improve. Messing with Mourinho is playing with fire

  15. Mourinhofan98 says:

    I agrees with you so much. Sad to see the madridista hate mourinho. he is the best coach. if iker has problem then he should go away from the club. i think he’s fake!!! he should win some champions league first before talking bad about the coach. mourinho win champions league two times how many has iker? and moruinho take us to champions league semi finals three times in a row!!! no coach do that before. i think madrid fans shud be happy.i don’t know why they hate him, because he is not spanish? i will hate iker so much if mourinho leave because i think he is responsible for it. madrid need to sell iker! he is so bad, diego lopez is so much better. i never see iker play a good game before, hes so overrated.

  16. Eric says:

    Wish i had a chic who knew more about my fav’ team than myself! U hit the nail on the head wit Mou.
    Regards @Rmadridgirl, ur best fan in KENYA

  17. Oswaldo Pina says:

    Excellent analysis! Mou is the best coach for Madrid!

  18. Melya says:

    Mou just a coach, why people hates him tought he just pick who will starting xi, Mou is not like Fergie and Mancini who kick or grab their player if they indicipline..
    He just pick who will play in starting ix without personal issue inside.. if Iker wants to be back he has to prove that he will be the best, be ideal for Mou..that’s the point..Mou has prove that Luka was not fail transfered, diego also..

    • rmadridgirl says:

      I agree but people don’t seem to see it because of their personal agendas. Luka has been a pleasant surprise as well as Diego, happy to have them both

      • Melya says:

        So Pepe has to prove he will be in starting xi, We are totally frustating for all that exactly ( journalist’s) problem.. like xabi said : just ignoring what people said, just focus to our goals.. for Iker and Pepe, be professional.. Mou is The Special One…he just motivated to their player to be strong, like he treats Kaka…

  19. impeccable and immaculate are the words.yet always 🙂
    gracie-isa 🙂 what will we do without sane and level headed fans like you and una??

  20. Good article. Mourinho has been a good coach. No player should have more authority than the manager. It’s just a recipe for disaster. Modric and Diego Lopez have definitely proven their worth. More surprising is Essien! I was skeptical at first but he has really brought the best out of him especially when he plays left back. Hope Mourinho stays.

    Keep up the good work.

  21. Razat Shuvra says:

    I just want morinho to stay at madrid.

  22. Khunleey says:

    for mourihodistas this article is all they ever crave for but for me a Madrid fan it is vindication for a man who has done what’s best for our club. I just hope there’s a way we could reduce the spanish press’ influence on our team even tho they are what makes RM a great institution. Remember they led the campaign to sack Pellegrini for Mou in the first place with absolutely no reason cos Pelle” gave us the attacking football we craved at the bernabeu and honestly I think with the points amassed that season trophies would have followed the next. I just hope we all see the Casillas situation for what it actually is, a solution for our set piece crisis. casillas has been great and its a pity he has been caught up in all of this. #halamadrid

  23. You must send your article to MARCA

    True Madridistas support their team Whatever decision the manager made bad or good
    and must also know the team they support a football Club called Real Madrid not Iker, morinho or Ronaldo

    Thank for ur article

    Hala Madrid

  24. Trixiemad says:

    Well written piece, you’ve made such air tight, solid points while remaining objective!

  25. Aryan Kratos says:

    wow wat gr8 artical…..but i was aspecting smthing abt our king cr7….but never the less gr8 artical

  26. Gabriel says:

    To me he is Eye poker & sore loser … people can’t see now that he has destryod madrid , Any other coach with squad like that , would have acheived 10 times more …

    • orghale says:

      ^———— brain casing found but empty!
      Gabriel please do us a favor by studying ur book (even if ur brain won’t comprehend) before coming out to speak. What “team”? And what was “that team’s” performance pre-Mou? And let’s take a look at thesame mighty Barca of this same “Team Madrid” era (What has Tito been able to do with them in the absence of Pep?) Don’t be a jack for no reason…you don’t have to agree with people but alway try stating ur facts next time.

  27. Riri says:

    I see that many of the previous commentators have said this already but it’s not emphasized enough: this is by far the most reasonable and fact-presenting piece I have read about Mourinho in a while! As some of you may say: she is a Madridista and therefore not objective enough. Luckily she has the facts talking instead of her personal opinion. I wish to thank you RMadridgirl, for sharing such opinions with others because there are plenty of people who have no other view than what is presented in the press. And it could not be their fault at all: if it’s written in the papers, it is the truth, right? I wish that some people actually took time to do their research and think rationally before criticizing the club and its coaches, players since what we all should be doing is aiming for the same goal, with our hearts and souls put in to this. Thanks if you take time to read this comment. Please keep up the magnificent job you are doing with the Madrid blogs 🙂

  28. Madridista says:

    This without a doubt is a great article! it pin points and sums up mourinho’s 3 years in charge! I’ve always said this and always will madrid’s problems over the past 2 decades has been by order players press directors and accordingly to the club situation managers! the best managers we ve had over the past 2 decades title wise are del bosque and mourinho! mourinho brought decipline and seriousness to club full of egos! and that didnt go well with most of the spanish players hence the press took those player’s side!. i could go on and on about this! Ive been supporting this team for more than 15 years and its really unfortunate and sad we “fans” never had a great deal of joy as we witnessed our beloved team fail after every rare success due to shameful individuals that ruined our club status!.. After all, all i hope for is to witness a madrid that will match its history and i only see this happening with mourinho in charge! and alot of players will ve to leave for this to happen unfortunatly mourinho will leave and these players will remain and the story will continue i am not being pessimestic here but every thing points to mou leaving to chelsea! and if he does i dont think will find a better coach!.. I hope, pray and dream of a Madrid team that will finally match the clubs history of success as a fan i am tired of living in others shadows! and hurt to see every thing go against my beloved team!… thank you

  29. sadiq says:

    This is amazing,nice of you,we should have more of you who only think for the best for realmadrid

  30. Great write up! I want to add something too, about the poking Vilanova’s eye incident. When his children are fighting with other boys, a father ever let them fight alone.
    #MouTheWarrior #GraciasMou

  31. Ahmed Genina says:

    i agree with you on certain parts, but if I were you , I would also be fair and mention mourinho’s faults, first of all, kaka, either sell him or let him play, kaka is a very talented player, he only needed to play more! also , look at what happened to the team under his coaching in the first classico! i cried heavily that night!, and for the press, i can’t say it was fair towards mou, but mourinho wasn’t the most cautious towards it , I mean , look at guardiola , i personally deeply respect this man, i even wish he becomes spain national team next coach., mourinho also has other mistakes, what is the explanation to what he had done to tito vilanova’s eye!?, and for casillas, why did he bench him even though he was healthy and ready to play?! he carries # 1 for a reason!, and yes , mourinho has made very good achievements… only for a normal team , not for LOS BLANCOS , the royal team! he didn’t make what was expected of him,as the world’s best coach, and with all the names he has in the team, and with the big financial support from perez! mourinho doesn’t understand that he was coaching the world’s number 1 team! we are a legend my dear, losing for us isn’t the normal thing! mourinho is an awesome man , but real madrid’s style is another thing from the other teams!

  32. samuel linus says:

    spot on.i joined RM cos of MOU but i won’t leave with him.He gave us a new feeling a winning mentality.thanks for the article.Wishing MOU the best wherever he goes.

  33. imran Magaji says:

    Woww I love this article, so true. Mourinho will be the best coach Madrid will have in the coming years, Mou lack only one thing “luck” if there was this we would have lifted UCL, La liga, Cop dey rel all in a season. And for the fact I still prefer Lopez than Iker….But anyway we still have hope this coming season for all.

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