The 2012-13 Q&A

Right as the season is ending, I have given everyone the chance to ask me anything Real Madrid related, especially surrounding this season we’re playing…

Of course, tons of Jose Mourinho and “fichajes” questions but there are also some silly ones that I look forward to answering… if you don’t see your name there that means that someone else asked the same question or one similar to it!

Let’s see what the people asked! Next to the Q I have written the Twitter name of the person who asked the question. Also, please keep in mind the answers to the questions are my opinion and nothing more than my opinion.

FC Barcelona v Real Madrid CF  - Liga BBVA

Q: Meesey_M – Do you think this season could have been saved if Iker’s injury never happened?

A: Iker’s injury came at an unfortunate time for him. We were about to start playing the key games of the season and he had to leave. These key games however were mastered by Diego Lopez who did an spectacular job earning the title of Man of the Match in more than one. Against Manchester United, for instance, he was the difference maker and also against Dortmund in the second leg of semifinals. Could Iker have done better? I don’t know. He is the saint that saves you when you think you’re dead but Diego did that too, he saved the impossible. I don’t think the goalkeeping led to Real Madrid’s failure.

Q: OfficialLaxmi – In your opinion, what ultimately led to Real Madrid’s downfall this season?

A: While many would say lack of unity, I think anything that happened outside was left off the pitch as soon as the whistle blew. It’s hard to say. Unlike last year, every shot on goal we had did not end in the back of the net. We had key injuries however others emerged and did an amazing job. Iker, Marcelo and Pepe lost their spot on the pitch to Diego, Fabio and Varane but they did not disappoint. Even Di Maria and Luka are in a fight for that spot in the XI. Going back to the lack of goals though, if you compare this years numbers to last years you will see what I mean. Benzema has scored 15 in Liga and Champions in 39 appearances while Higuain has scored 15 goals in both competitions in 35 appearances. Last year Benzema scored 29 and Higuain 25. That is 54 goals last season scored between the two against 30 this season. A whole 24 goal difference!

Q: Admah_Iebdeh – Does Mou need to leave? Yes, no, why?

A: No. Because he is the best coach in the world and the best team in the world deserves nothing less. Because we are in the right path. Because we are back to being winners. Because if there are personal differences then they need to be solved face to face. Because we are dealing with professional footballers and not 15 year old high school girls fighting over who cheated on who or who back-stabbed who. Because for the greater good of the institution, those men, are the most suitable to bring home La Decima and La Undecima and the ones to come.

Q: VamoSteph – Why can’t Portuguese pronounce the later H – as in Hope – Ope?

A: I don’t know. It may have to do with the fact that Cristiano says shat instead of chat. Maybe their eyes are not designed to see certain words. Maybe the H represents the Spanish media and they would rather not see it, so they ignore it instead. 

Q: No1_Fan_of_CR7 – Who should we sign in the summer?

A: Feelings aside we need a striker. By this please do not misinterpret my words. I am not saying Pipita and Benzema are not good enough, I AM saying they are too irregular. I am a big fan of Aguero, people like Cavani and Bale. I also like those two as they have shown their desire to play for the team and there is nothing better than those who want to represent you. All three of them are great and young. It would be nice to see Carvajal back also and it is said that we need a midfielder to take over Xabi’s position once he leaves in a few years or so, I think the man for the job is Esteban Granero.

Q: 007Madridista – Should Pipita leave, yes or no?

A: Ugh. I love Pipita and he feels the crest but I think the answer is yes. Again, this does not mean I am not thankful for the three leagues he has helped us won. He won the love of everyone from day 1. He is a magnificent striker but I think he needs a change of air. He has become a bit lazy falling into the offside trap one too many times and the laziness is probably related to lack of motivation. He still works his ass off though but I think it would be better for him and for the team if he succeeded elsewhere. After the match against Dortmund, he was the only player who left the pitch whistled at. The fans speak.

Q: AnumHearts_RM – Has this been the worst season for Real Madrid?

A: My answer is lol. Unless you have been following Real Madrid since Mourinho first joined then the answer would be yes, otherwise you don’t need to look back more than 4-5 years to realize that the answer is a definite no.

Q: CR7sBiggestFan – Where will Cristiano & Mourinho be next season?

A: Luckily that question will soon be answered. Both still have a contract with Real Madrid. Today, CR’s agent said it is a possibility for him to go to PSG. Like Sergio said, not everyone has a billion euros to buy his clause… well, PSG does. Aside from the money they need Cristiano’s willingness to leave. Personally, I don’t think he wants to leave. Mourinho is a wild card. I hope he stays, I think he  wants to stay and it is up to Florentino. His contract was recently extended to 2016 so we will see.

Q: XavierGooner14 – How do you think Alvaro Morata fared in the 15 appearances he’s made this season?

A: He started off shy but soon became comfortable and we could see him enjoying himself on the pitch, playing under less pressure. Let’s look at his numbers: 2 goals in Liga in 12 appearances, UCL 1 appearance, 0 goals, Copa del Rey: 2 apparances, 0 goals. This is his third season with the Real Madrid senior team as per the official RM website with a total of 15 app and 2 goals. I don’t think you can ask much more. He is 20 years old and definitely has talent. In his first season at age 17, Raul registered 9 goals in 28 appearances in Liga and a total of 10 in 30 in that season. Morata has talent, enough to stay? I think that is up to the coach. Morata has claimed that he would rather play for Castilla than leave the institution and Mourinho constantly praises him. If Mourinho stays, I think Morata will see more and more game time. I am a fan of his but I do not think he is the best striker in the Real Madrid cantera.

Q: NouranHegazy – What are your ratings of the players?

GKs: Iker: Not his best season and consequently he was benched. He was not awful, he just did not do the miracles we were used to. Adán: He never transmitted safety to the fans but it was good to see him get THE opportunity he had been waiting for his whole time – unfortunately, he did not meet expectations. Diego: Great. As simple as that. 

Defenders: Marcelo: Started off great, his injury ticked him off balance and he lost his spot. Fábio: The opposite of Marcelo, started off weak, has ended stronger than ever. Arbeloa: A bit of a wildcard. He can win you a match or lose you one. Sergio: The best in the back throughout the season although he had a month or so of downs however this wouldn’t affect my overall rating of his season. Varane: a star was born. Pepe: Started off great, got injured, lost his spot, lost his concentration, lost his peace. Carvalho: n/a. Albiol: he has been huge lately, good to see. Essien: I am a big fan of his in the wing, he played all the important games. Nacho: Finally a coach that gives the 23 year old a chance. He definitely met expectations.

Midfield: Khedira: he failed to perform in the big matches. Great during the rest. Xabi: One of the untouchable ones for a reason. Luka: Called the worst signing of La Liga, he shut the critics’ mouth in style. Di Maria: Very irregular. One game he will make the top 3 of everyone’s lists of best players in the world, the next game he would be a flop. The quality is there. Ozil: There isn’t much to say about nemo. He is fantastic. Kaka: Far from the Ballon D’Or Kaka that made the world fall in love with him. He did not lack opportunities. 

Strikers: Cristiano: You couldn’t ask anything more from this man. Benzema and Higuain: I throw them in the same bag. Underperformed this season. They both have enough talent to triple what they did this season. Personal problems, injuries and what not. Not the two that strikers that Real Madrid fans fell in love with. Morata: Good third season for the 20 year old. It’s only the beginning for him though.

Q: D3Dousch – Do you see CR7 winning the Ballon D’Or this season?

A: I saw him winning it last season, yet he didnt. There is politics involved in that award that make it highly unpredictable. Does he deserve it? Absolutely.

Q: Vignesh_b: How do you rate Mourinho’s three years?

A: I think I answered that question a bit in my last blog post. He has been a major improvement from the latest we have seen. One cup every year. 

Titles before his arrival:

2003-4: Supercopa; 2004-5: Nothing; 2005-6: Nothing; 2006-7: Liga; 2007-8: Liga; 2008-9: Supercopa

Needless to say as I know many remember, throughout these years we were embarrassingly kicked out of Champions League and in many of these also embarrassingly kicked out from Copa del Rey by very humble teams. 

Mourinho received a Real Madrid who was no longer head of the UCL Group Stage as we kept on failing to get past quarter finals. He gained us back respect in OUR competition, lifted the first Copa del Rey in 18 years and guided the BEST Liga title ever seen in the history of Spanish football.

I rate it highly. 

Q: ISSA_91: Who’s responsible for the tensile atmosphere in Real Madrid?

A: There is no single person to blame. I remember everything exploded when a certain lady opened her mouth to the media. The media has pressured Real Madrid for three years, upon Mourinho’s arrival, coincidentally or not. When something happens in the dressing room the ones who deal with it are to blame. Let me explain. Cristiano and Marcelo were said to not be friends anymore. I think we have seen a change in their relationship HOWEVER neither of them spoke out or made a big deal out of it. Similarly when Cristiano was said to have a problem with Mourinho and when Xabi was said to have a problem with Mourinho neither of the three parties spoke to the media about it, in fact, they all one way or another said not everyone needs to be friends off the dressing room and that the problems had to be dealt with internally. The issue arises when it reaches the media through word of mouth of the person itself. For instance, Pepe came out and talked to the media defying Mourinho. AFTER Pepe spoke up, the MEDIA ASKED Mourinho about the topic to which he REPLIED. If the media hears something, they will ask in the press conference. Always. If they don’t hear anything from the player himself, then they would have had nothing to ask about. It’s all a matter of how everyone chooses to deal with their problems. 

Q: Khat_L – What happens to superb Lopez next season?

A: Believe it or not, although he has a contract, his staying depends on who coaches Real Madrid next season. 

Q: Adeem23 – Are we still unbeated at the Bernabeu?

A: Yes and no. On paper, we are. The Bernabeu was used against Atleti as a neutral ground so we were not the “home team”. I said no because in our minds we know we lost to Atleti at “home”. 

Q: CasparusDue – IF Real Madrid was relegated, who do you think would stay?

A: Ufff.. tough question. I think generally the younger ones would leave, maybe on loan. I can see Iker, Pepe, Arbeloa, Ozil, Varane staying. It’s a really hard question. It’s not a matter of who loves the team more. Some cannot live without being in a European competition even for a year. For some, if we would be relegated in 2014, 2015 would mean their last season as professionals so I doubt they’d want to be in Segunda for their goodbye. Tough!

Q: Madredista1 – Players out for next season

A: Adán was confirmed when Diego arrived, Kaká should, Carvalho should, I think one of the following three will Marcelo/Coentrão/Di Maria and Higuain probably will, I don’t think he is happy at Real Madrid anymore. Calleti has failed to perform IMO.

Q: Madredista1 – Is there a way to get rid of Marca/AS and the fuss they are creating?

A: YES. Don’t read them! Don’t listen to them! Ignore them!

Q: IDYahCasillas – I just want Iker to play, what do you think?

A: I think your opinion is shared by many, but don’t you think that would be unfair to Diego? I don’t think he has done anything to deserve NOT starting and I like Mou for not marrying anyone, no matter the name. 

Q: Abdmarshoud – Is Neymar a good deal for Real Madrid?

A: I think Neymar is overrated. Having said that, I do not mean he is not talented. I think he would be an asset to any team he joins however he is a bit of a diva so his arrival would have to mean someone’s departure. Di Maria’s to be more precise.

Q: ShitArpanSays – Two main targets for next season

A: Aguero and Carvajal

Q: Saif7Almazrooei – Manager if Mou leaves?

A: Karanka

Q: Carol_vrgr – What should be done differently next season for La Décima to be won?

A: Tough. Look at how we exited in the past three years. First, controversially against Barcelona. Second, in penalties against Bayern Munich. Third, by one goal against Dortmund. All standing. Needing one more goal. I think we need a striker who will always perform. One that can keep up with Cristiano’s madness and enjoy Mesut’s passes. The key has already been obtained, we just need that one last goal. Any of the three teams that made it to semis could have easily won the Champions. 

Q: RealisticGunner – Marcelo is great going forward but how is he defensively?

A: I think defensively he is better than Fábio. This year this may not have been shown but last year it certainly did. He has majorly improved his defensive game. Even Ashley Cole himself called him the best left back in the world. It’s a shame that he got injured right as he was peeking. I trust that in 2014 he will be back to show you his defensive work. 

Q: Ekker95 – Will Jesé be in the first team next season?

A: The deal with Jesé is the following: Most talented player in Real Madrid Castilla. Mourinho told him to work harder earlier in the season, not even two weeks after this encounter, he lost his head in the 17th minute of a game and kicked a player on the ground to then spit at another one. Did he deserve a reward after this? I think any coach in the world will give you the same answer. Then, frustrated as he was performing magnificently in Segunda, he gave an interview to the media bashing Mourinho. He did this cowardly when he left Castilla to play for the U21 Spanish team as he knew the club would never had allowed him to talk to the media. With this kind of behaviour it is hard to get a reward. The talent is there but he needs to be better behaved and better guided. He will probably look for a team next season, rumors said Leverkussen.

THANKS for sending in your questions!!! If you would like my opinion on anything else, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Thanks for following me and reading my blog, it means a lot, it keeps my passion for this hobby going.


Hala Madrid!

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13 Responses to The 2012-13 Q&A

  1. Wass says:

    It’s pretty rare to find someone who think like me! I, for the biggest part, agree with you! The little difference is that I’m thinking that the team is perfect right now(in terms of players and canteranos) maybe there is a lack of stability in the team although when you watch a real madrid’s game you can see the happiness of one another when we score even those who were saying to be in a fight! Mourinho is not the problem, the egos are!! Diego Lopez was outsanding, magnificient and put Iker back would be normal but unfair toward Diego who at some moments seemed more madridista then others that were here on the pitch by the love and the charisma that he is reflecting!
    I’m pretty sure that CR7 will stay he seems very happy and he showed it more than one time (like against Malaga recently)!
    Mou is a mystery sometimes I thought he was staying and sometimes not but we’ll know soon enough!
    Like I said on your previous post I love your point of view it shows that there is someone thinking behind all these letters!
    Regards! And never stop writing.

    • rmadridgirl says:

      Thanks so much! Indeed the group is pretty perfect as is but it is only natural for some to come and some to go, I gave it a shot at those who I thought would leave based on what I have seen.

      • Wass says:

        I understood that but the fact is that I love each of them and I don’t want any of them to go..

  2. Wass says:

    I understood that but the fact is that I love each of them and I don’t want any of them to go..

  3. al viado says:

    Amazing views. I really enjoyed it.

  4. byebyebunion says:

    I agree with you on almost everything except for Albiol, Granero, and Karanka. Albiol may have had 1 or 2 games but other than that he does not belong at Real Madrid. We need a stronger CB. Granero never impressed me at all. And definitely could not replace a player like Xabi there are far superior players that could take his position. And I just can’t see Karanka leading the team. He’s a good AC. Everything else I agree with though 🙂 love reading your posts

    • rmadridgirl says:

      Thank you and thanks for sending me your opinion ! I’d say more than a couple of games for Albiol though! In January he kept a few clean sheets when Pepe got injured and SR was suspended. Cheers

  5. totwit says:

    Let Higuian Go and cavani come, we should buy two or three more defenders, a wing forward like Bale or any other. But the most Important of all Jose Mourinho should and must stay… He is what we need.He is the best Madrid will ever have now.

  6. Sadik Bichi says:

    I also agree with you on almost everything except for Aguero, Karanka and Granero. Granero cannot do Xabi’s job, Aguero is not a goal scorer and we need a hungry striker who is hungry to score goals, such strikers like Cavani, Falcao or even Dzeko. And I don’t think Karanka can handle the team.

  7. Nouran says:

    Thanks for answering the Questions!
    I intended to reply earlier but the Press Conference was about to begin, then I cried, then the Electricity went out, then I fell asleep, then I woke up and here I am! 🙂
    -Karanka as a coach? Did not think of it before. I do prefer Heynckes to succeed Mourinho though.
    I wish the best for Mourinho and I wish him Luck wherever he intends to go with people who Respect him!
    I hope things will be better next season isA!
    Enjoy the Festival 🙂 You will be missed 🙂 🙂
    Until next time isA!

  8. So glad you think we need a striker. Benzema and Higuain were equally disappointing this year. I hope Madrid gets Bale, but he says he wants to stay in England so who knows?

    • rmadridgirl says:

      Undoubtedly we need one. Juventus will most likely snatch Higuain away sooner rather than later. I like Aguero and Cavani. Bale would make Di Maria or Modric have to leave I think but we will see, maybe it works out

  9. Shubhendu Tiwari says:

    Your Blog is really amazing. I am also a hard core madridista. I feel we need a right back and a striker. Arbeloa hasnt been performing to the Real Madrid standards. We need someone who can supplement attack like Dani Alves does for Barcelona. Even his defensive lapses has caused a lot of frustration. And with Cristiano around the strikers are bound to be low in confidence. The fans are being hard on Higuain. He needs a little motivation. He is amazing. He needs to be given more playing time and the coach needs to be tough on him with his poor work rate many a times. And as Xabi hasnt signed a new contract I think Modric can take his place. Its all my opinion.

    I am looking for the day when I can sit in Bernabeu cheering Real Madrid.

    Hala Madrid!

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