Happy Father’s Day!

Regardless of where you live, if you are an amazing father out there, happy father’s day to you, sir!

Father’s Day is vastly celebrated worldwide today: the third Sunday of June. Many countries celebrate it on other dates but why not take this as an opportunity to check out the amazing daddies we have in the squad! 

The debutantes:


This will be Angel Di Maria’s first Father’s Day ever. Angelito became a father for the first time late this season. Mia Belén di Maria Cardoso was born prematurely and this created a lot of anxiety in the couple. Luckily, everything went well and Mia is healthy and beautiful as ever.


Time and time again we saw different versions of baby celebrations from El Fideo and well Mia brought good luck and a lot of motivation to her daddy. Monday April 22, 2012: a day the Di Maria family will never forget.


How can we forget that day Portugal won in Euro and as Pepe took off his jersey at the end of the match the world read a sweet sweet message to his baby girl…  “Princess, daddy and mommy are waiting for you with much love. Pepe & Sofia” 


Since Angeli’s arrival to this world not many pictures have been posted.  Here is a picture posted by Ana Sofia on Twitter “my two loves”


One baby is enough…. for now!


Fatherhood fits Diego so well. He has a little perfect family with an extremely supportive and lovely wife and a very cute daughter, named Zoe.


Did I not say perfect? Diego and Iria just celebrated their second wedding anniversary which Iria proudly displayed on instagram and Twitter. Romeo treated her to flowers, a cake and I am sure many other little gestures.


No need to ask who his number 1 fan is 🙂


Fabio’s daughter’s name is Vitoria. One of the first sightings we had of little Vitoria is breaking Cristiano Jr’s heart at the Bernabeu.


Fabio has two supportive ladies at home that never miss a game of his, whether it is at the Bernabeu or at home. Andreia always shares her support through Twitter. Is this adorable or what?


Especially this season, daddy must have made them so proud.


When Cristiano Ronaldo became a daddy it took about a split second for the whole world, from Australia to Uruguay passing by Greece to know. At first Cristiano was very protective when it came to pictures of his son, however, through the years and as CR Jr gets older, Cristiano has been a bit more lax.


It does not take much to know that Cristiano is Cristianito’s father. They are, well, like father like son. Identical. Same curls, same skin colour, same smile. Ever since his arrival, Cristiano has decidicated Cristianito almost every single one of his goals with the classic “manitas” celebration.


At the Euro, we even saw daddy Cris dedicate the victory to his son, on his birthday.


Para ti!


#Enzoboy…. (hashtag is a must) who doesn’t know the one and only #EnzoBoy… The apple in Marcelo’s eye. His mini me. The sole reason why he has instagram. #Enzoboy is one of a kind. Despite his young age the kid will make you laugh. Wherever he goes, he steals the show. Here is #Enzoboy’s latest appearance at the Brazilian NT practice.

Fast-forward to 6:38: do pay special attention around 7:10 hahaha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzW9UVQclV0


It simply does not get any cuter than these two…

The bigger.. the better


If God would pick someone to be the ideal father, Ricardo Kaká would be the chosen one. His family is one of those created by a movie script where they seem perfect top to bottom.


Kaka is one of those footballers who always have his kids in mind. The classic “L” and “I” celebration makes an appearance every time it can. It is funny how little Luca is a photocopy of his dad. If you compare pictures of both of them at the same age, you will have a hard time telling them apart.


Oh! One thing to note! Kaka may seem to live a simple life but something tells me otherwise. Kaka has an eye for fashion and ever since Luca has been little, Kaka has not hesitated in buying him $300 pairs of Gucci shoes, an $80 Ralph Lauren t-shirt or whatever he thinks is in style. Speaking of class and style…


Ever since Jontxu was little, Xabi Alonso has brought him out with him. At Liverpool, Real Madrid or with the Spanish National Team. Ane has not made many appearances just yet.


“Aita, do you know Cristiano?” In a recent interview for Vanity Fair Xabi talked about his son and how he is still unaware of his dad’s role in the “outside” world. Jon asked Xabi if he knew Cristiano because he had been hearing some stuff at school. Xabi promised he would eventually introduced him to Cristiano, “his work mate”. Jon’s innocence goes a bit further. Every time Xabi is stopped for a picture on the streets he asks Xabi who his friend is. Just adorable!


Arbeloa asks like a fatherly figure to all of us every time he faces the media. All I can say is good luck to Alba’s first boyfriend! (kidding). Alvarito recently became a father for the second time to a baby boy who he named after his brother, Raul. Alvaro and Raul had a pact that they would name their first sons after each other. Alvaro is a family man, he is protective and he is very honest and loyal. Alba and Raul are very lucky to have him.


This is the very first picture of little Raulito, the Spartan Jr, with his grandma.



Raul keeps more to himself. Call it fate but Albiol scored in one of the last games of the season and dedicated it to his future son. Albiol will be a father for the third time this next month of July. He is already a daddy to Azahara and Alma.


This picture of Azahara (left) and Alba (right) is of 2011 when Raul and Alicia were getting married in a very mediatic wedding.  El Chori will soon be a dad of a baby boy.



One of the newest additions to the team. Luka came to his presentation at the Bernabeu less than a year ago with his wife and Ivano. Now Luka and Vanja are expecting their second baby, a baby girl.


Any pattern observed in the fact that so many babies are being born about 9 months after Real Madrid won La Supercopa are pure coincidence… 😉

I hope you enjoyed the post…

Hala Madrid!




Until next time, Theo!

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10 Responses to Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Nouran says:

    Hello! 🙂
    It has been a while since you posted and well, that is definitely a good return 😉
    RM daddy’s are the best, are not they? 😉
    Iria is so cool, I love her, she is one of my favourites!! 😀
    Kaka’s son looks very much like him.
    CR Jr is just cute, he may turn up to be a player too when he grows up.
    Thee children are just beautiful 🙂

    I have a question if you do not mind: Cristiano tweeted that the news about his renewal are false, does that indicate anything? I hope Perez will be able to renew his contract this year isA.
    I hope you enjoyed the festival 🙂
    Until next time isA! 😀

    • rmadridgirl says:

      Thank you! and no, Cristiano’s tweet was referring to an article by AS saying he would be like the best paid in history or something ridiculous like that so he was denying that however he picked a bad way to do it. He will renew.

  2. Luka’s daughter name is Ema he posted it on instagram!

  3. Madridista says:

    This is the best article I’ve read in many many months. Well done, it couldn’t get any better than this. Very detailed. I certainly enjoyed reading it. Just one question; are you planing to become a journalist?

  4. icharley says:

    Wow only Raul with 5 kids . Guess he really needed a girl

  5. Sadik says:

    You have a creative mind. I couldn’t believe it when I found out about your age. I just can’t stop adoring you. Greetings and love from NIGERIA

  6. ratno madridista says:

    i wonder who is the madrid player last kid father?

  7. movietard says:

    You did a great job! I wanna recap the white boy’s journey with their fams *I mean, who doesnt love Enzo, Zoe, Jon????* but your Father’s Day recap everything in a perfect way
    I made a post last year http://fyfootballboys.tumblr.com/post/25280998125/happy-fathers-day but since you made this very…. good, I think I’ll just give a link at my tumblr for your post 😀

  8. beautiful ❤ thanks for the compilation.

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