Alvaro Arbeloa

I have been shot at so many times that now every time I receive a bullet, it goes through a hole that has already been made” – Alvaro Arbeloa, June 17th 

“I have defended my teammates a lot and the staff. This is something every Real Madrid player should do” – Alvaro Arbeloa, June 5th

In this post, I want to show my appreciation for a player that is not only underrated but goes through a lot to defend the team and many times it goes unnoticed.

The most recent controversy relates to his relationship with Casillas. It is said that Casillas hasn’t talked to Xabi or Arbeloa (outside of what is needed) in months and it seems as if it is true. As childish as this may sound, they both unfollowed each other off of instagram months ago, perhaps 4 months ago. The relationship wasn’t what it was. It has not been until recently that the press has decided to make a big deal out of it. They have asked Del Bosque and Albiol about it. The press’ goal was to blame this all on Mourinho, of course. Today Arbeloa came out to say that it is unfair to put Mourinho in the middle and that he is surprised that with the discretion that both, him and Iker, have dealt with their “split up” things have come to light just now by the press. Why now? Who told them?

Arbeloa has defended himself, he hasn’t hid anything. In the interview prior to today’s on June 5th, he was asked if he had apologized to Casillas yet. Apologized? Yes, a journalist asked him if he had apologized to Casillas. For what?? How do they know what is going on?

A few weeks ago Florentino went on an interview spree. Day after day he was going to different media outlets giving his views on different topics. Surprise, surprise, he got asked about Casillas. This is what Don Floren said, “Casillas is the best, but he has friends in the press that have tried to help him but instead they have damaged him”. And they are continuing to do so, Floren. Casillas has kept his mouth shut for a while, for good or for worse, and the ones doing all the talking are those in the media. It is no mystery that he is dating a reporter and that he has always been good friends with Carmen Colino, Roberto Gomez and other well known reporters in Spain, those who make the covers and make the noise.

Now the media has their backs turned onto Arbeloa. The first thing he was accused of is of being a “Mourinhista”. They said that Arbeloa defended Mourinho too much. Wrong. Arbeloa defends the team he represents. Don’t believe me? Here is a video of Arbeloa publicly defending Pellegrini when he was getting slaughtered by the media.

Try to find others defending Pellegrini. Arbeloa calls himself lucky of being coached by Manuel and called him one of the best of the world and therefore unnecessary to talk about other coaches. THAT is how a player should come out to talk about his coach, regardless of the results.

If you speak Spanish I invite you to read this interview from 2010, during the World Cup when Del Bosque was being criticized by the Spanish media while the WC was taking place. Arbeloa defending him and their style and when compared with Aragonés (former coach) he found a way to talk both of them up. Long story short, he defended his coaches.

Videos of Arbeloa defending Mourinho? You can find them anywhere, even under your bed and it is because he has been criticized from day 1.


Arbeloa doesn’t stop there. He has other ways to always be the one defending the CLUB. He has ways to show his Madridismo.

Take as a simple example the celebration of the last Liga we won. That little detail of bringing with him the scarf of one of the maximum symbols of Real Madrid. Crack.


Supporting his teammates? Every day. When Cristiano said he was sad, Arbeloa was the very first player to show his support. He did not go against the institution, he did not make a big deal out of it, he simply embraced Cristiano with a simple picture of both of them on his Twitter. Simple, easy way to make a nice point.

“Everybody has the right to be sad, he’s a person just like anyone else. He knows that he’s with the best team and hopefully he’ll stay here until he retires” he later on said.


When Pipita was rumored to leave last year, Arbeloa grabbed the mic and chanted with the Bernabeu… “Pipita quedate…”

To further my point, I think everyone has the clear idea right now that Arbeloa and Casillas are not on the best of terms. He calls their relationship “professional”. Two days ago, Uruguay faced Spain and Casillas was back under the posts in an official game after a while. Suarez scored a golazo on him. What did Arbeloa do? He cheered Casillas up.

When asked about it today he said that they are teammates and that they have to be together.

Real Madrid has recently signed Carvajal, who plays in his same position. Of course the press was quick to ask him out it, hoping he would take the bite. What did Arbeloa say? He rated the signing of Dani and said that competition should always be welcomed as without it, you may get lazy. He said that competition is good and he welcomed Dani. Furthermore, he admitted that his last season wasn’t his best. Auto-critic and support.

One last thing to point out is his relationship with the fans. Before a special game or an important game, he never hesitates to transmit security and a good vibe. He is the one retweeting a video from Luis or tweeting any other video sharing hope. He has been spotted going out for dinner with some twitter people. He connects with the fans, he listens, he shares, he is one of us, Madridistas.

Arbeloa is a team-player. Arbeloa is a friend. Arbeloa will defend the colors until his last day. Arbeloa has to stand bullshit for the press, bullshit that he wouldn’t have to stand had he not decided to protect his team. He could have sat back and let them do their thing, but he chose not to. Alvaro Arbeloa is the one defending our interests, his teammates, his coaches and his presidents’ regardless of who they are. If you are too blind to see it, then the press has won. Call him a cone, but that cone has won a World Cup, two Euros, a Liga, a Copa, a Supercopa and more to be added…


In front of where the past bullets have made their holes stands all of Madridismo united, protecting you just like you have protected us. Thanks for all, CAP17AN.

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25 Responses to Alvaro Arbeloa

  1. Nouran says:

    That was brilliant.
    I really like Arbeloa’s late interviews, brilliant, that is how a player should talk to the media.
    I do not like Casillas anymore, that is it, many chaos has been created and he was a main part of it … and not talking, in my opinion, made it worse.
    and as Floro said, these ‘friends’ think they are doing him a favour but it in fact they are just ruining him.
    Casillas is one of RM’s legends, no one can deny that but his actions in the past few month, what he did or has not done made me neutral towards him and I am that close to hating him.
    Arbeloa, he is a true Madridista, that is one way to put it. He is now one of my favourite players in RM, I Respect him more than ever after what he said.
    And what is wrong with him being a Mourinista, it is not a crime, he defended our coach at that time who deserved nothing but respect and gratitude from every Madridista who truly loves RM.
    Alvaro Arbeloa is a true friend, teammate and Madridista. I have not really seen his interactions with fans on Twitter (that is because I do not understand Spanish, but I am working on that, I would like to learn Spanish isA … maybe this Summer :D)
    Lastly, I am sorry for making this too long, I just needed to let it out and finding someone who shared my opinion made me just do it.
    Chapeau Pour Arbeloa! CAP17AIN!
    You are one of the people on Twitter whom I would like to meet in person. 🙂
    Sorry again and thanks for speaking my mind 😀
    Until next time isA 🙂

    • rmadridgirl says:

      Don’t apologize, thanks for the comment. If you ever need help with Spanish I am here to help. I appreciate your feedback and hopefully one day we have the good luck of being at the same place, I’d be more than happy to meet you.

  2. movietard says:

    I cried when Mourinho gave his final speech as Real Madrid’s coach,
    But everytime I read or see Arbeloa’s video, I cry more and more…but at the same time, I’m proud of him. Even if I’m a Xabi Alonso’s fan rather than Arbie’s fan, but I realized Xabi isn’t as brave as Arbie since well, Xabi is more introvert. Everytime I read Arbie’s interview, how he defended Mou, I wanna Xabi joined him… but I believe Xabi and Arbie loves Mou just like we did.
    People joked about Arveloa’s love for heroic-movies themed made him act ‘silly’ like this. People think it’s silly because criticize Iker -the untouchable- will destroy the person himself, but that’s not true! For me, Arbeloa is the great example what a gentleman footballer is.
    Thank you for writing this

  3. al viado says:

    Arbeloa was just making me fall in love with him all over and all over. And yes Rmadridgirl, you’re fault too! 🙂 but nah, every detail of this blog is correct, and that’s why Arbeloa just deserved the love and respect from us Madridista. Through and through. 🙂

  4. bobbie singh (@NoMessiNoGlory ) says:

    Another AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME article from ‘The Only One’ CUM “RMadridGirl” Though beina a cule I am a big fan of your articles and ur views – Though i was always a arbeola admirer but after reading this heart touching article My respect for arbeola has only grown ‘ A TRUE PROFESSIONAL ‘ In real words . My dream is if you can write a RMadridGirl-esque typo article on LIO MESSI . [ CAP17AN ]

  5. RedNdoto says:

    ..and we all wonder why Mou advised us to change our Captaincy system?.. even he wondered how can leaks be so precise! if you didn’t believe him, well wonder no more. You have your answer, San Iker! a legend, Yes! but……… Would be really glad if you did one on Ramos. seems like he’s learning well from Arbeloa. He’s shown Great improvement re: interviews.

  6. sergigol says:

    Its really great the article, from now on, he is my captain!!!!! GRANDE ALVARO

  7. Oladipo says:

    A lovely piece on a gentleman.

  8. izah says:

    This is a great article..arbeloa is a true friend, an amazing team player and a great madrisista..he deserves to be the captain. And defends this club with everything he has..I can’t communicate with him coz I’m still trying to learn spanish ..I’d really appreciate it if you’d help me with my spanish..once again amazing article..
    Sending you lots of positive energy from nigeria..HALAMADRID!!!

    • Kris says:

      Arbeloa speaks English, since he spent his earlier career with Liverpool, so you can communicate with him in English if you want 🙂 Check out his twitter – @aarbeloa17

  9. ayush sjb rana says:

    Brilliant !!! Although arbeloa is not the best player of the team or some say weakest in the IX …. He’s got good leadership quality and seems like the only one who can keep the dressing room in peace

  10. Manoj Vijay says:

    Very insightful article, I knew arbeloa to be a non-flashy but a good player who just does his job quiet well.

    I just noticed about him during ronaldo’s incident that he does stand for his team mates during the right time. But just now because of your whole coverage about arbeloa has enlightened me more about him as a great team mate who stands by his team mates, coaches and the team itself.

    I was actually sad when granero left , because he was also very supportive of his team mates and never hid his love for real Madrid over anything else. It was a shame that he had to leave.

    The press and some fans overlook these kinda players who are very true to their heart and put them to sword mercilessly.

    I hope for a great season ahead.

  11. Abdulmajid says:

    Rmadridgirl you always give us hope. This article is pure genius. Arbeloa is the truth, and you just made me love him my best RM players used to be Ozil, Ramos, Casillas, Higuain and now Arbeloa is at the very top of the list all thanks to you and this great article. I wish and hope Arbeloa will read it. You are the definition of a true madridista. Thank you

  12. Ibrahim Jay says:

    4rm body 2 d soul a madridista 4rm Nigeria….
    Nice article @Rmadridgirl. I must confess dat am ur fan 2 nd do appreciate ur write ups. Can’t do a day without readin ur tweets. Kip it up. Guess casillas has changed 4rm d saint 2 paint…. HALA MADRID!

  13. Emma says:

    I like Arbeloa. He’s a very classy guy that offers significant support to his peers. My only issue with him is after a drama filled season and with the media not being fond of him anyways. Why open up to them and feed into their BS. You know they will make a story out of it. He probably didn’t mean anything of it but he should know better, that’s all. I just want a new start for my team. To forget the past and start fresh with a fresh coach and a fresh mentality. This is purely a speculation but could it be that Iker and Arbeloa tiff began when he injured Casillas. Like when he kicked him, he didn’t even come close or apologize on the pitch. But of course there’s the locker room and hella lot we don’t know about. Anyways, its petty, they’re both 30+ and should set an example. I don’t like all those separations and groups within the team. Its also clear to everyone that Cristiano and Marcelo don’t have the same relationship, which is a shame. I loved Criselo or Marcelano (LOL). Great work from you Rmadridgirl. You’re simply awesome.

    • Kris says:

      I agree with you in most points, but I think the reason why Arbeloa opened up to the press was because he wanted to dispel their BS, not actually feed into it. The Spanish press are the loudest and most harassing in all of Europe, even worse than the Italians. You could see the AS journalists swearing at Mourinho’s 12-year-old son in a junior league match, and stalking his wife and daughter in a grocery store/shopping mall. So ignoring these moronic reporters, taking the “high road” or keeping it “professional” and all that, does not compute with the a-holes. Ignoring them will actually give them a free pass to write anything they want. Libel suits don’t seem to be acknowledged in Spain, after all MARCA, AS and all the other tabloids are never taken seriously to be charged in a court of law. Unfortunately this has been happening for the past 10-15 years or so as this is nothing new in Spain, particularly in Madrid. It’s no wonder Real has had 14 managers in the past 15 years. Not even Heynckes or Del Bosque could stomach the unnecessary amount of pressure from the media propaganda machines. No sane manager could have. I thank Mourinho for enduring this much crap, especially what his family endured, and it’s for the best that he goes to where he is appreciated and respected, not only as a coach, but as a PERSON.

      As for Arbeloa kicking Casillas’ hand, it’s by accident. The ball was shot from a corner kick, in a split second, Cissokho was jumping all over Arbeloa, his arm almost wrapping Arbeloa’s back/neck, temporarily blocking Arbeloa’s view of Casillas who was semi-running/crouching over the ground. Arbeloa was trying to clear the ball, his eyes was focused solely on the ball bouncing around in mid-air, but he hit Casillas’ hand in the process as well. The TV cameras didn’t show much of what happened after except focusing on Casillas being treated by the medics, but the cameras did pan for 3 seconds on Arbeloa as he was walking around, with his mouth open, the look on his eyes a bit pensive, admitting his mistake. You can see the video here –
      Besides, he would not injure or physically hurt his friend intentionally, no matter how much they disagree. He’s not that type of person. If he really did want to hurt Casillas intentionally, he would have done it privately, behind closed doors, certainly not in full view before the public and during a crucial Cup game in Valencia.

      btw, So sorry for the long reply, lol, but too much has happened to this club for the past decade. I sincerely wish the next manager well, he needs to discipline the ranks, the press and club politics, while attaining silverware and simultaneously have the “Juego Bonito” style that the fans and the press demand… It’s gonna be a tall order. Either that or Real is gonna go back to being the sinking ship it was before Mourinho came.

  14. balqees says:

    Your articles are always great though am not spanish am a nigerian but i was born a Madridsta and i always want the best for my team but i don’t know if Ɣ☺ΰ do it otherwise in Spain so am going †o ask you now. have been looking for a spanish who speaks the truth like Ɣ☺ΰ †o ask but thank God Ɣ☺ΰ brought the topic, the captain of the team is suppose †o be the one protecting the team right? but i hardly see Iker come out and defend his team mates instead i see him as someone destroying them…please why will a captain be ashmed †o come out and defend his team mates, his club and his coach and choose to keep quite all the time which show that he’s the one giving the press information and one of the reason why Mouriho was frustrated and had to leave…Arbeloa has shown great example and i believe he should be credited for that nobody is disputing Iker ability but he’s not leader.thanks…i always fall in love with Ɣ☺ΰ anytime i read your blogs more wisdon †o your knowledge

  15. Kris says:

    I re-tweeted your excellent article on twitter, RMadridGirl. It exposes the whole truth, and EVERYONE should read it, not only Madridistas, because the whole English-speaking world, including some Spanish fans, especially the recent fans, have NO idea what’s going on with Real, and they get conned and sucked into the bull that MARCA, AS and the Spanish gutter media are spinning. I tell ya, it reminds me of the propaganda machine that Goebbels used to build up Hitler’s image in World War 2, in order to fool the German masses into thinking that Hitler was a ‘god’ and those who oppose him are to be eliminated. The Spanish media has such power and influence over Real, they’re practically running the club for the past 15 years…. Anyways, keep up the great work, chica! The more Madridistas who know the truth, the better. Count me in as I’ll keep supporting you and your articles. #NuestraFuerzaEresTú

  16. afrah says:

    I, in no shape, way or form, would ever insinuate that Arbeloa would intentionally and maliciously hurt Casillas. Never would I even fathom that thought. I simply speculated that perhaps the tiff may have escalated from that point onwards. I always give Real Madrid players the benefit of the doubt. I would never jump the gun. I understand Arbeloa trying to set the record straight and he is entitled to voice his opinions and thoughts, of course. Just not interested in all of the drama. I’m grateful for Mourinho and everything he’s done for us but I ,sort of, am glad that he’s began a new fresh journey. We deserve that too. He has upset a few pioneers Cristiano, Casillas, Ramos, Pepe. He should’ve handled it better IMO. I know the press pretty much annihilated him but his professionalism should always be on tact. I wish him the best of luck. Chelsea will be the club I’ll root for in the premier league from now on 🙂 I’m positive that Ancelotti will be up for the job. He’s a great coach who also won 2 CLs so hopefully La Decima will come with him. I just wanted to clear that I would never think that Arbeloa would intentionally hurt him. And to be fair to him, none of the players checked on Casillas. They were knackered and went to grab water bottles etc. probably never thought it was that serious. To sum it up, I pretty much agree with you Kim on all the points you’ve raise 🙂

  17. Sad that he won’t be a starter mostly coming season, he says he will fight for the spot,now Carva in trouble 😀

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