…and it starts with a bang!

Bournemouth 0-6 Real Madrid

Let’s start this post with a bit of honesty. Neither the victory nor the 6 goals mean anything but the chemistry on the pitch is priceless.

The game had its dull moments, more specifically, in the middle of both halves. Both halves began with Real Madrid pressuring and attacking, then the players relaxed and ended with a boom. No need for anything else, this is just the pre-season.


The goals:

1. Cristiano: His first free kick of the night kissed the post, the second one did not forgive. From a nice distance, Cristiano made his debut in the scoring sheet of the 2013-14 season with a tomahawk. Beautiful. No chance for the keeper.

2. Cristiano: If you leave Cristiano in front of the goalie, he will not miss. A nice pass from Isco which the defender fails to clear sets up Cristiano to perfection.


3. Khedira: Sami gets the ball after a corner kick and hits it with “desprecio” to the back of the net. (desprecio = contempt) Khedirismo smiles.

4. Higuain: Perhaps his last game and his last goal, Higuain was nicely set up by Morata and he finished the job. Great goal by Pipita.

5. Di Maria: Madridismo has been asking for Gareth Bale all summer. Well, Angelth Di Mariale made an appearance tonight. With a run characteristic of the Welsh, Angelito made it 0-5.

6. Casemiro: The player at Real Madrid a lot of fans hate for absolutely no reason. Hard work will give him a spot in everyone’s heart. Casemiro dooo Brááásiiil scored a fantastic goal. The play started up with him kicking the ball over the defenders head, passing, getting it back, setting up a brilliant 1-2 and destroying the goalkeeper’s hope. 0-6 and jogo bonito. 


The highs:

The Casemiro-Illarramendi connection. It would be foolish to say that they will start important games but the nice chemistry seen makes me confident to believe they would have no troubles to succeed in Copa del Rey or Liga games when in the final stages of Champions League. Great young talent.

Isco: The Mesut-Cristiano link has always missed a third element. Di Maria, Kaka and Calleti never fully succeeded at being this third partner. Although it is too soon to tell, what Isco showed besides Mesut and Cristiano was nothing but up to standards.


The lows:

The defense: Well. We did not see them. It was a shame that the game did not allow for their interventions. Jesus played, or so it is said, but he did not have any interaction with the ball. Diego had one great stop and that was all he did. Of course this is not their fault and if anything, it means our midfield did an outstanding job, but it would have been nice to see how Pepe and Nacho are doing. 



We are off to a good start! PSG is up next.

Hala Madrid!

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1 Response to …and it starts with a bang!

  1. Nouran says:

    Hello 🙂 It is always good to see Real Madrid back in Action 😀
    Cristiano … We are Lucky to have this man, he does his best even if it is a friendly match 🙂
    I like Isco, I believe that isA he, Ozil and Cristiano will be a very dangerous trio.
    The new players are promising in my opinion, however I would like to see how will they perform against strong team.
    I would also like to see how the defense is, the midfield is pretty good El7
    I did not like Benz, we do need a striker! Higuain is probably leaving, Morata is good but he is not enough (if he got injured or so)
    I am optimistic, isA it will be a great season!!

    Will we play against Lyon or PSG first?
    Thanks for reading 🙂
    Until next time isA 😀

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