And why not Diego Lopez, mister Del Bosque?

Friendlies between national teams are great opportunities to see new faces, mainly young ones, get an opportunity to defend their country. I am trying to make sense out of the exclusion of Diego Lopez with the Spanish National Team but yet again I fail to wrap my head around it. 

The most recent call up by mister Del Bosque features many young players, a lot of them stars of the U21 team, in the list. The obvious exclusion is that of Alvaro Morata, the top scorer of the team. Pedro, Torres, Villa and Soldado were Spain’s forwards in the Confederations Cup. None of them have been called up. In their place we see Negredo, Llorente and Tello. For the sake of it, let’s pretend Del Bosque rates Tello higher than Spain’s U21 top scorer Alvaro Morata and that is why Alvaro did not get a call-up. Okay, we can learn to live with that. He has changed the attack completely to give opportunities to others in a rather irrelevant game against Ecuador.

Now, Pique, Xavi and Busquets have also been given rest, because again, the game is not a do-or-die. But why are there only rotations in the midfield? Why not say, give opportunity to others on goal? The Spanish take pride of the large amount of talent they currently have in their footballers so why not show the world?

Spain just played the Confederations Cup in which all three goal keepers saw playing time. Furthermore all three goalkeepers are playing friendlies with their clubs. This dismisses the hypothesis that they are being called up to see playing time, because they can find it in their clubs.

Is the game important? Nope. Why is Pepe Reina called up? With all due respect to the Spanish “speaker”, I don’t see many people who rate Pepe higher than Diego Lopez, De Gea or even Jordi Codina. It is argued that Pepe gets called up because of his charisma, because let’s face it, the third goalkeeper hardly ever gets any serious playing time in any team unless injuries and suspensions. In Spain’s titles celebrations we have seen Pepe being the life of the party, a great guy. But was his call up really crucial for this friendly against Ecuador?

Then there is Victor Valdes. None of the three goalkeepers that Del Bosque always calls up has anything to worry about. It has repeatedly made clear by Don Vicente that he won’t be changing up his choices any time soon, not even for friendlies. Why not give Valdes rest too?

Iker Casillas is Spain’s captain and due to all the controversy that surrounds mentioning his name, I take it, Del Bosque won’t not call him up. Say Casillas is one of the three goalkeepers, could he not have called two new ones? Is changing up the goalkeeper going to completely ruin your team’s dynamics? Especially when you are calling up a group to experiment?

Let’s focus on Diego Lopez. He has only played one game with the Spanish national team but he has received many call-ups. In fact, he was part of the Spanish squad that played the Confederations Cup in 2009 and he also received a few call-ups in the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. These call-ups were all from Vicente Del Bosque, the only Spanish coach to have ever given him the chance to defend his country.

Ever since his (re)arrival at Real Madrid, he was Mourinho’s number one goalkeeper. The fantastic performances against Manchester United, Barcelona or Borussia Dortmund are just a few to remember. Now, with a new coach, Diego Lopez’s position is somewhat unclear. Only last week Carlo Ancelotti has said that he is uncertain as to who will start the first Liga game, Casillas or Diego Lopez. What do these statements tell me? That Ancelotti rates Diego Lopez the same, or very close, to Spain’s number 1 goalkeeper. Ancelotti and Mourinho, two great managers. They have won it all. And so has Del Bosque. So why is there such a big difference in thinking? Is Diego Lopez truly Spain’s fourth best goalkeeper? Or Fifth? Or Sixth, mister Del Bosque? Is he truly that bad that he is not worthy of a shot in a friendly game? Is he that unlikable that he wouldn’t fit? Does he smell bad? Is his haircut getting on the way? Is he too tall? What is it? Because I fail to understand it. I fail to make any sense out of this situation and I would not want to think this is mere politics…


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15 Responses to And why not Diego Lopez, mister Del Bosque?

  1. Aziz says:

    You left us nothing to say …
    Topics like that should be asked by the Spanish media in the coach’s press conference, but to think about it again, This question would create a lot of controversy and would rather put the beloved manager in an embarrassing situation
    So why bother to ask ?

  2. olubunday says:

    RealMadriGirl, I completely agree with you. Let’s face it, with all due respect to Don Del Bosque, some of his callups has been questionable especially when it comes to the backup players in the Spanish national team… One that i’ve always found questionable is Raul Albiol, the guy hardly plays in Madrid, but he’s being called up continuously by Don VDB. I’m not doubting Albiol’s class because of course that’s why our beloved club bought him, but truthfully can his form be defended? My answer is NO. Or shall we say that in the whole of La Liga, there’s no Spanish centre back better than Albiol and who’s playing regularly?
    My take is that, it’s either Don VDB is afraid of change or he’s being partial towards some players… But the man is still achieving success, so we can’t question him that much. One thing is for sure though, and i’m sure that even, Del Bosque knows it that Iker is the only goalkeeper in that squad that is likely to be better than Diego Lopez.
    Gracias RmadridGirl…

    • rmadridgirl says:

      I agree along with Albiol there are many other players and others that never got a call up, even when at their best and praised by the whole world unanimously, like Michu

  3. Nouran says:

    Well written as usual 🙂
    I did not get it when Del Bosque did not call Diego up for the confederations cup, I mean clearly Diego is a ‘lot’ better than Valdes (no offence).
    Someone should ask Del Bosque because it is not fair for Diego, he has been outstanding since his arrival at Real Madrid.
    What really annoys me is that Diego was called up in 2009 and 2010 when he was not well known and when he proves that he is worthy of being the number one goal keeper in a club as great as Real Madrid, he is not called up. -_-
    Great piece, Keep It Up 🙂
    Until next time isA 😀

  4. ogo says:

    I think del bosque just doesn’t want to disrupt team harmony and is tying to avoid all the controversies that happened in Madrid when lopez benched casillas bcos he knows diego wil definitely give iker a challenge for the startng spot

    • rmadridgirl says:

      That is a high and unfair price to pay for Diego though, don’t you think? What was his crime? Being too good? Most coaches would welcome that as it makes the team stronger

      • balqees says:

        i think Mouriho has said it all football should be about mediocrity not for any other reasons if he truly deserves †o be called up †o the national team he surely should be…i personally think he has proven himself †o be a great keeper so why are pupil still bias in facing the truth…nice one again by you keep it up

  5. pacificsammy says:

    You left us so many things to ponder on,but fact is questions like this should be trow to mister Del Bosque by the spanish press at press conference,so we can get is real take on it,but I believe DiegoLópez don’t have any thing to prove again to del bosque,he his a proven goal keeper and I believe he should be number 2 to cassillas in the spanish national team.

  6. Games On says:

    Well written. i think Diego did a good job. But as a national team coach, you have more to concern. Del B called up the usual players partly due to their loyalty to the national team. As a Spain coach you need to send a message across that only thpse who is with the team all this long will be included.
    Imagine if the call-up was fully based on League performance. All players will fake injury during international duty to concentrate for their club football. After all when World Cup comes, the league has ended and as long as you performed in your league you get the call-up.

    In another way, Del B ensures that all players will treasure their chances and give in 100% for Spain even it only a friendly match or qualifier match.

  7. santos says:

    apart from football there is persona relationship to protect between bosque and casillas, also casillas is the bridge that glues real and barca players, without him acrimony between both rival players can affect the team. Mouhrinho himself hated the very close ties between casillas and barca players, this was part of the reason he droped him for diego, somebody who will see barca as foes. Del b wants to avoid this at the expense of diego lopez.

  8. asmaa says:

    Well written and well said, I couldn’t agree more. And questions like this should be asked by Spanish media in press conferences directly to the coach.

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