ánimo, Sami

Sami Khedira is one of those hard-workers that goes unnoticed. He runs back and forth and there is no stopping. One of the players that has played the most minutes, a horse. He is key for Low’s tactics, he was key for Mourinho – who even tried to sign him after his departure, and now he is key for Ancelotti. Three geniuses of the jogo bonito can’t get it wrong despite the unfair criticism from the media.

Sami Khedira is out for six months in what would seem to be the best case scenario. Injuries are not to mess around with. Only this past summer were we told that Xabi would be out for 4 months which seemed endlessly and ended up being 7. His participation in the next World Cup is in danger but a fighter will not give up.

It was just a silly friendly. Another tackle of the game. Many thought this was the classic “injury” to miss the next friendly and go back to the club fit. Oh how I wish there was some truth to this. His knee was not kidding. Neither was his pain.


Throughout the past years “khedirismo” has been spreading all over the social media. Sami Khedira is the quiet guy who has won the hearts of many by speaking on the pitch. An undeniable starter.

A threat in attack. We have enjoyed many goals by Khedira. He does not hide in big games either. Despite it not being pretty, my favourite one has to be against Barcelona, when he beat Puyol.

He has one assist and one goal in La Liga. After Cristiano, Diego and Karim, the player that has played the most games. 11 out of 13 in Liga and in Champions he has played them all. 731 passes so far in this season and an 89% success rate. His contribution in attack has been of one goal, one assist, 11 shots on goal and 11 key passes. Furthermore he has 15 interceptions, 15 clearances and 4 shots blocked in 15 games to his name to contribute in defense.

Just for now, the 26 year old has said goodbye to the Madridismo by gifting us a goal in his last game. Every minute that passes in this long wait, is one less minute we have to wait until we see him back on the pitch. One day is one day too many but in the world of this wonderful sport, injuries arrive and they do not discriminate.


We are all together and united in this big Real Madrid family to see you back as soon as possible. We will pull your hand up and Brazil will see sunshine. You’re not alone, Sami. There are millions strong behind you.

Huge blow for the team.

Get well soon, Sami.


Never had an injury of a player affected me this much. We ride together, we die together.

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5 Responses to ánimo, Sami

  1. rmadrid37 says:

    Beautifully written article. Animo, Sami

  2. Bulhan says:

    Absolutely Worth reading.

  3. mamalumfashi says:

    Nice piece..one of the most underrated ballers. #AnimoSami

  4. Abu Sabo says:

    Get well soon Khedira, you’re not alone#AnimiSami from Nigeria

  5. raulchest says:

    Reblogged this on Raulchest's Weblog and commented:
    Miss Sami

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