Cristiano Ronaldo, another wonderful story

While Cristiano Ronaldo was scoring on the pitch against Malaga giving Real Madrid three points, he was also scoring off the pitch an even bigger goal. Through Katia, his sister, Cristiano made the lives of three young boys a little bit better.

Jorge, Alberto and Alejandro are three boys who despite their age, anyone can look up to. The three have recently gone through big life challenges and they went to TeleCinco to share their stories. These stories were previously told to Cristiano Ronaldo who wrote them all a letter and send them a few presents. An autographed photo, signed jerseys, tickets for them and three more to the Bernabeu and a meet and greet. 

Thanks to SocialRMadrid for sharing the link with me, here are the letters from Cristiano to them (if you understand Spanish you can watch the video right here

Cristiano to Jorge (the little one)

Hello Jorge, it’s your friend Cristiano Ronaldo.

I write to you because I’ve been told you’re a very special kid. I’ve been told that you always take care of your mother, that you are even the one in charged of pushing her chair and that you have become a very responsible kid. 

When I was younger I was also like you, I never let obstacles get in the way and I always tried giving the best of me like you and I have always been very close to my family specially my mother. I love her as much as you love yours. 

We are very similar, Jorge, that’s why your mother is very proud of you and she doesn’t want you to worry so much about her sickness because she is happy when she sees you smile. I always make my mom smile when she sees me smile, do the same thing Jorge, smile a lot in this life.

A big hug, your friend,

Cristiano Ronaldo

Jorge to Cristiano “You are my favourite player”

Cristiano to Alberto

Hello Alberto, this is Cristiano, perhaps you think it’s odd that I am writing to you but I couldn’t contain after hearing your story. I also lost my father, it happened a few hours prior to a football match where Portugal had a lot at stake. My coach told me I didn’t have to play but I wanted to dedicate my father the victory. Only people who have suffered from such a big loss can understand the pain and the emptiness you feel afterwards, I remember my dad every day like you must remember yours.

But you know what Alberto, I know my dad wouldn’t want to see me sad or defeated that’s why I fight every day to be happy, to be happy, because I know my dad is watching me and wants it that way. That’s why I want to send you this message my dear friend, be strong, fight to be happy, it’s the best way to remember your father.

A big hug, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano to Alejandro

Hello Alejandro, this is Cristiano. I write to you because I’ve heard your story and I like a lot what I know about you. And why, you might ask. Well because I admire brave people who fight, those who never give up, those who always stand up, you’re one of them. I admire you. You have been close to death due to a medical mistake but you have won. Not everyone can be as strong as you, that is far more important than scoring every goal in the world. You have scored a top-right corner on life. I admire very much those who fight to surpass their limits, those who despite the pain continue on pushing. People like you, I like to call brothers. Those of us who have had challenges in life have to keep on going to be an example to kids. You are an example of perseverance for me. 

A big hug my brother, Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo, lucky to live in the same generation as him. 


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  1. pacificsammy says:

    What a lovely message from KingCR7, That’s why you are the best,inspiring off and on the pitch,God bless you boss

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