what is going on?

The Clasico defeat was too easily blamed on the referee. Was it that simple? No.


Diego Lopez: He is not at the top shape that earned him the spot in the starting XI. Is he doing awful? Absolutely not. Keeper that has conceded the least in 2014, people forget easily. Regardless of how badly the defense was on both goals, he could have done better on the second. Should he be benched? No. 

Defense: The last two games the great Italian work has gone to shits. The two counters today by Sevilla would have never happened a month or two ago. Perhaps Carvajal is feeling the pressure of being the only one. Truth is, his game tonight is one to forget. Varane is not the one we fell in love with and he is the one who worries me. Pepe seems to be more worried about intimidating rivals than focusing. The defense is not broken cause we saw it only a few games ago. 

Midfield: Luka Modric is not at his best, we saw his best for so long that now this average seems not good enough. As I tweeted, if Carlo can learn something from Mou is to not play Xabi in every single game. He is aging, like Arbeloa. It is normal. Di Maria’s absence was key, we lost speed. Illarramendi shouldn’t have been subbed off, he was the best of the three in the first half, that says a lot, not because Illarra shouldn’t be the best, but because the other two are well known cracks.

BBC: Not broadcasting in big games. Why? I don’t know. Bale is mental. This is his first year at Real Madrid. The other two didn’t perform either in their first years against big teams. Benzema needs to be fed in order to work and they are not feeding him. 

Carlo Ancelotti: He has built his own team and the results back up his work. He needs to work the mental aspect. He needs to inspire them better. He needs to sub players faster and not be afraid to piss someone off. If Xabi needs to get subbed off and Illarra needs to stay then so be it. 

I believe in the mister and my team. We have 8 league games left and we have seen crazier things happen. 

You can get off the train, it’s okay. It’s easier to go with the flow. It’s easier not to have hope and for your heart not to be broken in the end. But just like I have in every single year, I will not stop believing. I don’t care how many years have gone by without a UCL title, every year I like to believe it is the one. You win some, you lose some, but love is unconditional.

Juntos Podemos.

Hala Madrid.

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3 Responses to what is going on?

  1. i agree with you but sorry to say la liga is gone. our captain casillas need him back

    Diego Lopez did a wonderful job but it’s time for our captain back

  2. Usman says:

    In Mou we trust…..Barca have never been this weak for the three years Mou was at Madrid…the hypocrisy within Madrid that led to Mou’s departure is paying off its dividends

  3. Nouran says:

    Thanks for writing this.
    I have not been able to watch Real Madrid for a long time now, save for the Clasico and some of today’s match.
    I was really disappointed because I believe that the loss was our fault, not their strength. We could have won, we have everything.
    What do we lack?
    Cristiano …? I know he is better than that. I want him to continue proofing that he IS the best in the World
    And Varane is not the one of last year, maybe because of his injury?
    It is depressing to be honest
    We have been so good from the beginning of this year then when every point matters we stumble.
    Heartbreak is awful 😦
    Just wanted to share my frustration with someone
    Thanks for reading 🙂
    Hala Madrid
    And I do trust our team, hopefully they will not disappoint this year isA.

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