…and it starts with a bang!

Bournemouth 0-6 Real Madrid

Let’s start this post with a bit of honesty. Neither the victory nor the 6 goals mean anything but the chemistry on the pitch is priceless.

The game had its dull moments, more specifically, in the middle of both halves. Both halves began with Real Madrid pressuring and attacking, then the players relaxed and ended with a boom. No need for anything else, this is just the pre-season.


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Asier Illarramendi – English version

Called to be the “new” Xabi Alonso, Asier Illarramendi arrives at Real Madrid as the most expensive Spanish signing of the Florentino era. His character, his age and his skills on the pitch are three aspects which I like about Illarra. Let’s begin with his age. Continue reading

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Asier Illarramendi

Llamado a ser el nuevo Xabi Alonso, Asier Illarramendi llega al Madrid como el fichaje Español más caro de la era Florentino. Su carácter, su edad y su habilidad en la cancha son tres aspectos que me gustan en “Illarra”. Entonces empezemos con la edad. Continue reading

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Alvaro Arbeloa

I have been shot at so many times that now every time I receive a bullet, it goes through a hole that has already been made” – Alvaro Arbeloa, June 17th 

“I have defended my teammates a lot and the staff. This is something every Real Madrid player should do” – Alvaro Arbeloa, June 5th Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day!

Regardless of where you live, if you are an amazing father out there, happy father’s day to you, sir!

Father’s Day is vastly celebrated worldwide today: the third Sunday of June. Many countries celebrate it on other dates but why not take this as an opportunity to check out the amazing daddies we have in the squad!  Continue reading

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Gracias, mister.

Real Madrid's coach Jose Mourinho is thrown in the air by his players after their win over Athletic Bilbao to win the Spanish first division league title in Bilbao

Long gone were the days when simply hearing “Real Madrid” would unleash fear within any rival. Long gone were the days where Real Madrid and Champions League were a synonym of success. Long gone was the king of Spain that no rival stood a chance to. Long gone were those days when those 31 Ligas, 17 Copas del Rey, 9 Champions League and 8 Supercopas meant something, or anything. Continue reading

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The 2012-13 Q&A

Right as the season is ending, I have given everyone the chance to ask me anything Real Madrid related, especially surrounding this season we’re playing…

Of course, tons of Jose Mourinho and “fichajes” questions but there are also some silly ones that I look forward to answering… if you don’t see your name there that means that someone else asked the same question or one similar to it!

Let’s see what the people asked! Next to the Q I have written the Twitter name of the person who asked the question. Also, please keep in mind the answers to the questions are my opinion and nothing more than my opinion.

FC Barcelona v Real Madrid CF  - Liga BBVA Continue reading

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Jose Mourinho, under the magnifying glass

First of all thanks to everyone asking me to write this post, I appreciate that my posts are catching on and people are liking them enough to suggest me topics and such. On my blog’s 1 year anniversary, this post is for everyone that reads my blog religiously and makes it worth while. Thank you very much. Continue reading

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Life after death…. or is it?



So close, so painful…. so defeated… Continue reading

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Derbi Time

An opportunity to create a more positive atmosphere before the game on Wednesday..

Real Madrid CF v Club Atletico de Madrid  - Liga BBVA Continue reading

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