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Champions Week

The week has finally arrived!… The week began with a training session that brought the players a little extra motivation… Kaká and Marcelo shared these pictures of Luca and Enzo on instagram. 

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All Eyes on Yellow!

Happy Sunday! The chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaampiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooons!!!

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Post-Game: Real Madrid 3-1 Real Betis

Another game, another victory! Make that 40 undefeated games at the Bernabeu straight!

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Sami gets a break before Sami-Finals! III Ed.

Good morning! How sweet is the title?! The million dollar question for many… who is Casemiro ?! 

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RMadridGirl Daily … II Edition

I am very pleased with the feedback received from yesterday’s post for which I have made an effort to make a new one today. I will kick off with a topic that always unleashes happiness among us, International Madridistas… yes! The summer … Continue reading

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RMadridGirl Daily .. Part 1

Just a brief introduction… I don’t consider myself a good writer but people often ask me for more blog posts. Gathering some suggestions I’ve decided to start a new kind of blog post. It is call “RMadridGirl Daily” because I … Continue reading

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Suits v Skins

The girls at Kickette have stopped posting and someone has to do it…In honour of David Beckham’s latest appearance (thanks @LeylaHamed for sharing the pics) in Asia and Barney Stinson’s quote “It’s a truth you can’t refute, nothing suits you … Continue reading

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Cristiano Ronaldo: January – February 2013

This beginning of the year for Real Madrid has been far better than how we ended 2012. There has been a lot of controversy in these first two months relating to the surrounding of some of our players and there … Continue reading

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Sometimes We Need This

I wrote this at the beginning of this year, after I was sick of hearing “this sucks” “it is impossible” and just the general lost of faith among Madridistas. Being born a Madridista doesn’t make you a better fan than those who … Continue reading

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