Dear Diego Lopez

Dear Diego Lopez,

I apologize in behalf of the Real Madrid fans who have ever disrespected you. Page over.

Thank you for these years at Real Madrid where you have been nothing but an amazing professional, a great goalkeeper and a wonderful person. To you, it never mattered how many minutes you played, you simple made the best out of them.

“Every minute I play for Real Madrid is a gift from heaven”

We need more people like you, not at Real Madrid but in the world. You came here facing a big challenge and put the team as the main priority regardless of the repercussion your signing had. You saw your family unfairly exposed and attacked yet you kept quiet and continued to work hard for the team. Not once did you step out of bounds. Not once did we hear anything negative come out of your mouth. Not once did you complain. Not once did you fight a teammate, a fan, a mister. Not once did you do anything to deserve any negative response. In fact, despite it all, you were always there for us. No matter how many minutes you played the day before, you knew no volunteer training. To you, all training was mandatory. The abs of steel speak for themselves.

I do not know how to otherwise thank you. Many of us feel that way and it is sad that you are leaving us but I do not blame you, rather I thank you for standing these years that must have been emotionally draining to you and your family, though I hope the toll is not big.

You said it three months ago “I will only leave Real Madrid if they boot me out”. It is unfortunate that the day has happened. That a son of Real Madrid, a canterano, has been kicked out without a reason and against his will. Unfortunately even in football today, it is all politics.

I wish you nothing but the best and I will forever keep many memories. Thank you for being who you are and for participating in the “Que significa ser Madridista 2013” video that did its round around the world, I am incredibly honoured to take part of it with you. That 2006-7 Liga, that 2013-14 Copa del Rey and La Décima have Diego Lopez written in them and no one will ever take that away from us.

The REAL Madrid family will miss you and Iria. Best wishes to little Zoe.

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what is going on?

The Clasico defeat was too easily blamed on the referee. Was it that simple? No.


Diego Lopez: He is not at the top shape that earned him the spot in the starting XI. Is he doing awful? Absolutely not. Keeper that has conceded the least in 2014, people forget easily. Regardless of how badly the defense was on both goals, he could have done better on the second. Should he be benched? No. 

Defense: The last two games the great Italian work has gone to shits. The two counters today by Sevilla would have never happened a month or two ago. Perhaps Carvajal is feeling the pressure of being the only one. Truth is, his game tonight is one to forget. Varane is not the one we fell in love with and he is the one who worries me. Pepe seems to be more worried about intimidating rivals than focusing. The defense is not broken cause we saw it only a few games ago. 

Midfield: Luka Modric is not at his best, we saw his best for so long that now this average seems not good enough. As I tweeted, if Carlo can learn something from Mou is to not play Xabi in every single game. He is aging, like Arbeloa. It is normal. Di Maria’s absence was key, we lost speed. Illarramendi shouldn’t have been subbed off, he was the best of the three in the first half, that says a lot, not because Illarra shouldn’t be the best, but because the other two are well known cracks.

BBC: Not broadcasting in big games. Why? I don’t know. Bale is mental. This is his first year at Real Madrid. The other two didn’t perform either in their first years against big teams. Benzema needs to be fed in order to work and they are not feeding him. 

Carlo Ancelotti: He has built his own team and the results back up his work. He needs to work the mental aspect. He needs to inspire them better. He needs to sub players faster and not be afraid to piss someone off. If Xabi needs to get subbed off and Illarra needs to stay then so be it. 

I believe in the mister and my team. We have 8 league games left and we have seen crazier things happen. 

You can get off the train, it’s okay. It’s easier to go with the flow. It’s easier not to have hope and for your heart not to be broken in the end. But just like I have in every single year, I will not stop believing. I don’t care how many years have gone by without a UCL title, every year I like to believe it is the one. You win some, you lose some, but love is unconditional.

Juntos Podemos.

Hala Madrid.

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Cristiano Ronaldo, another wonderful story

While Cristiano Ronaldo was scoring on the pitch against Malaga giving Real Madrid three points, he was also scoring off the pitch an even bigger goal. Through Katia, his sister, Cristiano made the lives of three young boys a little bit better.

Jorge, Alberto and Alejandro are three boys who despite their age, anyone can look up to. The three have recently gone through big life challenges and they went to TeleCinco to share their stories. These stories were previously told to Cristiano Ronaldo who wrote them all a letter and send them a few presents. An autographed photo, signed jerseys, tickets for them and three more to the Bernabeu and a meet and greet. 

Thanks to SocialRMadrid for sharing the link with me, here are the letters from Cristiano to them (if you understand Spanish you can watch the video right here

Cristiano to Jorge (the little one)

Hello Jorge, it’s your friend Cristiano Ronaldo.

I write to you because I’ve been told you’re a very special kid. I’ve been told that you always take care of your mother, that you are even the one in charged of pushing her chair and that you have become a very responsible kid. 

When I was younger I was also like you, I never let obstacles get in the way and I always tried giving the best of me like you and I have always been very close to my family specially my mother. I love her as much as you love yours. 

We are very similar, Jorge, that’s why your mother is very proud of you and she doesn’t want you to worry so much about her sickness because she is happy when she sees you smile. I always make my mom smile when she sees me smile, do the same thing Jorge, smile a lot in this life.

A big hug, your friend,

Cristiano Ronaldo

Jorge to Cristiano “You are my favourite player”

Cristiano to Alberto

Hello Alberto, this is Cristiano, perhaps you think it’s odd that I am writing to you but I couldn’t contain after hearing your story. I also lost my father, it happened a few hours prior to a football match where Portugal had a lot at stake. My coach told me I didn’t have to play but I wanted to dedicate my father the victory. Only people who have suffered from such a big loss can understand the pain and the emptiness you feel afterwards, I remember my dad every day like you must remember yours.

But you know what Alberto, I know my dad wouldn’t want to see me sad or defeated that’s why I fight every day to be happy, to be happy, because I know my dad is watching me and wants it that way. That’s why I want to send you this message my dear friend, be strong, fight to be happy, it’s the best way to remember your father.

A big hug, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano to Alejandro

Hello Alejandro, this is Cristiano. I write to you because I’ve heard your story and I like a lot what I know about you. And why, you might ask. Well because I admire brave people who fight, those who never give up, those who always stand up, you’re one of them. I admire you. You have been close to death due to a medical mistake but you have won. Not everyone can be as strong as you, that is far more important than scoring every goal in the world. You have scored a top-right corner on life. I admire very much those who fight to surpass their limits, those who despite the pain continue on pushing. People like you, I like to call brothers. Those of us who have had challenges in life have to keep on going to be an example to kids. You are an example of perseverance for me. 

A big hug my brother, Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo, lucky to live in the same generation as him. 


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La Liga’s top gentlemen

Inspired by Buzzfeed’s post on the hottest footballers in the Premier League (, ladies, I present to you the hottest footballers in La Liga. Believe me, it was no easy choice.

1. Real Madrid


This really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Special mention to Xabi, Arbeloa and Isco.

2. FC Barcelona


If you haven’t met him already, on the right, this is Sergi Roberto. 

3. Atletico de Madrid


And why doesn’t he get more minutes again?

4. Athletic Bilbao


Hi Iker

5. Villareal


Manu Trigeros. 

6. Real Sociedad


Griezmann. Fullstop.

7. Sevilla


Diego Figueiras.

8. Levante


An angel indeed. Angel Luis.

9. Valencia


One we are familiar with

10. Espanyol


A nightmare when we face him but a dream off the pitch. Kiko Casilla.

11. Celta de Vigo


Santiago Mina.

12. Osasuna


Oriol Rieira

13. Elche


Hola, Alberto.

14. Granada


Fran Rico. He gets brownie points for being a canterano.

15. Getafe


We’ve found another Angel, this one is Lafita

16. Malaga


Roque Santa Cruz.. he ages flawlessly

17. Almeria


Suso. Watch out for him in the upcoming years!

18. Valladolid


Victor Perez. Time to start watching relegation matches, ladies!

19. Rayo Vallecano


Saul Iñigo

20. Real Betis


Best of luck to you in Betis, Antonio!


What did you think of my rankings? Leave me feedback! 

Hope you enjoyed it

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ánimo Venezuela

“Mamá me fui a luchar por Venezuela sino regreso me fui con ella”

Esta mañana desperte y encontre esa frase en Facebook y me hizo pensar. No tengo muchos lazos con Venezuela. Tengo un gran amigo que conoci por Twitter (muchos lo conocen) y una amiga que conoci en Vancouver. Hace mucho tiempo una tia vivio en Caracas pero se mudo por la situacion politica. A pesar de los pocos lazos que tengo con el pais, me relaciono mucho con la situacion e intento mantenerme al dia con lo que ocurre. 

Al leer aquella frase me di cuenta de la suerte que tengo. Me desperte esta mañana para ir a trabajar en un lugar donde soy feliz, este Abril me graduo en mi profesion la cual elegi porque me gusta y no porque me conviene. Tengo 22 años y tengo la suerte de vivir sola en la provincia en la cual yo elegi libremente, poder mantenerme, comer, divertirme y viajar. Me da colera. Me da colera que yo sea feliz y que no sea algo que toda persona de mi edad pueda gozar.

En pensamiento estoy con ustedes en Venezuela porque no es justo. No es justo que estudiantes esten perdiendo la vida. No es justo que gente este viendo sus mejores años de la vida manchados por violencia, falta de oportunidades y corrupcion. No es justo que hay personas que eligan una carrera no por gusto sino por obligacion. No es justo que tengamos una sola vida y no podamos disfrutar de ella, porque es un regalo. 

La situacion en Venezuela es dura pero no hay mal que dure mil años aunque asi parezca. Me da mucha rabia que las noticias diga el numero de personas fallecidas con tanta normalidad y que ya no nos afecte. El pueblo de Venezuela tiene que ganar. No hay marcha atras. Esta “revolucion” en Venezuela demuestra que los ciudadanos aman a su pais. Esto demuestra que hay lideres entre la multitud que desean lo mejor para todos y no lo mejor para ellos.

Si vas a protestar, toma 10 segundos y piensa con la cabeza y no con el corazon. Asi saldra Venezuela adelante. Un pais que lo tiene todo. Muchas riquezas, paisajes hermosos y gente aun mas hermosa, por dentro y por fuera. Desde Canada les envio un impotente pero caluroso abrazo, me molesta mucho la situacion y no se como ayudar. Si alguno desea abrir los ojos de otros por intermedio de mi cuenta no duden en preguntarlo. Yo solo deseo lo mejor para ustedes, pero con calma que violencia solo fomenta violencia y ojo por ojo Venezuela se quedara ciega. Ya han sido muchos años sin sentido, esto acabara pronto pensando con la cabeza.

Siempre con ustedes

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CristianOROnaldo 2013

The Balon D’Or will be given on Monday. The award is not necessarily known for its fairness at the time of being awarded but more people than ever think Cristiano should take it this year. Here are my arguments.


The first game of the year did not start great for Real Madrid. Down to 10 men since the 6th minute and 2-2 in the 67th minute at home against la Real Sociedad. Cristiano pushed the team and scored a brace in just two minutes to award Real Madrid the three points.

After losing the first leg of Copa del Rey to Celta 2-1, Real Madrid needed a victory to move onto the next round. Cristiano did not disappoint and contributed with a hattrick and one assist to give Real Madrid the golden ticket. During the game, Cristiano clashed with Celta’s youngster Hugo Mallo who had to leave the pitch injured after the clash. Hugo’s injury ended up being serious but Cristiano brought him a little bit of sunshine.

Hugo Mallo “Cristiano has had a very nice gesture, I will never forget it, thank you very much Cristiano”, “Cristiano has been very close to me, like if we were lifelong friends, he’s a crack”


Next key game of the year was in Mestalla against Valencia. Cristiano scored a brace and assisted another goal.

Against Getafe in the first derbi of the year Cristiano scored a perfect hattrick. A header, a goal with his right foot and another one with his left. In this game Cristiano ran the whole pitch in about 10 seconds to send the ball to the back of the net.

On February 2nd came Cristiano’s worst game of the year: He scored an own goal for Granada and that was unfortunately the only goal of the game. Real Madrid lost 1-0 to Granada and despite the anger he must have felt, he had a nice memorable gesture with a little one at the end of the game.


Early in the year Cristiano Ronaldo became an ambassador for Save the Children.

“All around the world I have to deal with my fame. I can’t go anywhere without being recognized, which can be very hard — but doing this, I can use that fame. It is such a great feeling. This is what I want to do when I finish my career, to do something in the future even bigger than this.”

In that same interview Cristiano was asked about the insults some stadiums in Spain chant towards him and responded with these words:

“It’s not good for children to hear the things they sing in stadiums. It’s just a football match and people should be going to a football stadium to enjoy the show and not insult or threaten the players”

Against Sevilla Cristiano had another memorable game. He scored a hattrick, two of those three goals with his bad foot. That made it 20 hattricks for CR in Real Madrid, 17 in Liga making him the 4th top hattrick scorer in the history of La Liga. Furthermore Cristiano became the 6th ALL-TIME top scorer for Real Madrid. 182 goals in 179 games.


Cristiano Ronaldo faced his former team Manchester United for the first time in 2013. Before the kick off, Cristiano donated 100 000 euros that were awarded to him by the UEFA for making the team of the year.


You could say Cristiano “flew” past this game. His former coach, Sir Alex, had nothing but good words for his former pupil. This is how Sir Alex experienced Cristiano’s goal

“I said to Patrice Evra at half-time, ‘why didn’t you challenge him?’ and then I saw the replays,” Ferguson said. “It was then that I thought, ‘what was I talking about?’

“I felt a bit stupid because, on the replay, Cristiano’s knee is about as high as Evra’s head – phenomenal”


In the clásico against Barcelona in Copa del Rey following this game against United, Cristiano scored a brace… he became the first player to score in 6 consecutive games away in the history of clasicos.

In March, Cristiano scored his 138 goal in La Liga, this earned him a place in the top 25 goalscorers in the history of La Liga in just 127 games, recording an average of 1.08 goals per game, the highest of all the top 25 goalscorers

In March 2013, Ronaldo agreed to be the ambassador for The Mangrove Care Forum in Indonesia. The forum aims to raise awareness to the Indonesian and international community of the importance of conserving biodiversity and ecosystem of mangroves in the South Bay of Benoa, Bali.

In April, Cristiano became the first player in Real Madrid’s history to score more than 30 goals for three straight seasons. He currently has 20 goals in Liga in the 2013/14 season which leads to think that the fourth straight season is just around the corner.

In 2013 Cristiano Ronaldo scored the most goals he had ever scored in a calendar year. 69. He surpassed his record of the previous year of 63 goals and the 2011 record of 60 goals.


UEFA Champions League top scorer 2012/13

Cristiano single-handedly sent Portugal to the World Cup after scoring four goals against Sweden in the play-offs. In 2013 Cristiano surpassed Eusebio and tied Pauleta as the all-time Portuguese top scorer. One more goal and Cristiano will write his name at the highest of Portuguese football history. In 2013 he scored a total of ten goals in nine games.

This year Cristiano broke Messi’s record of more goals in Champions League in the calendar year. Messi scored 13 goals in 2012 and Cristiano scored his 14th goal against Juventus which meant the equalizer for Real Madrid.

His 230 goals in 221 games have placed Cristiano in the fifth spot of all-time top scorers in Real Madrid. 1.04 goals per game. He has accomplished to reach the 5th spot in just 5 years. He is 12 goals shy from Puskas who occupies the spot number 4. Puskas played for Real Madrid for eight years and has the second best scoring average -after Cristiano- in the history of Real Madrid (0.92).

In 2013 Cristiano broke another record for Real Madrid in Champions. With 12 goals scored in the 2012/13 campaign, Cristiano has the most goals scored in a single Champions League season.

Cristiano scored eight hattricks in 2013: He scored his first hattrick ever for Portugal against Northern Ireland and because he couldn’t get enough, he scored another hattrick against Sweden.


La Liga 2012/13 LFP MVP

World Soccer Player of the Year

Globe Best Footballer

Most consecutive UEFA Champions League matches scored in

Most goals scored in the UEFA Champions League group stage: 9 goals


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ánimo, Sami

Sami Khedira is one of those hard-workers that goes unnoticed. He runs back and forth and there is no stopping. One of the players that has played the most minutes, a horse. He is key for Low’s tactics, he was key for Mourinho – who even tried to sign him after his departure, and now he is key for Ancelotti. Three geniuses of the jogo bonito can’t get it wrong despite the unfair criticism from the media.

Sami Khedira is out for six months in what would seem to be the best case scenario. Injuries are not to mess around with. Only this past summer were we told that Xabi would be out for 4 months which seemed endlessly and ended up being 7. His participation in the next World Cup is in danger but a fighter will not give up.

It was just a silly friendly. Another tackle of the game. Many thought this was the classic “injury” to miss the next friendly and go back to the club fit. Oh how I wish there was some truth to this. His knee was not kidding. Neither was his pain.


Throughout the past years “khedirismo” has been spreading all over the social media. Sami Khedira is the quiet guy who has won the hearts of many by speaking on the pitch. An undeniable starter.

A threat in attack. We have enjoyed many goals by Khedira. He does not hide in big games either. Despite it not being pretty, my favourite one has to be against Barcelona, when he beat Puyol.

He has one assist and one goal in La Liga. After Cristiano, Diego and Karim, the player that has played the most games. 11 out of 13 in Liga and in Champions he has played them all. 731 passes so far in this season and an 89% success rate. His contribution in attack has been of one goal, one assist, 11 shots on goal and 11 key passes. Furthermore he has 15 interceptions, 15 clearances and 4 shots blocked in 15 games to his name to contribute in defense.

Just for now, the 26 year old has said goodbye to the Madridismo by gifting us a goal in his last game. Every minute that passes in this long wait, is one less minute we have to wait until we see him back on the pitch. One day is one day too many but in the world of this wonderful sport, injuries arrive and they do not discriminate.


We are all together and united in this big Real Madrid family to see you back as soon as possible. We will pull your hand up and Brazil will see sunshine. You’re not alone, Sami. There are millions strong behind you.

Huge blow for the team.

Get well soon, Sami.


Never had an injury of a player affected me this much. We ride together, we die together.

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Apologies for not being on Twitter much lately!

I do have a good excuse though, I am working full-time Monday to Friday and I am taking 3 upper level classes that will almost finish off my degree. I am good to live tweet during games on the weekends but I get to miss 75% of the weekday ones :-(. I am trying my best, I promise!

So what’s new this week? International break. Lots of good interviews though! Continue reading

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And why not Diego Lopez, mister Del Bosque?

Friendlies between national teams are great opportunities to see new faces, mainly young ones, get an opportunity to defend their country. I am trying to make sense out of the exclusion of Diego Lopez with the Spanish National Team but yet again I fail to wrap my head around it.  Continue reading

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Florentino Perez’s Playbook


Continue reading

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